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170,000 Labour members voted against Jeremy Corbyn in the last leadership election. Any of them can expect to be made briefly famous by Laura Kuenssberg as she deliriously seeks to promote her “Labour members turn against Corbyn” message.


She broadcasts that Andy Slaughter’s resignation from an obscure shadow junior ministerial post is “different”, because he uses the word “comrade”, and is a sign that even Corbyn’s supporters are turning against him.

Let’s consider that a moment. Slaughter’s voting record shows that he is a strong supporter of nuclear missiles and Trident replacement, and voted consistently against an inquiry into the Iraq war. So Kuenssberg’s characterisation of Slaughter is false.

And did Slaughter support Corbyn for leader last time? No. Andy Slaughter actually nominated Yvette Cooper for leader.

But worry not. Kuenssberg has another, killing example that Corbyn has lost it. The former leader of Dudley Council, councillor Dave Sparks, is going to vote against him! Kuenssberg evidently expects this bombshell to move financial markets. And did Bob Sparks vote for Corbyn the first time? Er, no. But, Kuenssberg announces, some other Labour councillors will vote against Corbyn too! Amazing!

Kuenssberg concludes:

But other local council figures are expected to echo Mr Sparks and call for him to go. The wave of enthusiasm he built outside Parliament may be starting to recede.

If so, his confidence that he would win the likely leadership contest may prove to be misplaced.

Are you one of the 170,000 who voted against Corbyn (as opposed to the 225,000 who voted for him)? You don’t have to moulder in the obscurity of a dull office. You don’t have to feel that nobody pays attention to you. You can impress your friends! You can be famous! You might even get laid! Anybody who voted against Corbyn can get their name on the BBC!

Just contact the vile propagandist shill Laura Kuenssberg. Who gets £220,000 a year salary from the license fee payer for producing this cheap stuff for the “neutral” BBC.

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89 thoughts on “Kuenssberg Goes Into Overdrive

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  • Andrea

    How many resigned? 34? Good! Space for new people with social conscience, common sense, Non-Lobbyists and Visionaries!

  • Chris Rogers

    Of course LK is in no way biased and her reportage on all major political events is both impartial and highly informed, or so we plebs are instructed.

    However, most posters here are aware that LK is nothing but an Establishment whore, attack dog and propagandist, so nothing unusual there, accept TPTB deny this fact, which is strange given the overwhelming amount of bias she foams daily.

    But, its the outright lies I find most appalling, here’s a woman in a senior editorial position espousing lie after lie, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, such as her claim that only 1,000 persons turned up outside Parliament yesterday in support of Corbyn, this despite the fact that televised footage indicated a crowd far higher than 5,000, indeed it was more like 10,000 – but why let facts, even televised facts, get in the way of the establishment message, the message being Corbyn and his legion of followers constitute a clear threat to the ruling elite who inhabit the corridors of Whitehall, Parliament and the City of London.

    • Archie

      I believe the police estimate was 10,000. On C4 news Michael Crick, interviewed by Jon Snow referred to “hundreds”. Snow, give him his due, said “let’s have look” and turned the camera on them and said “looks like several thousand”

        • Manda

          I came to the conclusion some time ago that the BBC is a Capitalist, elite, establishment propaganda outlet that probably even falls into the category of “conspiracy theory” output at times. In the end I voted with my feet and no longer watch and rarely listen.

          I’m afraid the vast majority of modern main stream journalism is not worthy of that title and it deserves nothing but extreme wariness and suspicion.

          • Manda

            Apologies Tom, I did not mean to reply to you, my comment should have been a stand alone one.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain

            Manda, the ABC in Australia was converted to a Rightwing propaganda organ, worthy of comparison to the BBC sewer, under John Howard, after 1996. It was simple. Stack the Board with Rightwing droogs, appoint a Chairman who is, and remains, a fanatic anthropogenic climate denialist, and just await the inmates adjusting to the new dispensation. And, being opportunists and narcissists, they did so. Now the guests who appear are invariably hard Right from local and Anglosphere propaganda tanks, and ex, current and future inmates of the Murdoch apparatus. I really cannot think of when a ‘Leftwing’, in any meaningful sense, voice was last heard. And the Groupthink, exactly the same as that on the BBC at the Guardian or anywhere in the Western MSM ‘Free Press’, is total. Big Brother was just a beginner compared to the Western MSM.

