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    The development in Iraq past couple of months is so sad to watch: the majority shia nation of Iraq, did not refer Israel to the UN security council for 3 months for their genocidal killing in Gaza nor did they refer the US after repeated US strikes in Iraq (nor kick the american soldiers out for good!) past weeks against resistance forces… but NOW when IRAN carried out a strike against Israel/US/ISIS interests in Iraq, Iraq wake up:

    Iraq files complaint against Iran at UN Security Council over Iranian ‘aggression’- statement

    Instead of uniting themselves against foreign threats against the pan-arabism they collaborate with US/Israel!
    Ghadaffi of course were 100% right when he called out the corrupt nature of arab leaders:

    2008: Gaddafi condemns Arab leaders
    Libyan leader criticises lack of unity at summit overshadowed by absences.


    For those that have not seen the video, watch it, it is very on point:

    One wonder where the public resistance forces are in Iraq too? There are 45 million ppl. in Iraq. I would be easy to get rid of the american troops by some clandestine acts of resistance targeting US military bases etc.

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    I have always disliked the Eurovision contest: the obvious nationalism, the flag waving robotic audience, the crass performance, the tacky clothes and now I got another reason to dislike this competition even more:

    Israel at Eurovision 2024: EBU statement confirms KAN will not be banned from song contest

    Culture-chief MEP defends Israel against any Eurovision ban

    Of course as everyone remember, Eurovision booted Russia out of the competition 2 years ago:

    Eurovision: Russia banned from competing at 2022 Song Contest

    Eurovision chief says Russia ban stands for ‘ultimate values of democracy’

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    What a perfect exhibition of hypocrisy, all glammed up with sequins and backing dancers! What better way for European culture to put their yankee-wanking values on display than to stage their very own postmodern pisstake.

    Maybe Israel will enter another pisstake contestant like Netta – who, for all her sins, managed to get Bibi (quite appropriately) (yet rather inappropriately) doing a chicken-wing dance for the camera (watch on YouTube).

    Several leading Icelandic musicians have already signed a letter of objection to Israel participating in this year’s contest, and Finlandic musicians have threatened a boycott.

    In another interesting topsy-turvy twist, the UK’s entrant will be the established popstar Olly Alexander (the decidedly non-macho woke-friendly singer out of the band Years and Years) who has already accused Israel of genocide:

    – After it emerged that Alexander had endorsed a statement accusing Israel of genocide, an Israeli official told the UK’s Telegraph newspaper the arguments were “absurd” and accused signatories of “anti-Israel bias”. (BBC News)

    So I might be cheering on the UK entry, despite … well, everything. There are so many levels of irony here, that even the futile attempt to make sense of it all makes an ironic point of sorts. (Possibly, or possibly not …)

    It’s even more ironical-ish that last year’s winner was Sweden (an aspirant member of NATO), who won with a song called “Tatoo”, echoing the lesbo-baiting band TaTu – who represented Russia (that horribly homophobic pariah state) at Eurovision 2003.

    Can this year’s “competition” be even more of a post-modern joke than all the previous years put together? (You’ll have to watch it and see! – which, to be fair, might be real point of all this fake controversial nonsense: to boost the TV ratings.)

    At the other end of the musical spectrum, here’s a genuinely high-quality song which makes a very valid and germane point:
    Manic Street Preachers: “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next

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    since Eurovision is mentioned:
    not everybody´s taste of course,
    US Comedian Will Ferrell´s Eurovision spoof-comedy movie from 2020:

    “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”

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    The brilliant and essential Michael Hudson gives a dazzling analysis of the immediate global, geopolitical situation:


    Even at almost 1.5 hours it’s worth trying to make the time to take it all in imho.

