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Michael, it breaks my heart to see you manipulated by propaganda.
You are falling for the age-old trick of “divide and conquer”.

Look. You could very well have posted a quote like this:

– “At the same time, Kim Yo Jong Hillary Clinton, the dictator’s sister President’s wife who was elevated to the country’s powerful State Affairs Commission secretary of state last week in 2009…”

Or, compare this:

– “George Prescott Bush (born April 24, 1976)[1] is an American politician and attorney serving as the commissioner of the Texas General Land Office since 2015. – A fourth-generation elected official as a member of the Bush family, he is the eldest child of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, nephew of the 43rd President, George W. Bush, grandson of the 41st President, George H. W. Bush, and great-grandson of Connecticut U.S. Senator Prescott Bush. He is a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2022 Texas Attorney General election.”

Now I shall slightly reword one of your Daily Mail quotes:

“A common thread in these face-offs is the fact that Mrs May and her cronies are preparing for a general election in June. Mrs May is determined to win a second five-year term and establish herself as the first female Prime Minister since the esteemed Margaret Thatcher, and the woman who freed the UK from the EU.

– As England moves further to the Right, Mrs May knows she has to attract extreme nationalist voters to defeat rivals such as Ed Miliband of the Labour party.

– An obvious way of doing this is for ‘Maggie-May’ to take on her country’s historic enemy at every opportunity, so prepare for France to be blamed for every English ill in the coming months. She might not win every battle, but if Mrs May finds herself back inside Number 10, her aggression will have served her well – whatever it does for Britain’s relations with one of its closest neighbours.”

Michael, power structures are the same throughout history and the world over; they manipulate the masses. It is never the “leaders” who go to fight in wars. They send the ordinary peasants to fight, it is always the ordinary peasants whose homes are bombed to smithereens, whose land is reduced to a radioactive wasteland, whose sons are reduced to a bloody pulp, and whose wives and daughters are raped by “the enemy” whichever side ends up doing the raping or the getting raped.

And propaganda never changes either. The people are equated with those who rule over them – “the French”, “the English”, “the Chinese”, as if the rulers truly represented the interests of the people.

You wrote:

“For the avoidance of doubt, I do not hate the French. I have very many times been to France, I have stayed with and engaged with French people. I have French fiends, we have more than once hosted French people in England staying with us.”

How, then, can these friends of yours also be your “historic enemy”, as claimed by the Daily Mail ? How can you relish conflict between Paris and Westminster, when that would in fact consist of young men from England in the Royal Navy, and young men from France in the French navy, confronting each other in the English Channel, firing weapons at each other’s vessels, mutilating each other, drowning each other, blasting each other to a bloody pulp?

There has to be a contradiction… but where?

Could it be that the news media is actually just propaganda? Just the way that the rich and powerful manipulate the poor and the powerless?