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Ginger Ninja

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“So which is it? Does it “clear up when needed to”, or does it “have to be controlled, via medication, for life”? With “rationality” as pliable as this, absolutely any assumption can be “proven” “

Both — AZT used for AIDS. Medication for life. The pandemic cleared up when they needed Africans for cheap labour. Suddenly the “pandemic” dropped off the radar. Ebola buggered off in much the same way. So – once the towel becomes fully saturated, they do sort of clear it up when needed, placing it in a drawer for later. It is a bit of a paradox, it’s Schrodinger’s corporate pandemic.

— Levothyroxine used for treating thyroid. Medication for life. I bore witness to the sudden rise in supposed thyroid issues when a corporate veterinary business bought up a load of clinics in the area, suddenly every cat needed life long treatment, many died shortly after receiving their very suspect diagnoses. I came to the conclusion that this is how “corporate medicine works”. Over diagnose, over medicate, tell all and sundry there’s a problem and x can fix it. keep ’em on it for life if possible. *

Thalidomide anyone?

Noting also the sudden rise in transvestitism causing far too many people to sign up for lifelong hormone treatments made me even more cynical. I honestly think this has been guided by the sneaky hand of corporate medicine too.

We’ll be taking Schrodinger’s “cure” forever I imagine. At ten times the price no doubt.

Timing is everything. The US has been hoovering up businesses left right and centre. I think the covid pandemic has been set off somehow for this purpose. Dragging “allies” into wars etc., anything to drag lesser nations into debt so they’re more vulnerable to a bit of vacuuming. Those they can’t plunder with physical war, they plunder economically. Since we’re now a ‘turnip republic’ our ministers are more like local chiefs being allowed to take tribute from their people so as not to kick up a fuss, allowing the imperials the better cuts of meat. The need to nobble China and reset trade is a factor too I imagine.

*A travelling companion/housemate from yesteryear went to one of the best universities in the land, landed a top job at a corporate pharmaceutical company, left in disgust (it’s a long story) and over the course of many months, filled me in on the details of how things ARE done in the real world. I’ve extrapolated a view based on certain observations/things I’ve heard, this being one.

And I know this is going to sound even more hilarious to you, but there are some things I can’t mention. I accidentally came across something I shouldn’t have and have chosen to keep quiet about it, I will keep quiet about it forever (and yes THEY are watching and have been since). Loyal to Blighty to the end, you see. I’ve tried to talk to them but they’ve chosen to play the sneak about card instead, apart from that “street interview” (you know who you are, you maniacs). Suffice to say the “accident” added more fuel to my understanding of things.

Anyway, I am a bit mentally disorganised, you could say, naturally I suppose; however my poor writing ability coupled with having to talk around corners too, doesn’t help. Make of it what you will. I stand by the notion that “the powers that be” are capable of things I’ve described and that “they” are out of control and need dissuading from their approach.

Whoever started the ‘What is Conspiracy’ thread planted the tree. So behold the nut.