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      [ Mod: This technical issue was extracted from a topical reply in the “Breaking News (Gaza)” discussion thread. ]

      [ … ]
      (Seventh attempt to make this post previously using two different browsers, Firefox and Brave, now using unprotected MS Edge, the previous six lost to the ether….. Has a new cloudflare or other security measure been added that I may need to unblock? I also had the same happen to a different post I didn’t bother to repost last night.
      Message is “verification is taking longer than expected, please check your internet connection or refresh the page if the problem persists”)

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        ET, I just had the same problem on the Mineral Future thread. It also seems to be happening on other sites that use Cloudflare for support, so I doubt that Craig’s admin can do anything. If I find a work-around I’ll post in the support forums.

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          Noscript and or ublock origin is blocking a racaptcha from cloudflare on submitting a post and I can’t work out what script to allow as yet. This is obviously new in the last few days as I had no issue posting from my protected browser before. If someone works out what script it is please let us know.

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            ET, I gave up using NoScript because UBlock Origin, with “I am an advanced user” ticked in its Settings, provides all of NoScript’s functionality and more.

            I needed to add an exception to UBlock to make Cloudflare permit commenting at this site. The trouble is, Cloudflare doesn’t show on UBlock’s list until after you click to post a comment, and promptly disappears soon after. Nevertheless, I added the exception in time, and it resulted in the following entry on the “Permanent rules” pane of the “My rules” tab of UBlock’s Settings, which you could add manually:

            ww‍w.craigmurray.o‍ * noop

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              P.S. of course that shouldn’t really be a link; what I posted started at www dot, but the blog software turned it into a link automatically. Sigh.

              [ Mod: Fixed, by inserting a zero-width joiner. ]

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                I had much the same issue Clark in that there is only a short time between submitting a post and failing to post to figure out the blocked script and allow it. I’ll work it out.

                I still use both noscript and uBlock as an Irish man I like to be sure to be sure 🙂

                More seriously, I am more familiar with noscript and I kinda prefer it as it is easier to allow and block individual scripts and easier to see to whom those scripts belong. uBlock lumps together 3rd party scripts and frames and stuff and for me is a little less intuitive. Until I figure it out I’ll cope with having to use Edge unprotected as I don’t really block anything on this site anyway apart from paypal and googletagmanager. I just wish cloudflare would be more proactive in showing what needs to be unblocked like they did the last time something similar happened and not deleting what you just posted. That’s the most irritating part.

                I am sure Craig’s site is being relentlessly bombarded by crap and requires the security measures so I’ll cope in the meantime.

                Does anyone else feel like they have been told off by teacher when @mods correct your grammar, fix your links or spelling mistakes and move your posts? Can you see the rolling eyes and hear the exclamations of “FFS, not again!?” 😀
                Thanks for your work @mods.

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                  The other thing is that I can post to the main forum under CM’s posts from firefox but not in the discussion forums. When I post cloudflare presents a “verify you’re human” recaptcha which I can tick but the post disappears. Also, I don’t see any new scripts to unblock.

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                    Last 2 days or so, I can now make posts without any issues using my unaltered protected browsers. Was cloudflare at fault or what was up?

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                      ET, apparently, site admin reduced Cloudflare’s security settings by one notch.

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                        I still see the “verify your human” recaptcha but it ticks itself. I have and whitelisted. Is there another cloudflare domain that needs whitelisting? Do cloudflare have a page where they detail what needs to be allowed? Could site admin inform us? Coz it’s probably gonna happen again and it’s likely site security will need stepping up again sometime.

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                          I still see the “verify your human” recaptcha but it ticks itself.”

                          Ooh, lucky you! I have to tick mine manually.

                          I don’t have cloudflareinsights whitelisted; I seem to remember that UBlock marks it in red denoting privacy invasion, as suggested by its name.

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                            To rephrase Isaak Asimov
                            verify that you’re human – injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm

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                              🤣👍 (best comment of this long day online)

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                              michael norton

                                Hi Mods, I have tried to start a topic called Wipeout.
                                The thing says the page you want does not exist?
                                Not sure I understand, maybe you could assist?
                                Thank you Michael

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                                  Hello michael norton.

                                  There is a indeed a new topic in the trash list called “Wipeout”. I’m not sure how it ended up there, as there are no corresponding deletion entries in the moderation log. Nevertheless, that’s the right place for it. Here’s the full text it contained:

                                  “It looks like Mr.Sunak has called the General Election to avoid a complete Wipeout”

                                  Unfortunately an idle imputation of an underlying motive doesn’t offer enough information to precipitate a coherent discussion, much less justify its own thread.

                                  Your comments have largely been restricted to the Al-Hilli conspiracy thread, where the audience is very ‘selective’, but recently some of your replies to the environmental discussions have been approved if they contained a substantial contribution to the debate; anything that doesn’t meet that strict criterion gets binned. If you offer only vague opinions unsupported by evidence, or if there is any hint of xenophobic undertones, your submissions will not appear. As before, if you notch up too many deletions over a short period of time you will be returned to the block list. So please post wisely and sparingly.

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                                    Unable to post to “breaking news” thread using three different browsers. Even Edge didn’t work this time. Not sure if this is relevant but it always seems to happen when the thread flips to a new page and after the first post on the new page.

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                                      ET, in this instance it’s not Cloudflare that’s preventing your posts from being published on the forum thread; obviously it doesn’t stop you posting here in the Blog Support forum. Those posts were blocked because they contain text that triggered pre-moderation: in particular, the URL of a controversial website with a reputation for racist and supremacist propaganda.

                                      Look it up on Wikipedia to get a sense of the controversy. The Media Bias Fact Check service rates it as “a Questionable Source due to extreme right-wing bias, promotion of propaganda and hate, and utilizing poor sources”.

                                      Of course, those putatively authoritative assessments are open to dispute and individual articles can be defended from criticism; but in the end moderators must evaluate the source independently and wield the casting vote. Having examined the site in detail some time ago, noting points both in favour and against, it was judged to be correctly identified as a problematic source justifying its inclusion in the pre-moderation list. We obviously don’t have time to read every article in depth and compile a list of claims of dubious veracity, but a quick brush through the linked article is enough to notice some troublesome tropes. The author of that article has published some opinions that would not be welcome here under the moderation rules for commenters. So, all told, it would be better to eschew such links and use a less controversial authority to bolster your argument, if possible.

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                                        Ok, noted.

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