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I don’t think there’s any point in trying to get other people to talk Binney out of it. He’s probably beyond rescue – there’s no fool like an old fool, after all. It’s tempting to think Horton might have been used as a honeypot to discredit him (an idea they ridicule in the video), but it was probably more natural than that. Bill would have encountered her while doing the whistleblowing circuit (as she sees herself as a kind of whistleblower), and she would be in awe of his reputation. She had the assets to turn his head (like Paul McCartney falling for Heather Mills – rationality goes out the window) and her marriage had broken down, so both were single and had chronic pain in common – they just needed something to blame it on. It’s obvious who the “bad guys” were going to be. She had an explanation (of sorts) of how it all works, and the old goat crossed over to the greener pasture.

I wonder what the other VIPS like Ray McGovern think of his choices?