    • Bob S

      Kuenssberg is thoroughly detestable – she should be sacked for her partiality – the fact that she is still there at all is an indictment of the BBC’s overall political stance. Is there some evidence of her having reported this latest lie somewhere? If so it might be worth trying to get the hashtag #KuenssbergCantCount trending?

      • Tom Welsh

        Unfortunately, Bob S, people get sacked by the BBC if they are impartial. It is essential to support the establishment line and all sing from the same hymn sheet. That way the “broad masses” are gradually, imperceptibly conditioned into believing all the things they are supposed to believe.

  • fwl

    I do not dispute your broad point, but you might wish to bear in mind that Andrew Slaughter has long been a vocal supporter of Palestine.

  • Grady Johnson

    Keunssberg is the proof that the BBC is under political control. But control by whom ? N°10 Downing Street ? It’s not as simple as that.

  • Baz

    Someone struggling to be a serial thriller. Best place for it at the bbc where all the other tory truth writers reside.

  • Shazam

    This is the bbc morphing into foxnewz inc….just how many managers from the murdoch stable are at the helm of the bbc i wonder?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      That’s what they did to the ABC, in Australia, too. Murdoch hard Right bovver boys and girls, on the Board and in the broadcasting. Even radio shows for clapped out Howard ex-Ministers. Like listening to a FoxNews radio station.

  • Craig Robinson

    errr, I would recommend not getting in touch with LK, Craig that is a terrible idea and beneath you. It will most certainly not end up with LK accepting she is in the wrong and is more likely to backfire allowing her to claim that corbyn fans are misogynists – irrelevant of whether it is true.

    Remember, we live in a post-factual society now. blame the BBC not LK.

    • craig Post author


      My “recommendation” was that anti-Corbyn people get in touch with Kuenssberg so she can give them publicity. Plainly it is not a serious suggestion, and any anti-Corbyn people who did follow it up would have no motive to be impolite to LK. Quite the opposite.

  • Krief

    This is the new democracy. If the people vote ‘wrong’, the leaders are very kind and understanding, and let you vote again!

    • Krief

      Though in this case, it seems they might prefer to dispense with the extra vote. And the people, if they could.

        • D-Majestic

          Yes, K Crosby-a fact that is increasingly and scarily obvious. It is not difficult to reference artistic and musical figures from that time who saw exactly what was happening, while the majority just let the evilites get on with it.

          • K Crosby

            Despite all the elections from 1930-1932 the German public refused to endorse the coup that had murdered the Weimar republic, which is why Hitler and his gang were jobbed into office. Even they failed to abolish the people in the March 1933 election, despite making it half-bent, they only got the German public to vote properly in the November election. Pity Farridge* isn’t a history man or he could have stuck it to them yesterday.

            * I don’t begrudge him his day of triumph but it’s time he buggered off.

  • Lizzie

    The BBC website says “a few hundred” attended the demonstration. The police said around 10,000 people attended. I wonder who we should believe? LK is a biased and bigoted media hack who routinely promotes lies and misinformation. She can’t, in all honesty, call herself a journalist or even a reporter.

    • K Crosby

      About ten minutes ago a voice-over said about 10,000; perhaps they know that it is untenable now?

      • Bev Hussien

        How many will have heard the voiceover in comparison with those who swallowed the story the first time it was reported.?

  • George

    We love Jeremy,an Honest Man the Noblest of them All .Also dislike Liars LK, DC, GO,TB,so let the people decide,we will support an Honest Man Jeremy our real Prime Minister in Waiting. Wake up England, take your country back.

