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    Alisher Usmanov has published his first YouTube vlog. He did it on the eve of the opening court case in Moscow against opposition politician Alexey Navalny. Navalny claims that AU gave Russian prime minister D. Medvedev bribe in the form of elite real estate near Moscow worth ~£70mn, by contributing to charitable foundation controlled by Medvedev’s friends. Craig, you are one of the few trusted sourses on the past (and may be present) of AU. Would be great if you comment on your current views on how AU became a billionaire, his status in UK and previous criminal tack record.

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    This site started quite a stir in 2007 when Craig published this:

    Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist

    Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist

    A site search leads to other interesting articles, including:

    The Convicted Criminal Alisher Usmanov

    Why Was Alisher Usmanov Jailed?

    Convicted BlackMailer Usmanov Gets Stake in Facebook

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    Resident Dissident

    Media Tory Lies Stripped Bare by Ashcroft Poll

    I also referred a few weeks back how Usmanov, no doubt with the encouragement of Putin, was going after Navalny. and there was not a smidgin of interest. The only whistleblower who is of interest are those fit in with the dominant anti-western meme of the blog – while much braver whistleblowers such as Navalny, Politkovskaya, Nemtsov, Kara-Murza and Sergei Magnitsky who stand up to authority and don’t take the RT shilling are treated with at best indifference and at worst contempt.

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    Resident Dissident, I apologise; I don’t remember seeing your comment. I posted the reply above in answer to Kappa’s request for further information. I noticed it because Kappa opened this forum thread making it appear in the blog’s side-bar.

    Please repost a link to your actual comment because there are now eight pages of comments on the Ashcroft Poll thread. The permanent link to a specific comment is on the target comment’s date and time.

    I note from the side-var that Craig’s original Usmanov post is currently popular.

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    RD, I’m sorry you feel that way. There are visitors such as Kappa and Uzbek in the UK who are interested in the Russian whistleblowers, and personally I don’t regard the Russian government as above criticism. I do take your point, though I also feel it inevitable that people react against the media’s “blame Russia whenever possible” narrative. The informational environment is propagandised from ALL sides, no matter that the style tends to vary between sides.

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    Resident Dissident


    the link is here

    I am well aware that that there are posters such as Uzbek and others often with direct experience who are aware of the true nature of what is happening in Putin’s Russia and the dem0nstrably tougher treatment that is dished out to whistleblowers in Russia – you will know that such views are often hounded down with the result that the commenters concerned often see little point in making their points.

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    Resident Dissident

    The link doesn’t seem to copy – my comment re Usmanov is on page 6 of the comments.

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    Link fixed for you.

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    RD and Darth, thanks. I suppose we should be thankful that RT reported it at all.

    I have a friend with a brother in Moscow who is not happy about Putin at all. On the other hand, another friend is close to a Russian immigrant who’s very pro-Putin, but also supported Brexit and will be voting Tory! Isn’t propaganda wonderful?

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