Perspective 13

NATO air strikes have killed 80 civilians in Afghanistan in the last two weeks alone, including nine small boys who were out together collecting firewood. We have been raining down death from the sky around the world on innocent people pretty well every single day since 2002. Gadaffi’s use of air power is very wrong, but is on nothing like this scale.

The people who are positing a no-fly zone over Libya are precisely the people who support and sustain the bombing of children in Afghanistan. The lack of self-knowledge, the complete absence of any perspective, is bewildering.

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13 thoughts on “Perspective

  • Rob -M-

    A wee typo with the year. Keep up the good work, it's good to have you back.



  • Mike Dobson

    Glad to see you and the site back in action 🙂

    Wize observations as always – also like your piece on Western Cant!

  • Hugh Kerr

    Craig great to have you back you are much needed in the current period Hugh Kerr

  • CanSpeccy

    "NATO air strikes have killed 80 civilians in Afghanistan in the last two weeks alone, including nine small boys who were out together collecting firewood."

    Eighty civilians? Pfui.

    "According to new research, Britain bears “significant responsibility” since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain."

    Paul Cochrane:

    And a great piece by Aangirfan on how Arab autocrats compare with British democrats when it comes to meeting the needs of their own people:

  • Duncan_McFarlan

    Completely agree Craig – US , 'Coalition' and NATO airstrikes don't have a good record on saving civilian lives in Iraq – cost a lot of them in Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Have to admit i'm a bit torn over Libya – would like to see the rebels and protesters get democracy and end Gaddafi's dictatorship, but on the other hand i don't want thousands more people dead.

    I at least feel a bit proud of being British seeing the British flights helping the refugees on the Egyptian and Tunisian borders, even if it should (and could) be a lot more.

  • mark_golding

    Israel and Its corrupt leaders will do everything possible to ensure the Egyptian peace agreement holds including I believe, assassination. We shall see – meanwhile I am considering these words and how best to destroy a 'cult' that has in my opinion uttered its dying gasps and where no atonement is possible over the deaths of over a million children traced back to their evil banality.

    • Suhaylsaadi

      Quite possibly; the SIS allegedly attempted to assassinate him some years ago with a car bomb. But now why send the wannabee James Bonds into an area many hundreds of miles from Tripoli? Were they planning to launch the mission from there? And how did they – the men-in-balaclavas – plan to get close to the dictator when he's got most of his armed forces (and a golf-cart and umbrella straight out of 'The Prisoner') protecting him? But perhaps you know something we don't? Please feel free to enlighten us. Thanks very much. They were certainly there to undertake some or other clandestine mission, a mission so sensitive in relation to the UK and/or private contractors thereof, they allegedly couldn't even tell the rebel leadership or the UK Ambassador about it.

  • Brendan

    Bewildering it is. It leaves the rest of us in the realms of wild speculation. The character of Barack Obama isn't quite what we thought it was, and his relationship with Gates is strangely akin to that of a protege and his handler. One wonders, truly, if the CIA and Big Business has just corrupted Western Democracy to such an extent that they have opened up the space that the deeply dubious, fascistic neocons have claimed as their own. The sinister hypocrisy of Western Leadership is something to behold. It really is as though they believe their own obvious bullshit. And there is nothing at all that will persuade them to consider their weird belief system.

    It is true, those that rise to the top most fully represent the society they spring from. In Nazi Germany, the rabid anti-communist jew bashers all did very well, for a time. In the UK, it's the shallow, glib sound-bite uttering wealth-whores who do quite nicely. Troubling stuff.

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