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Ginger Ninja

The official 9/11 narrative was a conspiracy theory. Marketing (sorry, PR) people often use memorable numeric devices in order to make sure the punters remember their product. If said incident had happened on 3/20 it wouldn’t have had the same ring to it, would it? Red flag number one. The whole shebang benefitted an empire, an empire known for a gullible populace and marketing cheese, an empire that had already documented it’s plan for world domination a decade beforehand. Or should we just call this coincidence number 11346231?

A trade war needed to happen with China because they, like the EU before them, were doing far too well on the world stage for the empire’s liking. Low and behold – the pandemic happens! A lab financed by the empire happens to reside in the same country the empire wanted beef with! Coincidence number 11346232?

The virus is real. But it’s no where near as dangerous as they’re making out. The virus is here because it was created/planted/released for a purpose, I imagine, by the usual suspects. Or some 3rd party that likes doing that sort of things along with arson, assassinations, political meddling, train-wrecking and so on. Could I be wrong, could this merely be coincidence number 11346233/4 etc?

Look, I know, as citizens we’re supposed to go along with all this by ‘ohhhing’ and ‘aahhhing’ at the right times to make everyone feel better, it’s just that the stories are so lame, persistent and damn right silly these days that it’s getting harder and harder to ‘cooo’ with any dignity. I mean, for Christ’s sake they were trying to sell an alien-invasion CONSPIRACY THEORY a few months ago, along with the ole ‘Havana Syndrome Secret Death Ray’ b*llocks. C’mon!