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    RT is claiming Tucker Carlson visited Assange in jail for an interview.

    Tucker Carlson visits Assange in prison (Russia Today, 4 Nov 2023)
    The Wikileaks publisher faces extradition to the US and a 175-year prison sentence if his final appeal fails

    Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at London’s high security Belmarsh Prison on Thursday, the former Fox News host has revealed in a post on X (formerly Twitter) later that day.

    The American journalist included a photo of himself walking with Assange’s wife, Stella Moris. The post garnered positive reactions from activists who have collaborated with Wikileaks in the past, including Mega founder Kim Dotcom and former British MP George Galloway.

    While Carlson did not elaborate on the nature of his visit, media commentary suggested it was an interview for Carlson’s popular self-titled show on X. He previously interviewed Assange’s father and brother for a Fox News segment in 2021, and again earlier this year.

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    Rainer Winters

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    I cannot open the link given.

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    thx 4 the info

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    Berliner Zeitung on Assange:

    “WikiLeaks ends wars”: This is why Julian Assange should be a free man
    Time passes and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been sitting in a high-security prison for over four years. A scandal.”


    This is an odd German article intended to keep up the Assange protest and presence by Berliner Zeitung, which is important no question.

    But what on earth is the introduction???

    “Much has already been said about Julian Assange. For many, he is a hero of freedom who spread uncomfortable truths with his WikiLeaks platform at the beginning of the decade and changed journalism forever. For others, he is the hacker crook, the spy, the criminal Assange, whose unscrupulous behavior helped to put the reputation of the United States at risk.”

    It argues to release him and Evan Gershkovich (people on this blog divided on comparing them). But that´s not the point.
    The next sentence says “the world public is argueing over whether Assange is a hero or criminal”.

    I did not know that a couple of corrupt secretaries of state and dishonest politicians are “the world public”.

    Then it again turns:
    “Also known as the “Guantánamo of England”, Belmarsh is home to some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Terrorists and mass murderers are imprisoned there behind thick steel bars. Some of them have since been transferred to other prisons or even released, but Julian Assange has not.”

    The rest is ok.
    like this one quoting Passareli:
    “According to the documentary filmmaker, a secret dossier documenting the massacre of Iraqi civilians by US troops persuaded the Iraqi government not to renew the immunity agreement for US soldiers. The then US President Obama would then have withdrawn 50,000 US troops from Iraq and thus ended the war.”

    But of course as usual it starts out with fabricated but catchy controversies – just as they teach you at those despicable second-rate elite schools of journalism. Oh and Gershkovich is never mentioned again. That too is again, odd.

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    will moon

    “whose unscrupulous behavior helped to put the reputation of the United States at risk.” lol

    The behavior of America destroyed the reputation of America – invasions, CIA, regime chamge etc, etc

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    And this utter inconsistency of thought and double standard in judgement you can now observe all over the place.

    Poster JACK in one comment regarding Gaza asked “Why” all this cruelty and these lies.
    Frankly I don´t know. And I can explain it only to a certain extent.
    But above is a very light example of how it works, since you pointed it out.

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