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There comes a point in a pandemic when chasing your tail is a futile exercise. There is no longer any possibility, judging from what has happened so far, the political scenario, the command of the agenda by ‘libertarians’ converting any public health restraining issue into a political personal freedom issue, the rising tide of conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers, the incompetent Tory government and the even more loony right wing of the party, the toothless opposition and so on, to reverse any of this and produce an effective actual proper lockdown. I am afraid Boris is still after ‘herd immunity’ backed by the vaccine program. But in one of the greatest open experiments on mankind, to test how you can efficiently produce variants that are vaccine resistent, we are very far advanced now and leading the world. The purpose of lifting the restrictions now is purely to pass on all responsibility to the citizen, over to you now, no rescue, no furlough, no help for industry and may the devil take the hindmost. Vicious neoliberal capitalism has now reared its bloody fangs and is out for the cull of the weak and vulnerable.