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Cummings is not Macchiavelli. Simply to quote the tension relieving jokes of the people in charge is just like saying that Alex Salmond boinging a female colleague’s wavy hair curls is sexual assault. Cummings is just as much a stupid piece of arrogance outside government as he was when he was in

Not often I agree with a Tory, but when Gove said Cummings was supposed to be helping the PM , I agree with him. Where were Cummings brilliant solutions? Defying lockdown to get some covid antibodies injected into his own family? Being master of looking after No 1 is not Macchiavelli. It’s routine British political behaviour on the Left or Right .

What does Cummings prove, except that he is a spineless specimen of flailing sleaze from a failed Thatcherite narrative that only self- interest makes the world go round?