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170,000 Labour members voted against Jeremy Corbyn in the last leadership election. Any of them can expect to be made briefly famous by Laura Kuenssberg as she deliriously seeks to promote her “Labour members turn against Corbyn” message.


She broadcasts that Andy Slaughter’s resignation from an obscure shadow junior ministerial post is “different”, because he uses the word “comrade”, and is a sign that even Corbyn’s supporters are turning against him.

Let’s consider that a moment. Slaughter’s voting record shows that he is a strong supporter of nuclear missiles and Trident replacement, and voted consistently against an inquiry into the Iraq war. So Kuenssberg’s characterisation of Slaughter is false.

And did Slaughter support Corbyn for leader last time? No. Andy Slaughter actually nominated Yvette Cooper for leader.

But worry not. Kuenssberg has another, killing example that Corbyn has lost it. The former leader of Dudley Council, councillor Dave Sparks, is going to vote against him! Kuenssberg evidently expects this bombshell to move financial markets. And did Bob Sparks vote for Corbyn the first time? Er, no. But, Kuenssberg announces, some other Labour councillors will vote against Corbyn too! Amazing!

Kuenssberg concludes:

But other local council figures are expected to echo Mr Sparks and call for him to go. The wave of enthusiasm he built outside Parliament may be starting to recede.

If so, his confidence that he would win the likely leadership contest may prove to be misplaced.

Are you one of the 170,000 who voted against Corbyn (as opposed to the 225,000 who voted for him)? You don’t have to moulder in the obscurity of a dull office. You don’t have to feel that nobody pays attention to you. You can impress your friends! You can be famous! You might even get laid! Anybody who voted against Corbyn can get their name on the BBC!

Just contact the vile propagandist shill Laura Kuenssberg. Who gets £220,000 a year salary from the license fee payer for producing this cheap stuff for the “neutral” BBC.

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89 thoughts on “Kuenssberg Goes Into Overdrive

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  • Max

    Have you seen the Beeb’s “who’s staying and who’s going” article, Craig?

    I couldn’t help but notice that for every MP stepping down, their pen pic gives a snippet of their resignation letter, allowing them to be illustrated in their own words how principled their decision is. And for the MPs replacing them or staying on? Takes every chance to highlight a contentious thing they’ve done; often these are linked to the news story in question.

    Emily Thornberry disparaged St George’s flags in Rochester… Pat Glass called somebody a racist… Clive Lewis opposes Trident… Kate Osamor ran an advert for an unpaid intern… Cat Smith had an argument with Chris Leslie…

    So those MPs that have stepped down; do we get to know how they voted about Iraq? Whether they abstained on the Welfare Bill? That would provide a bit of balance. Otherwise we are being given an implication that the people stepping down are concerned angels, while the people replacing them are radical liabilities.

    As it happens, I choose not to believe the BBC purposefully have an anti-Corbyn bias. As you noted the other day, journalism happens to a narrative (the news agenda) and once that narrative has been identified – in this case established last September, as “Corbyn came into the leadership of his party as an outsider without the support of the majority of MPs”, which is true – the selection of facts that make print and broadcast serve only to further tell that story. Another person in Labour (be they councillor, activist, aide to Liz Kendall) not wanting him to be leader is news. Appointing shadow cabinet members who have also previously gone against the grain is news. Modern journalism is based on this idea that viewers and readers only understand things when they’re part of a narrative. Personally I think that approach is patronising and lazy as hell, but that’s where we are.

    So this is just how Laura and other, equally unsubtle journalists are adjusted. They will say they’re just telling a story – and that’s all they’re doing. However they didn’t see Corbyn’s election coming, nor the public voting for Brexit, nor the 2011 riots and the 2008 financial crash. All of those things were not random events, but the news is rarely about analysing reality to predict alternative futures. Until something actually happens, or if it’s not part of the narrative, most mainstream journalists have been trained to ignore it. And that’s if they’re even aware of it in the first place. Part of Laura will be genuinely surprised if a second leadership election happens and, as many suspect, Corbyn is returned as leader with a solid majority of the Labour members. This is just how journalists tick.

    I voted Corbyn last year and expect to do so again; haven’t seen an alternative yet that I would prefer as leader.

  • Mike Parr

    calling Laura Kuenssberg a ” vile propagandist shill” – is somewhat unfair on vile propagandist shills – Laura is a tory-vermin one of the destroyatives (well they certainly do not “conserve”) & should be regarded as such. Mentally, there is something very very wrong with not-so-sweet Laura – & given her views, I’d suggest she is in need of psychiatric treatment – somewhere secure.