    [ Mod: The transcript shows that most of the interview concerns Russia and NATO countries, but mentions of Israel occur in passages beginning at 13m:00s, 17:00, 30:50, 36:00–49:00, 1:01:00, 1:12:00. ]

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    In another interesting topsy-turvy twist, the UK’s entrant will be the established popstar Olly Alexander (the decidedly non-macho woke-friendly singer out of the band Years and Years) who has already accused Israel of genocide:

    Good for him for speaking out, I would not be surprised if he was booted from the contest now though for saying the truth about Israel. In the best of worlds, nations should unite and boycott the event, nations like Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Turkey could take the lead.
    Yes that Manic Street Preachers’ line is unforgettable. Great song.

    Of course part of the reason why Israel is so adored among the elite, western Eurovision leadership is the effort, money, PR they put in their LGBTQ pink-washing campaigning.

    The hypocrisy is striking, it is the same with sports, where Israel is not banned from sports events like the Russians still are; at the same time the Israelis really suck at sports anyway….unless it comes to shooting sports, like sniping children in the thousands, then they win hands down.

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    “Israeli HQ ordered troops to shoot Israeli captives on 7 October”
    by Asa Winstanley

    Israeli article in Engl. about 7th Oct. orders of IDF:
    “The Black Time”
    By Ronen Bergman and Yoav Zitun

    Published by Yedioth Ahronoth’s weekend supplement 7 Days, on 12 January 2024.

    Translation by Dena Shunra for The Electronic Intifada, based on the print edition.

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    On the occasion of a new Jonathan Cook text and rebuttal of rape fabrications, this time by THE GUARDIAN:

    re: THE GUARDIAN´s latest:
    “Guardian’s ‘Hamas Mass Rape’ Story Doesn’t Add Up”
    January 21, 2024


    “What the BBC fails to tell you about October 7
    2nd November 2023
    It is journalistic malpractice for the media to still be repeating so credulously the Israeli military’s account of that day”

    “Israel-Palestine war: Why is the media ignoring evidence of Israel’s own actions on 7 October?”
    The BBC and others keep revisiting Hamas crimes that day, but fail to report on growing evidence that Israel killed its own citizens
    15th Dec. 2023

    “Hamas ‘mass rape’ claim lacks evidence. But it’s being used to justify genocide”
    Claims of systematic rape on October 7 appeal to a racist trope of the savage, predatory Arab. Which is why western politicians and media are so unconcerned by the dearth of evidence
    18th December 2023

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    The whole, almost pornographic in depiction by Israel, the type of atrocity proopaganda about alleged palestinian acts on the 7th of october is quite…perverse. It is like the israelis and pro-israel crowd want to paint and indulge in the most bizarre sex crime stories. So they make up images that are most not likely real, never occurred and attack anyone that try to claim that this or that event simply did not happen on the 7th of october.
    Of course sex crimes should not be taken lightly and I do not question that sexual acts occured on that day but the whole idea that palestinians raped small jewish kids, cut their breast tissue off and played around with it with laughter or engaged in necrophiliac gang-rapes of dead jewish women… is so bizarre and without any evidence seems to be complete propaganda/BS, untrue/bullshit that in turn is used to commit the acts of genocide Israel now commit.

    Atrocity propaganda is the spreading of information about the crimes committed by an enemy, which can be factual, but often includes or features deliberate fabrications or exaggerations. This can involve photographs, videos, illustrations, interviews, and other forms of information presentation or reporting.


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    Saudi Arabia reveals new conditions for ‘normalizing’ Israel ties
    IDF attacks on Gaza civilians are unnecessary and unacceptable, the Saudi foreign minister said


    Interesting use of word, “unnecessary”.
    After almost 4 months of acts of genocide, the corrupt nasty leaders in Saudiarabia still have not cut the idea of normalization off with Israel!
    The saudis know full well that Israel will never quit what they are doing, the saudis know full well that Israel will never accept a palestinian state. Because Israel know that leaders like the saudis will not interefere in their grand zionist plan.

    As I said before, people that comment here – that lack any agency – have spent more time,energy, devotion to the palestinian cause than these corrupted leaders in the arab world.

