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    will moon


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    The whole of the irish team should have boycotted the event or better yet, the israeli girls that claimed that Ireland is antisemitic should have been expelled from the team right away because such statements go against the sportsmanship of the game, equally, the israeli players that either fought with the IDF or support the same warcriminals should have been banned.
    And of course, to expose the hypocrisy once again:

    Russia’s Men’s Basketball Team Banned From 2024 Olympics

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    Biden’s mental health seems to get worse and worse.

    Yesterday he said that President Sisi of Mexico did not want to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.

    Earlier his day he said that he recently spoke with Helmut Kohl a coupe of years ago:

    Past week he also mixed up Mitterand with Macron

    Of course it no laughing matter by now, just tragic but also dangerous, like, do Biden know that he is complicit in genocide in Gaza? Does he really know what Israel is doing in Gaza? I do not think so. Let VP Kamala Harris take over. Biden’s mental health is a threat to the whole world.

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    I would urge you to view this:
    The impassioned speech from Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid – the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland – about the situation in her homeland to hundreds of supporters at a packed solidarity meeting in Belfast.

    It’s a moving speech, approx. 20 mins long.

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    I do not understand why Ireland has not kicked out the israeli ambassador yet, especially after the latest attack that Ireland is antisemitic, not even calling up the israeli ambassador?!

    EU state’s most popular party wants Israeli ambassador expelled
    Ireland’s Sinn Fein has called for the envoy’s expulsion for as long as Israel ignores demands for a ceasefire

    It is absurd that not a single nation (besides South Africa?) have broken their ties with Israel!

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    will moon

    According to Israeli news site Mako the killing in Gaza is affecting the criminal underworld. They report that Moroccan drug dealers are boycotting selling to Israeli criminals over the Gaza war.

    Moroccan hashish sellers are refusing to sell their wares to Israeli criminals in protest at the war in Gaza, according to Israeli media. The report published at the the Mako news site cited a number of Israeli drug dealers complaining about the drop-off in trade. One dealer said:

    “The hashish dealers in Morocco are not willing to sell us more hashish either directly or through intermediaries. They decided that because of the war they are boycotting us. Since the war we have lost a lot of money. Tens of millions of shekels at least.”

    The outlet also quoted a Moroccan hashish dealer saying they were refusing to sell to Israelis over the war. The dealer, based in the Rif Mountains, a hub for hashish growing, said:

    “Why is it possible for Israelis to make a living selling Moroccan hashish when our Palestinian brothers are suffering from hunger and living in inhumane conditions? Go buy it somewhere else. We no longer sell hashish to Israelis. Before the war, we did business here with Israelis. Merchants came here and made good money, now that’s the end of it.”

    If true, I wonder what free market ideologues would make of this. Shouldn’t rational actors look to maximise their gains?

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    A German rare attack of Germany:
    “Gaza, the German Far-Right and the Hypocrisy of the Ruling Class”


    This is by Fabian Scheidler who I once called “fig leaf” critic for German daily Berliner Zeitung.
    This text however is not B.Z., but his Substack.

    No idea if this has or has not anything to do with B.Z.

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    Well what are YOU going to do about it Mr Erdogan?

    Israel’s Gaza war ‘reminiscent of the Nazis’ – Erdogan

    “In front of the eyes of the whole world, Israel’s occupying forces brutally martyred 28,000 of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, most of them children and women,” Erdogan said at the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum. The IDF’s strikes on schools, hospitals, mosques, and other civilian sites are “attacks reminiscent of the Nazis,” he added.



    Turkey recalls ambassador to Israel ahead of Blinken’s visit
    While Turkey and Israel’s recalling of their respective ambassadors marks a serious setback for a diplomatic reset, the Turkish president said Saturday that cutting off diplomatic ties with Israel was “out of the question.”

    If you are not going to do anything but talk-talk you just better shut up!