  • peter wyatt

    If thats the number that voted against Corbyn and he won the leadership campaign out right victory against how many other candidates and took over the vote requiered to win, Corbyn took over half the Labour Memebrships votes to win. over 51% off labour membership had to vote for him..
    This Laura Kuenssberg needs to be sack from the BBC, but we know she will not as she is a Tory Party member. How much was it she gave to the Tory Party funds. The Tory’s are running scared off a Labour Corbyn Government. Lets get Labour to have a selection of candidate to stand as MP and replace the Thatcherites in Labour foolowed by a General Election.

  • robert rodger

    Every utterance from Kuenssberg. is an audition to curry favour with fox news her future employer.

  • Mulga Mumblebrain

    I do hope that your ‘..you might even get laid’, is not some nasty innuendo concerning Kuenssberg’s ‘journalistic’ practise.

    • michael murray

      No. It’s an old printing term from the “hot metal” technology days….

  • Pete

    The establishment and it’s media morons are so afraid of socialism. Hang on !! Well I never, it’s the same across the pond with our ” special relationship ” allies. I wonder why that is ?.

  • Alistair Bain

    Why pay a licence fee for this type of blatant bias. Almost never ending cue of hate Jermey MP’s who say they think he ia decent man while running the knife into his heart. Shame on them and shame on what used to be a respected BBC. THEY ARE NOT DECENT PEOPLE.

  • Tony M

    I’m afraid not, don’t get your hopes up, given a real alternative to the Tories, England will vote Tory the more strongly. It is written.

    Indy from this shower, soonest.

    • bevin

      It was, thus written by the ideologists of Blairism. But that doesn’t make it so.
      If England is given a clear and practicable alternative it will take it. Unless you believe that the vote for Brexit was motivated by racism and fueled by stupidity you have to take into account the fact that it was the people of England and Wales who decisively rejected the Establishment’s preferred option. Anyone who thinks it did so because the plain people of the land were seduced or even impressed by Gove, Johnson and Farage is seriously mistaken. The vote was in spite of the leadership of the campaign.
      My guess is that anyone living in, that mystical capital of English democracy, Oldham will confirm that.

  • bevin

    Laura is American, in the worst sense, she identifies with the new Rome and its Caligulas and Neros, she feels important, to the point of being invulnerable, because the Empire has entrusted her with this job.
    When she looks down, which is not often, really carefully, she notices that the earth is covered with ant like creatures. They look well nourished enough. They have their ant-like sex to comfort and excite them. What more do they want? Power?
    She looks at the Blairite MPs and her knees weaken. She feels overwhelmed by their attractiveness. They look, sound and reason like her and earn only a little less than she does. Laura loves them all. Naturally she detests their opponents.

  • Michael Marshall

    I’m blissfully unfamiliar with Ms Kuennssberg’s mad natterings as I’ve been nowhere near BBC news for many years. I would like to offer my immense gratitude to people such as Craig, who brave such wretched waters, so that the likes of me don’t have to.

  • Alan Millar

    I hate her reporting. She was dreadful for bias in the Scottish referendum too. Nippy wee sweetie.

  • Jim Wright

    I refuse to say what I really feel for it would be very rude.This woman-I love all women and have 2 daughters and my wife was a woman-demonstrates her partisanship and family links to Tory bakers. She is grossly overpaid and is a real miserable guts.

    • M0sstr00per

      I remember when they showed photographs of a pro-govt march in India & reported them as showing “an anti-Gaddafi demonstration” in Libya, just prior to the bombing.

  • Tracey Strathdee

    I was always a loyal BBC viewer but I no longer watch their news because I am sick of all this rubbish. I want to see what is happening including thousands and thousands protesting about cuts to disability benefits but nothing on the news. As a service they let us down.

  • M0sstr00per

    The BBC is part of the British establishment. That feudal, anti-democratic, public school “old boy” network, who formulate policies with a nod & a wink & an old scool tie, over brandy, on leather couches in some oak-paneled club in St James. Or on a chum’s grouse moor in Scotland

    The bbc job is to filter their decisions down to us, in a palatable pablum. It’s as much censor as informer. It will always report the news handed-down from the mansion steps, or from Tory HQ.

  • teresa grover

    This woman has NO credibility, she is overpaid & needs to sacked for corruption, lies & incitement to maintain deception.
    The BBC must take action & remove this woman who is being paid from our fees! She had over stepped the mark & has mo decency. Journalism is a word she doesn’t understand. I will be seeking to petition this deceitful woman out of the BBC. She’s a disgrace!

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