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    one root cause of the problem:

    A German Q&A with Kenneth Stern who co-authored the anti-semitism definition which has caused so much pain and trouble.
    I however do not think he is entirely aware of WHAT he set in motion:


    “Kenneth Stern wrote the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and sees it misused – including by Chialo
    The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism is the basis of the controversial Berlin anti-discrimination clause. Kenneth Stern explains why you shouldn’t use them for this.”


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    via naked capitalism:

    “Main Documents in the International Court of Justice South Africa v. Israel Case”

    “Yves here. The formal name of the action South Africa initiated with the International Court of Justice is Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip. Below in order are South Africa’s written filing (its “application”) and then the verbatim transcripts of the oral arguments by South Africa and Israel, respectively.”


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    and again naked capitalism:

    “Further Discussion of the South Africa Genocide Case Against Israel: Evaluating What the Court Might Do”

    “Why Don’t More Countries Take Action Against Israel?”

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    will moon

    AG, I thought Mr Stern did not show much awareness about the effects of his definition. He had some vague idea about the punishment that those who have fell foul of this formula have experienced but it seems I know more about how his work is being mis-used than he does and I am a mere punter!

    He mentions the danger to democracy but as a Brit who watched what happened to Jeremy Corbyn I see the real damage caused to our democracy and wonder why he is not speaking with more weight, more gravity to tell those who use his work improperly to cease and desist.

    Maybe I am expecting too much. Yet I am suprised how lackadaisical his overall response was

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    will moon
    I agree.

    From the German standpoint his interview however is important. At least as the author he provides arguments against the “lawfare” taking place in Germany right now. And that is very important.
    Only today a provision to introduce anti-semitism clauses for any future artistic funding request on the local level in Berlin had been withdrawn. This is in fact the case Stern mentions in the very end (the Berlin senator called Chialo.)
    I assume Stern had to do something with this surprising and upbeat turn of events since several US-Jewish ex-patriates living in Berlin were involved in opposing this provision.

    (which of course does not mean it´s off the table entirely. They still intend to find a way to block “antisemitism to get tax funding” as they express it. So it is a delay only. But still surprised people here. Me too.)

    re: Stern. To act as you and me would urge him to would mean to refrain from what he did 15 years ago. And that is most unlikely in any case. People who are of public interest in such cases almost never do such a thing. Imagine what their private/professional environment would say. The people they see every day. People they might depend on.

    Not many possess the stamina of Finkelstein. After all you have a career over what you love to do. Why jeopardize that?

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    “Will World Court’s Ruling in Genocide Case Signal the End of International Law? A credibility crisis with sharp consequences could result if the court rules in favor of Israel, despite the evidence.”

    By Michel Moushabeck
    January 22, 2024

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    excellent talk by Rashid Khalidi on Mid East and Cold War, 2012, 75 min.

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    “Ghassan Abu Sitta on why Israel attacks Gaza hospitals”

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    200 palestinians killed past 24 hours and israel call on palestinians to evacuate from the southern parts of Gaza that was said to be “safe”. Of course this is nothing but ethnic cleansing, acts of genocide.


    Hamas condemns deliberate targeting of Gaza hospitals by Israel as a ‘war crime’

    Hamas, in a statement on Tuesday, called on the United Nations, and other international bodies to take immediate action against the Israeli aggression against medical centers in Gaza’s southern city of Khan Younis.


    The responsibility to heed the calls from the palestinians is on the middleastern/muslim nations first and foremost, but they do nothing. What a disgrace.

    And in other news, Iraq keep letting the americans target the actual resistance forces, anti-occupation forces.

    Iraqi resistance groups vow to continue operations as US military strikes sites near Syria


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    Elon Musk keep sinking deeper and deeper,

    He just visited Auschwitz…along with..Ben Shapiro and then they had chat about pro-palestinian demonstrations initate hate!?
    Video in the link:
    Elon Musk says he’s ‘Jewish by association’ after Auschwitz visit, sees ‘almost no antisemitism’

    I mean, this guy have ties from South Africa, HELLO? Musk? Ever heard of apartheid? The demonstrations throughout the west in the 80s-90s- against south african apartheid, was that fostering…hatred??

