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At 8.30pm tonight I am going to have a streamed live chat with Independence Live, on various subjects including of course Scottish Independence. It is interesting because they are setting it up using Blab, a programme which enables you to appear and join in the conversation. This is experimental for me. I believe that you may need a twitter account to sign in to blab and join in, but that you should be able just to watch on the Independence Live website without signing in. I am investigating if it will be possible to stream it on this site as well.

If we like the technology, I might use it to host a series of chats on this site, where I sit down with a whisky in hand and ruminate, and you can pop up and join in.

Join the Blab!
This is a livestream, Blab interview. If you would like to jump on and join the panel then follow the link below. You will need your Twitter login details to join panel, or you can just observe. https://blab.im/independence-live-craig-murray-interview

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403 thoughts on “Let’s Chat 8.30pm Tonight

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  • Uphill

    As i’d said before, this blog need’s structure, clear aims imo. I don’t know why Craig doesn’t join some humanitarian thing, wikileaks, Diem25, what was Annie Machon part of again? Some European intuitive.

    This is just not healthy with not much positive happening that people can get into. It get’s nit picky, insular. At least Mary posted stuff in present time, that was happing in the world.

    Craig does post some useful stuff. I hope he finds what his next direction shall be outside this. I’m sure it will befit the blog whatever it is.

    I’d put in the idea of anything outside government as good, but I find it hard to do other things, always.

  • Uphill

    Clark, just mutual respect does me. But you don’t seem to respect yourself much..

    If these things ‘make you’ feel this way, why?

  • Clark

    Uphill, don’t you see? Humans don’t stand a chance of solving the problems. we’re the cause of the problems. It doesn’t matter what we try to do. On average, there’s more hatred in us than love.

  • Uphill

    And part the reason I get annoyed and feel the need to defend myself is it’s an ace card many play to divert from issues raised in the conversation.

    What we say to each-other here has it’s own logic, don’t try and defend something by saying go read this. Explain it. But it’s to late, I know the tactic. It’s disrespectful.

  • Uphill

    Clark, “don’t you see?”

    No I don’t. I get the feeling without disrespecting you (going on what I observe) that your not going to make me “see” or convince me it is good to “see” or why I should.

    Not that it matters, But you pay no attention to what I said to you. Or you would not be on this public blog, that can have heavy issues for someone with issues. You know better…

    I ‘try’ (not the right word) I let go, to cut the air’y way like bird. This is living, who can fathom it?

  • Uphill

    These mental concepts, imaginings, are not living. We may have a logical, rational thinking capacity that has uses but to let it incapacitate me with that stuff.


    Life feels ok. most people are nice enough. I chat to the neighbors, they are not “evil” “problems” they have a generally good nature. Get out, and out of my face ffs.

    Lucky I can fix that.

    What are your trying to do Clarke.?

    I’ll tell you something, this blog it f-in strange. And that’s from a self confessed mystic.

  • Uphill

    On this blog, maybe your right, mostly ass holes. But don’t auto exclude yourself.

    Your all welcome to it. Goodbye.

  • Clark

    Uphill, I’m truly sorry. Hopefully, it is only how it appears to me. But my impression is that, although people are often polite and friendly while they have inconsequential conversations, that when it comes to any disagreement, everyone considers themselves better and more important than everyone else. They rarely show any interest in finding the cause of or a solution to their disagreement. They don’t expand the context to try to find agreement at a higher level. They just start trying to win, by any means necessary. They conceal their motives, use language as a weapon and a way to deceive. Any party that attempts honesty or peaceful resolution places itself at a disadvantage.

    This tendency seems to be escalating rather than being transcended. I do hope I’m wrong, and I am truly sorry.

    Truth – Justice – Peace – Cooperation – Resolution

    But usually, we don’t even achieve the first step.

  • Uphill

    Clark, Fuck you mate, trying to put that bullshit on me.

    Do you think about consequence’s for other people?

    Anther wanker on crags blog. It’s so fucked up.

  • Rob Royston

    BrianFujisan, 7 Mar, 2016 – 9:14 pm

    Amazing video there Brian. Does anyone know if any similar views of he aurora were recorded back in the sixties and seventies?

  • glenn_uk

    Alcyone: Very well, thanks for asking! Hope you’re in good health too and riding out the Winter. Not long to go now.

  • fred

    “Amazing video there Brian. Does anyone know if any similar views of he aurora were recorded back in the sixties and seventies?”

    The film was made in Norway around 700 miles north of where I live in Scotland. It’s like comparing the view of the aurora in John O’Groats to the view in Lands End

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