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        Further update to the reaction from around the planet to Ireland, Spain and Norway recognising Palestine here.

        It’s a longish read with quotes from various different quarters. Some predictable responses from predictable sources.

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          Will this move by Ireland, Norway and Spain have any real effect?

          Nope, a much ado about nothing spectacle, in my view it is just a way of calming the pro-Palestinian sentiment amongst the publics in the west. Perhaps related to the EU elections that just started too.
          Some 140+ nations have already recognized Palestine. What have that resulted in on the ground? Nothing, Israel keep killing, maiming and also stealing this very land by building “settlements” in the West Bank year after year.

          What would be a change is if the nations that have recognized Palestine actually do something to enforce a Palestinian statehood and pressure Israel to stop what they are doing through sanctions, isolation and other real forcing pressure.

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            Why is Israel so angry that nations recognize Palestine according to 1967 borders? Could it be because that Israel have zero interest in the two-state solution? Yes, it is of course.

            Israel reject 1 state solution
            Israel reject 2 state solution
            So what is the solution proposed by Israel? Ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide obviously.

            Israel summons three ambassadors over Palestine recognition

            The Foreign Ministry is reportedly looking into adopting punitive measures against Ireland, Spain, and Norway

            The whole western states, unfortunately, support Israel and have kept mum about their obvious crimes and this is the thanks from them? So audaciously ungrateful this regime!

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              Today Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the King of Bahrain (the Chair of the Arab League), paid an official visit. I really hope this will lead to more clearly expressed support for Palestine from my country.

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                Some links from today’s Irish Times relating to Israel and their media recorded démarche of the (original?) SIN ambassadors: “Israel to ‘review’ operation of Irish NGOs in Palestine as diplomatic row intensifies” and an opinion piece “Did Israel expect a country which has endured occupation and violence to stand idly by?“. The second link is a blowing Ireland’s trumpet a little bit but hey, I’m kinda proud of Ireland too.

                I think the more Israel spits the dummy the better. People notice.

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                  2 texts on US-media conduct:

                  “The Washington Post’s Mouthpiece for Israel: David Ignatius”
                  “How many Palestinians will have to die because Israel will not stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine?”
                  By Melvin Goodman, originally CounterPunch

                  “On Gaza, the Media Constantly Parrots the US Government Line”
                  By Liza Featherstone
                  “Our mainstream media is acting like state propaganda for an authoritarian regime when it comes to Israel and Gaza. Here are six of the worst examples.”

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                    JACOBIN – Marcetic:

                    “Biden Doesn’t Have a Real “Red Line” for Horrors in Gaza
                    By Branko Marcetic

                    Joe Biden declared an invasion of Rafah a “red line” that Israel could not cross, then allowed Netanyahu to invade anyway. Why is Biden allowing Israel to openly defy the United States and repeatedly commit war crimes with almost no consequences?”


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                      yeah, baby:

                      “1,000 Harvard Students Walk Out of Commencement to Support 13 Seniors Barred from Graduation over Gaza”

                      “More than a thousand Harvard students walked out of their commencement ceremony yesterday to support 13 undergraduates who were barred from graduating after they participated in the Gaza solidarity encampment in Harvard Yard. Asmer Safi, one of the 13 pro-Palestinian student protesters barred from graduating, says that while his future has been thrown into uncertainty while he is on probation, he has no regrets about standing up for Palestinian rights. “This is an ethical stance that we’re taking,” Safi says. We also hear from history professor Alison Frank Johnson, one of over 100 faculty members who voted to confer degrees on the 13 seniors, who describes Harvard’s punishment of them as an “egregious departure from past precedent,” as was the board’s subsequent overruling of faculty. “We hoped then that the Corporation, as it has always done in the past, would accept our recommendations for degree recipients and allow the 13 to graduate, which they chose not to do.”


                      And a nice interview with “Northwestern Professor Steven Thrasher” – “You Are Being Lied to About Pro-Palestine Protests on Campus”,
                      who has been singled out by name during the most recent of those deeply embarrassing and corrupt Congressional Hearings where the criminal minds sitting as judges should be put on trial.

                      I wish we had someone who would call them out for what they are and walk out on them giving them the finger. Because that´s what those genocidal Nazi minds deserve. Corrupt and dishonest cowards to the bone.


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                        After ICC and ICJ came with their statements Israel have just accelerated their bombardment. I have no words for what Israel is engaged in but the word evil, sadistic are words that pop up quickly to define what Israel is doing. Absolute callous regime and population. Sure people protest in Israel but they are not protesting that Israel engage in acts of genocide, no they absurdly protest that Netanyahu is too slow, too soft on getting the captive israelis out!

                        Just the other day Israel struck a refugee tent killing some 35 civilians. Openly, brazenly. I mean who does that? Israel is inhumane. Or should I say iSSrael because the videos, photos, statements flowing out of Israel remind me so much of the videos, photos coming out from nazi germany.

