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Ah this is where the action is?

Look we were choking on horse shit and piss in the streets and cloppity clop noise pollution in our towns &cities until the trams and oil-based engines came along.

We are choking on oil based fumes and noise pollution of vehicles in our towns & cities with more vehicles than road spaces for them and whole noxious industries that are as acrid as knackers yards and don’t have as many trams but do have plenty of electric trains over and under ground.

Just like having to get rid of the equine infrastructure, we are in the process of transition and the last drop of profits are being drawn from the oil-based factories, pipelines, storage and usage ‘investments’ – should have happened decades ago but the monopolists have pushed it and allowed the mass increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and more seriously in hydrocarbon pollution of our food and water – because they are psychopaths and morons and some even believe they are gods or in the Rapture- such is the Implacable self-delusion of these who long ago captured finance as a magic potion no one else should be allowed to understand.

NextGen is where China is leading and will take the poorest who have, like them, no previous attachment to infrastructures to protect. Their bullet and maglev trains will sort out the neglected peoples and lands and allow a much higher quality of life for the majority of the 12 billions that we will be by the end of the century. The amount of resources per capita consumed and pollution produced will inevitably change. Yankees and us Europeans are going to have to get used to not being exploitative and exploited by our Bankers, Industrialist and Monopolies of Media and fake Religion.

Hence not just solar and electric but fuel cells and AI and yes comma protocols such as 5G plus means that the ‘Western’ Financial Owners are in mass panic. They can’t control innovation through IP capture as they have done for centuries now. They’re ****** and they know they are.

COPS is bs and a platform to set up and protect their hundreds of trillions income stream for the next century – it is doomed. Even their little elfin princesses and her army of child rebels won’t be able to do that. It’s a clear choice now Fight or Surrender.

Fight was easy when we had superior fire power and GunBoat coercion and mass slaughter and terror was defendable against – well mr Matthy mr HSBC Mr Mellon and all you Masters of the Universe – your easy money and impunity is OVER. As their Little Prince and Bank of France are set lose today to defend their Magic Money secret world by attacking a strawman MMT they have constructed.

I love the smell of desperation rising from the pants of so many inbred ‘Aristo’ arseholes.

The Unipolar Implacable Empire is Dead.

Long live the first multipolar All Human Empire.