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    JA’s trial, scheduled to begin in May, has been postponed to November 2020. A further directions hearing is scheduled for next week when a precise date will be given.

    In the most extensive coverage that I’ve seen on yesterday’s hearing,

    it is apparent that:

    1. JA is unwell and still being denied even the most basic access to his legal team in order to prepare his case

    2. The magistrate is still reading from a prepared written judgment (before hearing argument) to deny JA’s application even though, in the end, due to the Prosecution supporting the Application, she had little option but to grant the extension.

    3. The magistrate is still not prepared to allow JA bail despite JA’s health, Corvid-19 present in Belmarsh (with prisoners and warders succumbing) and there being inadequate facilities.

    The extension of time is clearly a double edged sword as it offers a marginal improvement to JA in terms of preparing his defence whilst markedly increasing the probability that he dies before the trial.

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    michael norton

    I expect the power in control, I have no idea who that could be, let’s just use the phrase, The Deep State, that which runs irrespective of the elected government, had not factored in covid-19.
    covid-19 has changed the world.
    The world will be a different place on the other side.

    There should now be some higher level of legal action that must be taken.
    This is only a magistrate court?

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    I’m sure that JA has an excellent legal team and I believe this may include the involvement of Gareth Pierce, solicitor, who enjoys a formidable reputation. There must be good legal reasons (of which I’m unaware) why it is that the refusal of bail, in the magistrates court, has not been appealed to the Crown Court. Although I am a lawyer, I wouldn’t presume to ‘second guess’ the legal team’s decisions. In any event, my practice of over 30 years has been in civil law not criminal law so there is probably much I don’t understand in the proceedings.

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