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    Israel plan to invade the alleged safe haven of Rafah, the usual lipservice by the lazy, corrupt, arab leadership in Saudi arabia:

    Israel to face ‘serious repercussions’ over Rafah strikes – Saudi Arabia

    Rafah is “the last resort for hundreds of thousands of civilians forced by the brutal Israeli aggression to flee,” Riyadh said. “The kingdom affirms its categorical rejection and strong condemnation of their forcible deportation and renews its demand for an immediate ceasefire.”

    What repercussion? Give me a break! You have not done 1 single thing to stop Israel after 30000 murdered victims right in front of you?!

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    UNRWA – firing:

    This is an oddly indecisive headline for an article that itself is pretty clear:

    “Media downplays lack of evidence in UNRWA employee scandal
    Israel’s flimsy dossier on the agency’s alleged ties to Hamas is fueling calls to de-fund the only major aid pipeline to Palestinians in Gaza today.”


    To put it plainly: The Western media are lying and not just downplaying anything.

    And Armbruster sums up beyond a doubt that there is NO EVIDENCE.
    If there is no evidence and the NGO is still firing people and the West stops funding and as a medium I am not calling that out I am not downplaying. I am complicit in the humanitarian crisis.

    So the article is ok. The headline fearful.

    The original Israeli dossier is this ridiculous pdf:

    p.s. If someone could provide a downloadable version (here registration is necessary) it would be appreciated.

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    Israel renew their attack on UNRWA by claiming *drumroll* that there are tunnels under UNRWA, or… “close to it”.


    The israelis are friggin horrid in producing propaganda, who believe this nonsense more than israelis themselves?!

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    Don´t underestimate Germans´ love for their fairy-tales. I am sure many will dig those stories about secret tunnels and hidden HQs. Who cares if it´s true. It´s entertaining their fantasy.

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    It is the same all europe, EU that was supposed to be pro-peace, humanitarian union etc but have turned into a ruthless actor in wars and complicit in genocide.
    Big part of the reason is also the abscense of the leftist parties, they do not dare to say anything that the rightwing might think is provocative, meanwhile the right-wing could freely and proudly boast that they support Israel and whatever they are doing!
    As we mentioned some months ago, compare the leftists of the 70s–80s, they were bold, radical, not afraid of anything, and look how pathetic they have become – and I say that as a leftist myself.

    Hollande – an alleged socialist, that should have the guts to tell the truth now since he is not in power anymore, instead repeat israeli propaganda:
    Former French president Hollande calls Gaza dead ‘collateral victims’

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    This was written at the end of the Ireland v Israel article:

    About 1300 people were killed during the Hamas attacks on southern Israel on 7 October last year.
    More than 27,500 Palestinians have been killed and at least 65,000 by the war launched by Israel since then, according to the Hamas run Health ministry. ¨

    Israelis are “people”, though the Palestinians are not, it appears.

    Couldn’t find the author of the articles name.

    Also, perhaps tenuous, the headline: Irish women`s basketball team refuses to shake hands with Israel.

    Not The Israeli W B team, but Israel the state.

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    What to make of Borrell’s statements in the last day or two? Whilst there seems to be much hypocrisy about these statements is it a beginning of a change in view?


    Borrell has suggested that the USA curtail weapons provision to Israel whilst at the same time France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands supply parts and ammunition etc to Israel. A court in the Netherlands has ordered the government to stop providing aircraft parts to Israel.

    There is a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Feb 19.

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    The hypocrisy alluded to above is given more emphasis by Caitlin Johnstone:


    She points out that for all of Biden’s hand wringing the white house has stated that there will be no change in policy. Is Borrell doing the same thing on the EU side?

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    Israel is behaving “like a monster to defeat a monster”, Simon Coveney, Irish Enterprise minister has said. Coveney was relatively recently Ireland’s minister for foreign affairs.

    He states that:

    “The truth is that the European position has effectively moved towards the Irish position, you know, over the last number of weeks. There are very few countries now not calling for a ceasefire…”

    China has also called for a ceasefire today.

    Is it possible the tide is turning even if only slightly?

    Meantime overnight bombing of Rafah murdered scores more Palestinians.