    • K Crosby

      If you get rid of the telly, you’ll have the pleasure of a tax refund; it’s most refreshing. ;O))

  • Angus J Stewart

    Her enthusiasm in presenting the Labour Party’s troubles was so obvious during yesterday’s TV appearances. The BBC appears to be just yet another “great British Institution” in terminal decline. Unfortunately the Labour Party seems determined to go down that route also. For years Labour’s Scottish MP’s ruled strong over the wishes of the members and are no more (apart from one). Is this what we are now witnessing on a larger scale, I wonder?

  • Tom

    Controlling the media is vital for any political coup. And that’s what this is – a carefully plotted bid to overthrow the country’s leadership, using the democratic veneer of a rigged referendum. The media are deliberately lying to the public and missing the point, focusing on red herrings, rather than the central issues, and attempting to turn the British people against each other rather than the traitors who brought about this disaster. This looks like an attempt to force ‘British spring’ – an apparently democratic uprising which is in fact orchestrated by outsiders with stooges in place to keep up the deception. I fear we no longer have the democratic avenues for this to end well.

  • Richard S

    Craig, I am angry about Kuenssberg, have lodged complaints with the BBC, signed petitions, and vented my spleen about the craven withdrawal of 38 Degrees when things got a bit hot. But please don’t make yourself vulnerable to the misogyny slur. What does “You might even get laid!” mean? It’s not clear, but it will be read by many as a veiled sexual insult to LK. And “shrill”? Really? Another term used by men who don’t like what they hear from a woman with a voice. LK deserves to be knocked off her perch. But let’s keep chipping away at it in cool and ungendered terms.

    • craig Post author

      Richard S,

      The right wing would use identity politics to silence the left. I am not going to be intimidated by it. “You might even get laid” very plainly does not mean by Ms Kuenssberg. It means that non-entities can get to be momentary celebrities by denouncing Corbyn. It is in a riff inspired by the Charles Atlas sand kicked in face adverts.

      And “shrill” is not an epithet applied only to women. Similarly I seem to have terrified Medialens in case “vile” is misogynist. I use it in the sense of definition 1a of Merriam Webster “morally despicable or abhorrent”.

      • Richard S


        The getting laid riff won’t be familiar to all. And it’s better not to give a hint of sexualisation under the circumstances (as your exchange with Henry Page suggests, and the 38 Degrees fiasco demonstrated in spades).

        “Vile” doesn’t trouble me one bit. But “shrill”, sorry, I think you are simply wrong to imply that it’s ungendered. You don’t quite say that, as you carefully state it is not applied only to women, a statement which is uncontestable. But it most certainly is applied mainly to women. And when used of men it has an emasculating connotation. It does, after all, literally mean high-pitched and screeching.

        • John Spencer-Davis

          Craig does not say “shrill”. He says “shill”, meaning hired liar, which I assume Richard S would have no quarrel with.

          • Richard S

            Quite right! My mistake – too much haste. She’s fair game for “shill”.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          Richard, no matter what you say or how you say it, these Rightwing shrill shills will twist it and contort it into some horror, to vilify, intimidate and silence the opposition to their blatant lying and propaganda service to power. The tactic is seen in its most perfect form in the ‘antisemitism’ racket, and is used by more or less the same people, too.

      • K Crosby

        What are ML up to these days? Since they dumped the message board (a few weeks after dumping me) I’ve hardly heard from them.

    • Henry Page

      I agree with you. Some of the language here is grotesquely ad hominem: “Establishment whore, attack dog”? I hope these comments are not being made by Labour Party members. we should all be able to discuss our idea of Labour values and direction without resorting to adult comic language.

      • craig Post author

        Henry, I cannot find the quotes you cite in the comments, though it is possible a moderator has deleted them. I have myself deleted one using “bitch”.
        Almost certainly such comments are not made by Labour Party members. They seldom use a real identity, and more often than not appear to be trolls posting indefensible comments to attempt to discredit the site. I do not automatically presume you are not one of these also

        • Miss Costello

          Bitch: Free Dictionary; ‘A woman considered to be mean, overbearing, or contemptible’.
          Bitch: Oxford English; ‘spiteful or unpleasant woman’.