    This guy is a complete bozo – not realizing how stupid and naive he portray himself.

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    most individuals who make a fortune as businessmen and then live a life as celebrity and doing nothing are 99% idiots.
    He is a mediocre actor. Nothing more.
    Had he any inclination of building or developing something or engaging in something meaningful, he would simply have no time for such nonsense PR stunts. In fact there would be no PR with him at all.
    How many business people who run and manage companies seriously do you see in public?

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    Indeed AG, I remember the first time I happen to see a interview with Musk and it struck me instantly how hollow he is, like there was nothing…there. On top of that he is not a great speaker even to the point where he seems to have great difficulties crafting proper replies to questions in interviews. Very odd person, amazing how he could be one of the richest people on earth.

    Anyway, why does he not visit Gaza? AFter all, as he seems to believe, Israel do not target civilians, so what keeps him from going to watch the horror and the reason why so many pro-palestinians demonstrate in the west?

    Or why does he not visit the West bank, where, the alleged evil-antisemitic, Hamas do not even rule, still that region is attacked time and time again by Israel. In the West bank he could also see with his own eyes what apartheid looks like 2023.

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    …and considering that E.M (not E.T.) spent his childhood in Pretoria…after all he is SAn and thus should have a certain knowledge, which, I would assume, he did endorse 30 years ago. Until capital and power would grab him and he would give in…

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    “Zionism’s History Is Also a History of Jewish Anti-Zionism

    An interview with Shaul Magid

    Defenders of Israel’s brutal war on Gaza have attempted to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism. But since its beginning, different forms of Zionist ideology have competed with varied anti-Zionisms for Jewish allegiance.”


    This is a very long piece. I haven´t been able to work through yet. There seem to be contestable formulations in it but much to learn too.

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    Washington Post published a smear piece about Electronic Intifada. EI on this in a panel discussion:
    “What’s behind Washington Post hit piece on EI?”
    You couldn´t make it up.
    And this paper – the WaPo – is still regarded as a serious outlet.

    Here the original WaPo piece:

    “Growing Oct. 7 ‘truther’ groups say Hamas massacre was a false flag
    In city council hearings, protests and online, a growing movement with ties to Holocaust denial is effacing history in real-time”
    By Elizabeth Dwoskin


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    Two links from Irish media quoting Leo Varadkar following an EU meeting of heads of state. They both pretty much refer to the same things, UNWRA funding, possible recognition of the Palastinian state and even a reappraisal of the EU/Israeli trade agreement.

    RTE is Ireland’s BBC.

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    St. Patrick’s day coming soon on March 17. As described in the piece linked below in The Irish Times:

    “Next month, 35 Cabinet and junior ministers, the Ceann Comhairle, the Seanad Cathaoirleach and the Attorney General will love-bomb planet Earth with St Patrick’s Day visits to 48 countries. About one-third of the delegation will swoop on the US, including Taoiseach Leo Varadkar bearing a bowl of shamrock to the White House.”

    As the tag line to the article states:

    “If Leo Varadkar goes to the White House, it can’t be for a quiet word about Gaza.
    Taoiseach must convey Ireland’s message about Gaza publicly, unambiguously and for international consumption.”


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    It is high time Iraq get their sense together and kick the americans out!

    Pentagon confirms strikes against 85 targets in Iraq and Syria

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    Oxford historian Helen Lackner on Houthis in interview with Democracy Now:

    “The Houthis Are Not Iranian Proxies”

    “But it’s very important to note that the Houthis are an independent movement. The Houthis are not Iranian proxies. They are not Iranian servants. They don’t do what the Iranians tell them to do. They make their own decisions. If their decisions and their policies coincide with those of Iran, then, you know, there’s no issue. But if they don’t, they don’t do it. So it’s very important, I think, to destroy this myth of Iran-backed Houthis in a single word as if it’s kind of a conglomerate. That is not the case.”

