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Crucial data for understanding how the government’s pandemic messaging is currently varying by English region, and especially important for getting a handle on how they are dealing with the Manchester area:”.

You wouldn’t guess this after speaking to a random selection of people from London’s middle class, but not every working class person in the North of England is a xenophobic moron who voted for Brexit in 2014 and for Dominic Cummings the Tories in 2019. The facts are as follows:

* Manchester and Liverpool were both pro-Remain in 2014 and they both voted Labour in 2019;

* all four capital cities (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast) voted Remain (Edinburgh 74-26, the other three all 60-40);

* of the 10 cities where more than 200,000 people voted, only three voted Leave (Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford); the other seven (London, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester) voted Remain;

* of the 19 cities where more than 125,000 people voted, only seven voted Leave (the above three, plus Wakefield, Coventry, Sunderland, and Plymouth); the other 12 voted Remain (the above seven, plus Cardiff, Belfast, Brighton, Leicester, Newcastle);

* in Yorkshire: Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield and Hull all voted Leave; York and Leeds voted Remain;

Conclusion: don’t buy in to the idea that this is North versus South in England, whether in connection with the pandemic or in connection with related political stuff such as Brexit and Labour/Tory.