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    If Borell really believe there should be no more weapons to Israel, why does he not work for an arms embargo against Israel? No, I take these statements as some type of alibi Borell will use after the genocide, claiming he tried to stop the murdering.
    During this genocide Borell have not called for a ceasefire 1 single time.

    He did called for a “pause”. That is of course as absurd as calling for a “pause” during a rape.

    IMO orell have blood on his hands, full stop. The outside world must move from vocal statements to actual measures stopping Israel.

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    Jack, I don’t think Borrell can prevent individual EU member states supplying Israel with armaments. It doesn’t fall within EU competencies as they are defined within the various EU treaties. As I have said before I don’t think Borrell should be able to initiate anything other than he’s told by the EU heads of state.

    There are a number of media outlets in Ireland and UK quoting Leo Varadkar from today’s debate in Dail Eireann (irish parliament). The debate relevant to Gaza starts approx 1/4 way down the page with Ivana Bacik (labour) and continues to about 3/4 the way down the page.


    That is similar to Hansard for Irish Dail. It gives a flavour of how the Gaza crisis is viewed in Ireland.

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    Just want to say I am not trying to monopolise the thread with irish news. It’s more that for now Ireland seems to be one of the few western and/or EU countries with a different outlying view from most of the larger countries in respect of Gaza.

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    [ Mod: Reply moved to the Ukraine thread, by request. ]

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    Wow. thx! (I never used that Chat thing.)

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    AG, you’re welcome!
    I currently put questions into the bot, and that is what I learned:

    • Israel has the largest Jewish population in the world. It is around 6.9 to 7.3 million.
    • The US hosts the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, around 5 to 6 million individuals. (it’s like another Israel inside the US, isn’t it?)
    • Russia has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world outside of Israel and the United States, believed to be in the range of several hundred thousand to over a million individuals.
    • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg have some of the smallest Jewish populations in Europe.
    • The countries hosting most of Palestinian refugees are Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the Gulf states.

    And the same question about Israeli refugees brings this:

    “The concept of “Israeli refugees” is hypothetical because Israel is a stable country. However, if such a scenario arose, countries with strong diplomatic ties and similar cultural backgrounds might offer refuge, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, or certain European nations like Germany or the United Kingdom.”

    Rather informative, eh?

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    Ireland and Spain seek ‘urgent review’ of Israel trade over EU deal’s human rights obligations.
    Varadkar and Sanchez have written a public letter to Ursula VDL. I can’t find the full text of the letter yet but The Irish Times quotes parts of it in this article:


    They call for appropriate measures of Israel is found to be in breach of its human rights obligations under the treaty.

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    Too little, too late, too pathetic:

    EU leaders urge Brussels to reconsider Israel policy
    The prime ministers of Ireland and Spain have called for a review of West Jerusalem’s compliance with an EU human rights agreement

    Reiterating a condemnation of Hamas’ raid and a call for a release of the hostages it holds in Gaza, Sanchez and Varadkar observed that Israel’s right to self-defense “can only be exercised in line with international law….[and] must comply with the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution.”


    Note the phrasing: “if” Israel have violated human rights. IF!??!
    And also the usual clear, explicit condemnation of palestinians but the typical diffuse language regarding israel’s killings.

    If you are not going to do anything about it as in real action, you better just shut up!

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    interesting topic:

    “Springer: How the media company profits from Israel’s illegal settlements”

    (Springer one of Germany´s biggest media companies, latest major acquisition “Politico”)


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    Good article on Biden’s relations with Israel from last year

    “Biden’s Legacy Will Be Apartheid”
    President Biden has answered Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extremist government with only the mildest of rebukes. Critics say he is failing to meet the moment.


    Take a look at the phot on top of the article too: Biden, the gullible, senile old man controlled and led by the cunning Netanyahu hawking over his shoulder, pointing, where Biden should put his signature for the benefit of Israel.

