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      Comments are now closed on the An Apology (Blair Miles) thread; if this is intentional, I quite understand,and thank you for your tolerance to date; but if it’s accidental, would appreciate it being reopened, although his movements have become both less interesting and harder to predict lately.

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        Yes, the ‘An Apology’ thread was closed deliberately. Over the last year it was attracting hundreds of spam messages per day. Moderators need to check every message to judge whether it has been correctly flagged, and it can be a significant workload. Now that the thread has been closed there has been a 99% reduction in spam.

        We sent advance warning of this action to your email address last week.

        You can keep your Blairwatch project going on here in the forums, or we can maybe re-open another thread for it.

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          There is a problem with reopening the thread in the forums, which is that the Forum software does not support pagination, but does embed content every time a naked URL is posted. Eventually the page gets too demanding for readers’ computers to load it, see here.

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            Many thanks – I don’t check that email account regularly, so missed your advisory. I’m sorry the thread was attracting spam (and can’t help wondering why!) and agree you had no real option but to shut it down. I imagine opening another thread would lead to a repetition of the problem, and quite frankly the b^^^^^d is boring me to death and long since bored everyone else, so apart from anything really salacious, that’s probably it.
            Thanks again for hosting the project!

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              Thanks, Clark. The email to Komodo recommended sporadically starting a fresh topic to avoid the problem with lack of pagination.

              We considered the issue recently, along with several other bugs behind the curtain. The forum plug-in is very basic and there are superior alternatives available. A dedicated forum engine would also be a possibility. The options are under investigation.

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