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    Comments from President Michael D Higgins follow briefing from WHO’s Michael Ryan here

    “President Higgins warned that any further extension of the bombing campaign into what is a densely populated area to which so many have fled “would leave any respect for humanitarian law in tatters”.

    “The suggestion that such a development take place and be watched in near silence is a suggestion that removes all morality from any stated position of public concern for the most basic of human rights.”

    “What is at stake now, given the high proportion of loss of life of non-combatants, and particularly of women and children, is the potential emptying-out of the entire space and discourse of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

    “Such an eschewing of moral considerations is a moment of global crisis that offers a terrible nadir of human concern and must be opposed in order to prevent it being invoked in future conflicts.”

    The President of Ireland is a titular non-political post elected by national vote. He’ll probably take some flak but that’s an eloquent expression of views.

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    Thanks for that great statement by the WHO’s Mike Ryan, I remember him from the Covid, already back then I knew he had his heart in the right place.
    The tragic reply, does it matter if the law is left shattered? The West and Israel do, obviously not, care for international law, the law is so to speak already in feathers and there are no real effort to put the breaks on these actors outside of the western world.

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    see for the image:

    it shows a man probably during interrogation with torture facing an IDF-soldier

    “According to local sources. His name is Hamza from Shujjaiya Neighborhood, East Gaza city.

    Before his arrest in the footage above, Israeli military killed his father, his brother’s wife and his two nephews (infant and a child 2 yo), his brother was also killed back in 2014.”

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    revisiting the fake NYT reporting on mass rapes:
    18 min. video


    The NYT piece reviewed:

    “U.N. to Study Reports of Sexual Violence in Israel During Oct. 7 Attack
    A team from the United Nations has arrived in Israel to examine multiple reports of sexual violence during the Hamas-led attack.”


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    1) Jeremy Scahill with a very long summary of the most important Israeli propaganda stunts since Oct. 7th covering every major issue, from Hannibal Directive, to alleged rapes, to smearing UNRWA.

    Netanyahu’s War on Truth
    Israel’s Ruthless Propaganda Campaign to Dehumanize Palestinians”

    Scahill operates within the confined space of what is admissible in the West.
    Which means: HAMAS is beyond discussion.
    Therefore he fails to draw substantial conlusions from the 75 history of apartheid and suppression, which he acknowledges, for a mature assessment and understanding of HAMAS´ attacks on Oct. which is oddly counter-factual.

    But I still recommend the piece to everyone who wants to offer others a decent overlook of the massive deception and lies carried out by Israel in cooperation with our media. As usual extensive hyperlinks provided.
    (The fact that Mrs. Levy, responsible for the rape lie cover-up, used to work for Shin-Bet is missing e.g. but there have to be a few wrinkles, I guess.)

    2) Interesting comment by my favourite THE INTERCEPT author, Jon Schwarz (may be because he used to work for “Saturday Night Live” as a writer), on Thomas Friedman from the NYT.

    As a long-time Chomsky reader I know that Friedman basically is an idiot.
    But Schwarz puts it more delicately and with more empathy in fact (I don´t know Friedman so I don´t care).

    Thomas Friedman and the Red Lines in Journalism on Israel and Palestine
    His column comparing Middle East nations to insects reveals how the New York Times publishes crimes against human cognition.”

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    will moon

    Yes AG I read about the Friedman article – bizarre and frightening. It shows how far gone the Times is – it’s fitness for disseminating propaganda seems questionable

    BTW Covert Action magazine has just published an article on Clinton as governor of Arkansas, cocaine and Mena airport. It seems Clinton was already well gone when he first became governor in 1979! A recording of a police wiretap on his half-brother’s phone has Roger saying “I need to find some coke for Bill – he’s got a nose like a hoover!”