                        What Israel is doing is nothing but punitive terror against civilians = terrorism.
                        Nazis did the same:

                        The Krasowo-Częstki massacre was a Nazi war crime perpetrated by the Ordnungspolizei and SS in the village of Krasowo-Częstki within occupied Poland. On 17 July 1943, the village was completely burned; 257 of its inhabitants, mostly women and children, were murdered. The massacre was an act of retaliation against the civilian population, after at least eight Germans were killed in a skirmish with Polish partisans in the nearby colony of Kalnik. It was the bloodiest pacification action conducted by Nazi-German occupiers in those areas of prewar Białystok Voivodeship, which after Second World War remain within the borders of Poland.


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                          “Hundreds of Palestinian Doctors Disappeared Into Israeli Detention”
                          by Kavitha Chekuru, May 24 2024

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                            The MONTHLY REVIEW, long essay from Febr. 2024:

                            The Council on Foreign Relations, the Israel Lobby, and the War on Gaza
                            by Laurence H. Shoup

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                              Today, the formal recognition of Palestine by Ireland, Norway and Spain goes into effect. The Palestinian flag was raised outside Leinster House, the seat of Irish parliament.
                              (alongside that of the EU and Ukraine, but hey, you can’t have everything)

                              Irish PM Simon Harris states that the EU could be doing a “hell of a lot more” to put pressure on Israel for a ceasefire and also said there was now progress being made on the examination of a trade association agreement between the EU and Israel. He also welcomed discussions on Monday in the EU foreign affairs council relating to sanctions against Israel.
                              Is the tide turning in the EU?

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                                Interesting piece on naked capitalism about the background and backstory of US crackdown on the Gaza protests in conjunction with Occupy:

                                “Repress U., Class of 2024: How to Build a Homeland Security Campus in Seven More Steps”


                                “The fast, determined, and aggressive response to widespread campus protests against genocide demonstrates how our purported leaders are so insecure in their hold on power that they over-react against perceived threats when they have the ability to do so. It was gratifying to see students en masse rise up against reprehensible injustice in which very very few had any personal stake. And this was after a protracted period of only few and feeble protests, as if the combination of student debt, the surveillance state, an over-time worsening environment for getting established in a career, housing, and a solid relationship, and pervasive propaganda had successfully sapped the life out of demonstrating. But the coordinated 17-city paramilitary crackdown against Occupy was a precursor to the clearing and cordoning of campuses this year. This post argues that the “homeland security campus” was underway even before then.

                                Note the mention of the NYPD at the close of this piece. In the days of Occupy, Mayor Bloomberg bragged about having the seventh largest army in the world. Oh, and even then, some of its members trained with the IDF.”

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                                  Irish PM Simon Harris states that the EU could be doing a “hell of a lot more” to put pressure on Israel for a ceasefire and also said there was now progress being made on the examination of a trade association agreement between the EU and Israel. He also welcomed discussions on Monday in the EU foreign affairs council relating to sanctions against Israel.
                                  Is the tide turning in the EU?

                                  No just a play for the public as usual, EU election coming up etc they try go gain some votes from the propaletinian sentiment going on.
                                  The fact that they would, allegedly, “examine” to cut trade agreements after 8 month of carnage just prove their how deceptive they are.
                                  Meanwhile it took not days but mere hours before Ireland put sanctions on Russia.

                                  Ireland will back ‘strongest possible’ sanctions against Russia

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                                    If killing 15000 kids do not qualify you to get on this infamous list, then there is no justice in this world:

                                    Israel may be put on UN ‘list of shame’ for child rights abusers
                                    Israeli officials have been sent into a frenzy over the potential of being added to the UN “list of shame” for violations against children.

                                    Israel have for years managed to pressure UN not to include them even though Israel have killed children for years, not to mention jailed kid without any charge.

                                    UN’s Ban Ki-moon caves in, takes Israel off list of serious child abusers

                                    And of course, the west/UN put Russia directly on that list, not to justify killing of children, but if Russia is put there for causing some 545 children killed in Ukraine then one wonder why there is no hurry to put Israel on the same list. But I assume a white, christian kid from Ukraine is worth more than a brown, muslim kid in Gaza according to the inhumane and hypocrite west:

                                    At least 545 children have been killed – the equivalent of a child dying every day since the war escalated, mostly from bombardment.

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                                      German foreign minister says she saw nonexistent 7 Oct. rape video
                                      Baerbock was speaking at a so-called Democracy Festival in Berlin, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the federal republic’s constitution, when she was confronted by citizens protesting the government’s support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

                                      Trying to justify Germany’s complicity, Baerbock hit back with a dose of atrocity propaganda, claiming she had seen the nonexistent rape tape during one of her at least seven visits to Israel since 7 October 2023.

                                      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEQ2p8ys3QE&t

                                      Have you seens such idiocy? So on the the, alleged, basis that 1 woman was raped according to Baerbock, why would that justify flat out bombing the whole of Gaza? Does 1 rape justify acts of genocide? I mean these people, it is like they are devoid of any rationality, proportionality, they do not understand how close they are to the thinking of nazis. It is like history being repeated in front of our very eyes.
                                      (Not mean to target Germany/germans itself, this sick attitude is prevalent in the whole of the west).

