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J, June 19 at 20:08, para. 3:

“Please accept the possibility that others who disagree with you, do so from a position of knowledge and experience”

J, June 20, 2021 at 18:44, para. 1:

“Clarke, over time I have satisfied myself that your opinions are not only negligible, but harmful. Those seeking truth might at least explore serious evidence based arguments contrary to their own position. You will not. I’ve proved that a number of times.”

Time to start following your own advice maybe, J?

J, I asked you a question, ie. an invitation to discussion. I see that you had already set up your excuse for not engaging in such discussion. I expect that discussion is exactly what you are trying to avoid. “Over time…” etc… Do please remind me what you were pushing last time; “COVID’s all a hoax”, wasn’t it? So who would care whether ivermectin were an effective treatment for a hoax anyway? Only someone with an ulterior motive.

Do please prove me wrong. I’ll give you another chance by repeating my question, ie. my invitation to further discussion – where are you heading with this? Let everyone catch covid but treat us all with ivermectin?