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    Ilan Pappé on the genesis and development of the settler-colonial idea:

    “Israeli Settler Colonialism Is At An End
    It is Darker Before The Dawn”

    “Professor Ilan Pappé spoke at IHRC’s annual Genocide Memorial Day in London, UK on 21st January 2024, on the need to understand that the genocide of Palestinians we are currently witnessing, as brutal as it is, is also the demise of the so-called Jewish state. We need to be ready to imagine a new world beyond it.”

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    Bad news from the ICJ:

    The obvious pro-israel ugandan judge at the ICJ that voted down every South African claim has been elected vice-president. Would be interesting to see who voted for her.
    Why would a judge that voted so totally different from the other judges become a leading person in the ICJ?

    At the same time, a lebanese ICJ judge was to voted in to become the president of ICJ.

    Lebanese judge elected president of ICJ

    Only “problem” is that this Lebanese judge is a former politician in Lebanon in the pro-western camp of parties.

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    At the Munich Security Conference Leo Varadkar states the following:

    We thought it was important to put that marker down that the European Union can no longer treat Israel as though it were a normal, liberal, western democracy. It is not behaving like that any more, it hasn’t for a long time.” – link

    He was explaining the reason for Ireland and Spain asking the EU commission for a review of EU/Israeli trading relationships. I expect significant backlash.

    He had some other things to say about European defense and Russian diplomats in the Russian embassy in Dublin. They must have been expecting many Irish to be applying for visas to visit Russia, requiring 30 diplomats. 🤔😁

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    Israel behind attacks on Iranian gas pipelines – NYT
    The covert operation required deep knowledge of the country’s infrastructure, a source has said


    An earlier article:

    Bennett reveals he authorized Israeli attacks on Iran twice while prime minister

    It is interesting these acts are not considered/framed as controversial in MSM, just imagine if the roles were reversed here, that Iran had struck this or that vital target in Israel, there would be BREAKING NEWS! headlines all over the MSM, condemnations and a narrative how dangerous Iran is, how it is an declaration of war against Israel and so on.
    The West seems to be as ignorant/eurocentric in their mind as they were back in 9/11 2001! It is like the west have not moved, learned 1 single thing!

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    Basketball Ireland’s Instagram page permanently disabled.

    That gave me a laugh. Meta’s EU headquarters are in Ireland. Time for all to delete Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp from their devices. I sincerely hope people in Ireland and elsewhere will.

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    Germany, Berlin Film Festival “Berlinale” – what is admissible as news reporting:

    “Middle East conflict at the Berlinale: Emotions run high when it comes to a film about the West Bank
    At Kino International there are forbidden chants during the shocking film “No Other Land” about the expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank.”

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    Brazil keep telling the truth, the goal however must be to move from vocal condemnations to organizing and actually puting pressure/sanctions on Israel:

    “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” Lula said, adding, “It’s not a war of soldiers against soldiers. It’s a war between a highly prepared army and women and children.”

    “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people hasn’t happened at any other moment in history. Actually, it has happened: when Hitler decided to kill the Jews,” he said.


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    Just imagine the western uproar if a russian minister said this about ukrainian children, women:

    Ben-Gvir calls on Israel army to shoot Gaza’s children, women

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    This is what bother the etablishment today??

    Police seek culprit behind Palestine sticker on Amy Winehouse statue
    The tricolor was used to cover up a Star of David necklace on a life-size statue of the singer in London’s Camden Market


    30000+ murdered and the society whine about a friggin sticker?!

    And this??

    ‘Israel’ scribbled out in baby’s birth certificate in UK
    A probe has been launched into the incident, Home Secretary James Cleverly said


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    The western stance on israeli occupation is just a sham by now. They do not even pretend there is an international law.

    US urges UN court not to rule against Israeli occupation
    The US government has told the UN’s top court that Israel should not be required to end its occupation of Palestinian territory, insisting that a withdrawal could threaten the country’s “security needs.”

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    Pigeon English

    The Irish had such a good arguments and explanations on ICJ.
    BTW have you seen that Guardian columnist
    Howard Jacobson accusing BBC of showing to much of Gaza

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    A report on the Irish presentation to the ICJ can be foundhere.

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