                                      Another article on the subject written the other day:

                                      ICC has no evidence for 7 October rapes, documents indicate

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                                        “Falsified U.S. State Department Report Inspires Yet Another Resignation of a U.S. Official”


                                        It includes a pdf link to the report:

                                        “The document in question is 46-page national security memorandum 20 (NSM-20) which Gilbert and other experts had been working on up until very close to its completion when access to the report was then restricted to “higher levels.” Those who had drafted the memorandum were unable to view it until it had been published. Gilbert explained she was shocked by the inaccuracy of the document after there had been general agreement among her and others who had worked on the report that, although there are other factors such as military operations that have affected delivery, the role Israel had played in preventing life-saving food and medical supplies from entering the Strip was evident.”

                                        “Alexander Smith, stepped down from his position this week, making the list of U.S. officials who have resigned explicitly citing Biden’s Palestine/Israel policy nearly ten.”

                                        see here:

                                        “FACT BOX – At least 7 US officials publicly resigned in protest of Biden’s Gaza policy since Oct. 7
                                        Stacy Gilbert from State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees is latest to resign
                                        Rabia İclal Turan | 29.05.2024 – Update : 30.05.2024 “


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                                          Never gets boring…THE INTERCEPT reporting:

                                          “Columbia Law Review Refused to Take Down Article on Palestine, So Its Board of Directors Nuked the Whole Website
                                          The students who edit the journal sought out the article by a Palestinian scholar who was censored by Harvard Law Review last year. “


                                          The headline is a bit confusing. But it´s essentially this:

                                          Last November, the Harvard Law Review made the unprecedented decision to kill a fully edited essay prior to publication.
                                          When the Harvard publication spiked his article, editors from another Ivy League law school reached out to Eghbariah. Students from the Columbia Law Review solicited a new article from the scholar and, upon receiving it, decided to edit it and prepare it for publication.
                                          Eghbariah’s paper for the Columbia Law Review, or CLR, was published on its website in the early hours of Monday morning. The journal’s board of directors responded by pulling the entire website offline. The homepage on Monday morning read “Website under maintenance.”
                                          “The attempts to silence legal scholarship on the Nakba by subjecting it to an unusual and discriminatory process are not only reflective of a pervasive and alarming Palestine exception to academic freedom,” Eghbariah told The Intercept, “but are also a testament to a deplorable culture of Nakba denialism.”

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                                            Slovenia recognises Palestine today, June 4 2024. In a majority vote, the Slovenian parliament has approved the recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

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                                              US votes to sanction ICC over Israel
                                              Lawmakers want to “punish” the court for the Gaza war crimes probe


                                              The same western power that created ICC now put sanctions on it, but I actually support this move, because it show the whole world how silly and how little US really care about human rights violations, hopefully it will also distance, although slowly, ICC from the western grip.

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                                                Good article written back in january about the hypocrisy by the west on the, alleged, “Responsibility to Protect” theory, that was so popular among the western elite when it came to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kosovo etc interventions by the west but are not brought up by the west during the Gaza atrocities by Israel.

                                                The Gaza war is the final nail in the coffin of R2P
                                                “The doctrine was always a la carte, evident in the silence of the most strident humanitarian interventionists today”

                                                The primary ideologue of this push for humanitarian interventionism would become Samantha Power. A journalist and author of the influential book A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide, Power argued that the U.S. and other liberal nation states should use military force to halt crimes against humanity in other countries. Nation-states have a responsibility to protect their citizens, and if they are found not be doing this, other states may then step in to do so should the situation continue to deteriorate. This principle was called “Responsibility to Protect,” or “R2P,” and it became so influential that it was adopted into the United Nations Charter in 2005.

                                                Two decades later, the concept has been shown to be both hypocritical and dangerous. As Israel bombs Gaza to dust, world elites have shown no interest in living up to their apparent responsibility to protect civilians. Contrast this with the response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, in which commentators called for direct intervention to save innocent Ukrainians. And actual examples of R2P have led to disaster, as civilians in Libya can attest. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to this hellish problem: abandoning R2P once and for all.


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                                                  No surprise, the israelis spend so much money on influencing the western mind:

                                                  Israel ordered secret campaign to influence US lawmakers – NYT
                                                  The country allegedly paid $2 million to target American legislators in order to foster support for its war in Gaza

                                                  If Russia did this, it would be all over the news, condemnations etc. Now this news is buried and tommorow it will be forgotten.

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                                                    One unique example of a German reporter standing up against the lies of the German government.

                                                    In the press conference the government´s people insulted German reporter Florian Warweg for argueing that Baerbock was most likely lying when she publicly stated that she had seen the Oct.7 rape videos which obviously do not exist.

                                                    Happy to say that this event was registered by Electronic Intifada!

                                                    “Germany smears journalist for challenging Baerbock’s 7 Oct. rape video lie”

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                                                      Germans changing views on Gaza war – poll

                                                      Six in ten Germans have said they do not support West Jerusalem’s actions in the Palestinian enclave, Stern has reported


                                                      I never understood why germans today, or any other nationality for that matter, should feel guilt for what earlier generations did. That is racism.

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