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josh R


another day, another rib tickler :-))

Bitchute is a ‘platform’, I don’t think you need a political affiliation card to use it.
Can’t say I’ve navigated the actual site, just see anti imperialists, Palestinian justice advocates, un-doctors, un-scientists, etc. providing links to their content stored on Bitchute.

Voices who are deemed “Poor Sourcing, Conspiracy, Propaganda, Lack of Transparency, Fake News, Hate Speech” by whichever particular, self appointed Ministry of Truth you favour.

Some I find useful, some I don’t.

I just ‘right click’, ‘save as’ & Bob’s your uncle. No funny handshakes or political conformity assessments :-))

I’ve never really been inclined to rely on a third party to tell me what to read, watch or think. Nor have I ever been inclined to think that I’m uniquely placed to discern the validity of opinions whilst everyone else is too daft to do likewise & therefore needs ‘Nanny’ to do it for them.

As to having “betrayed (my) political locus”, I wish there was an emoji I could post showing me bawling my little heart out, but I guess “Boo Hoo” will have to suffice.

Does that mean I’m now “the wrong kind of Lefty”? or maybe a “self hating socialist”?
Labels, gotta luv ’em.

And regarding being “…clearly off the chart. Useful to know”, I think I’m probably quite happy not being on whatever chart you’re referring to & I trust that that is also “useful to know”.