    At the heart of the story is death of two boys who were supposedly run over by a train after taking drugs and passing out on the rail tracks yet there is plenty of evidence that they were beaten to death and placed on the track. Take a look at the pictures of Clinton, young and certain – my spidey-sense tells me he had already sold his soul. He has the look of a man whose course is set and he is going all the way. It is a creepy, dark story


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    One wonder how powerful the israeli lobby is in Russia,

    Putin meets Russian Jewish leaders
    Moscow is in contact with Hamas as part of efforts to free more hostages from Gaza, the president has said

    Why are not Putin meeting with palestinian reps urging the occupier – Israel to release the many thousands of palestinians jailed for no reason?

    I do not understand why Russia keep supporting this sick regime that work against Russia’s interest in the region. Let alone an israel that tacictly support Ukraine?

    In what way are Russia benefitting from Israeli genocide? Which will cause religious extremism to spread to Central Asia? In what way are Russia benefitting from thousands of israeli attacks on Syria (past year alone!)

    Israel says struck thousands of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, Syria during Gaza war

    In what interest do Russia benefit from israeli threats against Iran?

    The reason why US are still the superpower of the world with their proxies is because there are no nation – like Russia – that hinder them, instead Russia often support the western-led aggression wherever it may be directed.

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    A bizarre story today from Irish media. Ireland women’s basketball team are due to play Israel tonight in Latvia. This game was originally due to be played in Israel in November 2023 but was postponed and moved to a neutral venue in Latvia at the request of the Irish side for obvious reasons (Gaza war).


    There have been efforts calling for a boycott of the game by Ireland but resisted by the governing body due to the financial impact etc. Explained in the above link.

    One of the Israeli team members, Dor Saar, had this to say of Ireland:

    “It’s known that they [Ireland] are quite anti-Semitic, it’s not a secret, so we are expecting an intense game. We need to show that we’re better than them and to win. We speak about it between ourselves, we know that they don’t love us so we will leave everything on the court, as always. And especially in this game.”

    Also there have been promotional shots of the team with the IDF. Some members of the Irish team are refusing to travel to the game.

    Needless to say the Irish basketball body are not at all pleased calling the remarks “inflammatory and wholly inaccurate”:

    Israeli basketball player accuses Ireland of anti-Semitism ahead of European qualifier (Irish Times, 7 Feb 2024)

    Basketball Ireland says comments were ‘inflammatory and wholly inaccurate’ and has raised them with basketball’s governing body

    Whilst I realise this story doesn’t have the import of others in this thread, it shows how all pervasive the propaganda is. If you didn’t laugh you’d cry.

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    I hadn’t checked CM’s X/Twitter before I posted above and I now see he has mentioned this story in his tweets. As far as I understand some of the team have refused to travel but the game is going ahead currently. As the game is tonight the Irish team must already be in Latvia by now. Let’s see what develops.

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    One of the Israeli team members, Dor Saar, had this to say of Ireland:

    I even had to google that quote, did she really say such stupidity? Oh she did.

    It really shows how brainwashed israelis are, they seem to never question their own stance, view on things, like they are entitled to what the most gruesome things, they have the right to murder palestinian kids, they have the right to commit genocidal acts, they have the right to commit any war crimes as they please because they are the chosen one and they can never do anything wrong so antisemitism must be the case if someone criticise them.

    I have no words, it is pathological – they are so entrenched in the belief that they are the victims while they themselves are carrying out the slaughter! This a population that must be deprogrammed because they live in a dangerous bubble that cause a threat to the whole world.

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    Well, the game was played this evening despite five Irish players refusing to travel. The Irish team refused to shake hands with the Israeli team and that’s being reported on a number of news outlets. Predictably Ireland lost. Basketball isn’t big in Ireland.

    The Israeli team had posted a number of photos along side IDF soldiers.

    Scroll through and you can see some of the photos used including prominent automatic weapons.
    (It’s a nitter link and will disappear soon)

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