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“Up till thirty five million years ago, there were no ice caps.”

Which would have been bad news for you and I MN. At that point in time most of Ireland and southern Britain were under sea water as were huge chunks of the european continent and most of the west of the Indian (sub)continent. This is the best “map” I could find for now. Whether man made or not if all that ice melts where you live and where I live will be under sea and there would be enormous upheaval across the world.

That climate was different or CO2 levels higher in the past doesn’t counter an argument that human activities are pumping huge amounts of CO2 and other shit into the atmosphere on top of what would have happened anyway without us.

“what I do not want, is to become part of a group think…..”

Most of the links you post are from the BBC or the Daily Mail, perhaps you already are part of the group think? For some reason MN, you were drawn to this particular blog of Craig Murray’s. Why was that? On numerous occasional CM has pointed to the blatant propogandising from BBC and other MSM some of which you stated you recognised. Why do you implicitly trust them at other times?

“If we are not to discuss anything other than in a group think way, then that is sad. We do not all think the same, that is because, we are individuals not part of the Borg.”

Regardless of how we think MN, we should all draw the same logical conclusions from the data. For sure, the logic path can be contested and the data questioned as to its accuracy, completeness, applicability etc etc but once all that is figured out there should be only one logical conclusion. How one thinks or one’s views don’t or shouldn’t play a part.