Who Funded Breivik? 343

There is an extremely important article here on Breivik’s funding, by Justin Raimondo.

It also makes plain that not only did Pamela Geller post a string of virulent anti Norwegian-Muslim articles on her website, not only did she travel to Norway to address a hate rally, not only did Brehvik post to her website and quote it as an influence. She actively supported and encouraged those planning to use terrorism.

This is an excerpt from an email she says she received and posted on her blog:

“I am running an email I received from an Atlas reader in Norway. It is devastating in its matter-of-factness.

“Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29 000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35 000 immigrants from somalia, iran, iraq and afghanistan. The nations capital is already 50% muslim, and they ALL go there after entering Norway. Adding the 1.2 births per woman per year from muslim women, there will be 300 000+ muslims out of the then 480 000 inhabitants of that city.

“Orders from Libya and Iran say that Oslo will be known as Medina at the latest in 2010, although I consider this a PR-stunt nevertheless it is their plan.

“From Israel the hordes clawing at the walls of Jerusalem proclaim cheerfully that next year there will be no more Israel, and I know Israel shrugs this off as do I, and will mount a strike during the summer against all of its enemies in the middle east. This will make the muslims worldwide go into a frenzy, attacking everyone around them.

“We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.

As Raimondo says, Geller goes on to say that she is protecting the proto-terrorist’s identity so he won’t be arrested. We do not know how this wannabe terrorist in Norway relates to Breivik or his other “cells”. Geller may know but the police are not asking her.

There can be no doubt at all that, were Geller a Muslim, this amount of evidence and connection would have her in jail by now. Do not hold your breath.

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343 thoughts on “Who Funded Breivik?

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  • OldMark

    ‘There has been some bizarre commentary about how Breivik’s actions show that the debate about immigration has been stifled and all that other codswallop’.

    Whether there has been an open & honest debate about the pros & cons of mass immigration into western Europe from other continents is a moot point. Whether the atrocity carried out by Brevik is used to widen or narrow the terms of the debate here remains to be seen.

    What is undoubtedly true is that the debate about immigration in western Europe is within parameters very different to the parameters prevailing in your part of the world, Angry. Immigration into Japan (pop 125 million) is miniscule in both absolute & relative terms when compared to western Europe- and there appears to be no influential lobby in Japan in favour of change to an immigration policy more akin to that prevailing in present day Europe, or the US post 1965, or Australia post 1973.

    Perhaps Angry you can enlighten us on the naturalisation process in Japan- does it facilitate, or hinder, foreigners like yourself, who enjoy the benefits of living there , and who may wish to acquire citizenship ?

  • angrysoba

    Large scale immigration is unlikely to be coming to Japan anytime soon even though Japan has an “greying population” problem which will result in large numbers of retirees on pensions and other entitlements paid for by an increasingly shrinking working population. Japan actually has a ministry for declining birth-rate (or did last time I checked) in which ways are thought up to reverse the dramatic decline. I know first-hand that schools are having trouble filling classrooms now as admissions decline.
    There appears to have been some gradual easing of the restrictions on immigration and naturalization to alleviate the greying population problem although from what I recall Japan requires that people stay in the country for a period of something like ten years before they have the chance of becoming citizens – for sports celebrities such as Brazilian soccer players and Mongolian sumo wrestlers it seems the restrictions are looser. There are other categories of immigrant which also have an easier time skirting some of the stricter rules such as descendents of Japanese citizens who left the country to go to Peru or Brazil in the early Meiji era. This is good news for ex-Peruvian dictators who may have to flee in a hurry to avoid human rights abuse trials.
    A lot of Koreans and Chinese are quite eager to become citizens or permanent residents in particular given that many Koreans were born here and have never been to Korea and speak no Korean (though there are some who would not wish to do so as it would mean giving up their Korean name etc…) while many Chinese would have better property rights than they would back home. I have also heard that there are programmes to gain wives from countries such as Vietnam and the Phillipines for younger rural farmers who are needed to stop the exodus to the city becoming total.
    I can’t give you all the ins and outs of the naturalization process as the system is supposed to be rather Byzantine, however you are in luck as one pioneering American called David Ardwinkle (to some a stalwart anti-discrimination gadfly and to others a gratuitouos pain-in-the-arse) has been through the whole process – essentially to get into a hot spring bath which refused entry to foreigners – and came out the other end as Debitou Arudou. His website contains advice on how to do the same and also covers his adventures fighting discrimination:
    Hope that helps.

  • OldMark

    Thanks Angry- yes your comment was very helpful. I was amused to see that, even in Japan, there is a ‘Zola Budd’ fast track to citizenship for favoured sports persons.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Angrysoba, I assume that right now you are eating your way towards becoming “a Mongolian sumo wrestler”!
    “and came out the other end as Debitou Arudou”. angrysoba.
    That must’ve been some hot spring bath!
    ‘Ministry for Declining Birth-rate’: sounds like a fun place to be. How does one get to work for the auspicious Ministry? Might there be an opening for an erotic novelist…?
    Dreolin, De Quincey’s Ghost appeared as an opioid ectoplasmic emanation of ‘Richard Robinson’ at a defined point some time ago in the CM Blog. And like you, I too am pleased to see the return of The Great Being! Welcome, Ghost.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    G.K Chesterton was a traditional conservative; as far as I am aware, in general he did not share the more extreme political views of A.K. Chesterton and indeed criticised the younger man for those views. But G.K. probably had anti-Semitic views and so became a supporter of Zionism and of Israel; he wanted the Jews out of Europe and saw Israel as a means of achieving that end.

  • de Quincy's Ghost

    “But G.K. probably had anti-Semitic views”
    Yes, I’ve read bits of his where it seemed fairly explicit, in that turn-of-the-century taken-for-granted no-big-deal way. But sometimes I think they just had a handy stock of dismissive stereotypes for everybody. Not sure about “traditional conservative”, though, a bit too pleased with himself for being so clever. Have you read “the Napoleon of Notting Hill” ? Quite nutty. Trails off a bit, but the opening’s hilarious.
    “Great Being”, eh ? He ain’t that big. He just tall, that’s just about all.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Dear Suhayl, I think the reason ‘Wayne’ keeps mistakenly addressing ‘Wayne’ may be because ‘Wayne’ is not Wayne’s real name. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Pseudonyms are pure dead brilliant! I mean, for example, John Wayne was really called ‘Marion’. But it may be the reason. Perhaps, then, one might mischievously posit that Wayne’s real name is ‘Marion’.
    Oh sorry, I meant Dear Clark.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    CanSpeccy wrote “If not, try reading Bryan Sykes Oxford Profess of human genetics (Blood of the Isles, etc.). There you’ll find that the British remain largely a Celtic race only marginally influenced by the Roman, Saxon and Norman invasions. The largest immigration to Britain before modern times being that of the Vikings who account now for about 20% of the genes in some areas, including the northeast of England and some coastal areas of Scotland and Ireland.”

    The numbers involved and their genetic make-up does not tell you how much immigration will affect the existing population.

    All these invasions involved large scale killing of the indigenous population and the imposition of foreign rulers, languages, laws and customs on the indigenous population by force. That was far, far worse for the existing population than current immigration is.

    Current immigration is peaceful and greatly restricted by EU governments using “detention centres” (euphemism for prisons) and forced deportations.

    The only countries with which there is uncontrolled immigration is other EU countries – meaning mostly white Christians. That along with the expansion East and the lack of an EU minimum wage certainly has some impact, though much of it is due to a skills gap in the UK due to the lack of apprenticeship laws. It’s also a two way street with over a million British migrant workers living in other EU countries.

    As a result of all this the influence of British society on immigrants is greater than the influence of immigrants on British society – and it’s bizarre that you think cultures, languages and religions mixing and changing as a result is “genocide” of the existing culture. The cultures, languages and religious views of all European countries have always been diverse and have always changed over time. You might have grown up in a century or so in which they were changing more slowly than usual.

    In any case any attempt to stop all immigration (if it was successful) would lead to a population ageing so rapidly that the working age population couldn’t fund the pensions of the retirees. It wouldn’t work though, because it’d be like trying to hold back the tide with a sieve. Most immigration controls are chaotic and based more on getting positive tabloid headlines and pandering to those who wrongly believe immigration is “uncontrolled”. Many of the decisions on whether to grant asylum to asylum seekers or not are arbitrary as there’s too little evidence to know for sure.

    It’d make more sense to re-assign immigration officers to police work looking for and arresting the minority of criminals among the immigrants(e.g drug traffickers and those who kidnap girls for forced prostitution). That would also lead to far less immigrants coming in or staying illegally under the radar, pushing down wages for the rest of the population as their employers can pay them less than the minimum wage and threaten to report them to the Home Office if they complain.

    To actually reduce immigration levels you’d need to redistribute wealth from the developed countries to the ‘developing’ ones, end developed country governments and companies support for dictatorships in other parts of the world, as well as ending their exploitation of ‘developing’ countries through aid deals that require them to open their markets up entirely to developed world imports and slash government subsidies to their own industries, as well as requiring them to cut public services and welfare.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “You might have grown up in a century or so in which they were changing more slowly than usual.” Duncan McFarlane.
    Camberwick Green.
    Brilliant post, Duncan. I think the last paragraph is particularly powerful.

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