          Which ‘bits’ don’t fit ‘full of love & light’ LK?

      • Chris Rogers


        For the record, as of 7.00AM this morning I am a body member of the Labour Party, courtesy of the fact I have paid a full one year membership fee online. I will be a member of the Torfaen CLP, where my MP decided to back the Palace Coup against Corbyn. Unlike some arm chair posters, I’ve already been in contact with colleagues in my CLP, although some 6,000 miles away, to see if we can recall our sitting MP and begin desolation proceedings against him for not upholding the wishes of his local CLP, or for that matter his actual constituents, who voted in a majority to exit the EU.

        And, if your are referring to the alleged ‘misogynist’ tone of my post, which certainly is not misogynist, rather the language is correct and factual, please pull the other one.

        Also, what are these Labour Values you refer too, backstabbing the elected leader, disavowing a democratic vote by the UK public, contempt and bile for the working class.

        Please Sir, you insult me and all I stand for and fight for, which is international socialism for a more equal and fairer world for each and every person on this planet, hence I too, like my fellows peers in Torfaen, elected to leave the EU. And before I get the ‘racist’ can’t from you, my wife is Asian and my daughter of mixed-race, so hardly a bloody racist or anti-immigrant influenced voter.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    That ‘comrade’ designation came up on R4’s Toady (sic) this morning. It’s obviously the official line, and LK may well be obeying orders. You don’t get £220,000 a year without being an unprincipled toerag, certainly, but I very muich doubt the woman could put a story together by herself.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    What ever happens now, we know one thing… some members of the PLP don’t like democracy.
    If Jeremy Corbyn quits then it means that anyone the PLP disagree with can be bullied into quitting, meaning the members have no say.
    If Jeremy Corbyn is ousted in a vote of no confidence then it means that anyone the PLP disagree with can be got rid of, meaning the members have no say.
    If Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected, what then? A PLP that refuses to work with him, meaning the members have no say.
    What ever happens, Hillary Benn and the Bitterites have damaged the Labour party hugely. Instead of attacking the tories while they are split and riven with divisions they decided to pull this pathetic coup, which now means the referendum is all Labours fault, not the fault of tory infighting.
    Finally what do the plotters expect to happen next? If Jeremy Corbyn is out, do they really expect the working, and poor middle, class to vote for a neo-liberal, tory-lite, fanatically pro-immigration, fanatically pro-EU, “just the same as the rest” leader? At least Jeremy Corbyn was pro-EU but with reservations, he didn’t burn any bridges with outers as the progress “moderates” would have done. Even if you are an outer, Jeremy Corbyns genuine stance and critical view of the EU but seeing it as the best option against a tory government is far less likely to have positioned the Labour party in the same way that the Brownites/Blairtes positioned the Labour party against the Scottish in unity with the tories… how the coup plotters can think that one of them would have, or will now, make Labour more electable is beyond stupid. People don’t want “the same as all the rest, same old same old, elites”, they want someone genuine, someone one prepared to change their minds when proven wrong, and someone who stands up for them against the usual suspects of tories, and tory lites, neo-liberal, thatcherite consensus.

    • Henry Page

      Whilst I agree with most of what you have said, what occurs to me is that the damage is now done and if that damage is permanent then how will Labour ever mount a successful general election campaign with a Shadow Cabinet with very, very little ministerial experience? The only winner that flows from: 1) the government’s failure to secure a Remain vote in the referendum and our eventual withdrawal from the EU 2) the hard-right rump of the Tories that wanted Leave and will now punish the people of the UK with greater unemployment, a lower pound, increased food costs and job losses on the basis of their nationalism and 3) A Labour election Shadow Cabinet with almost no Cabinet experience … will be the LibDems, mark my word.

      • Chris Rogers

        Henry Dear Sir,

        You are already at it again, one minute you say you agree with the poster, and then add caveats.

        Perhaps if you had been arsed to check out the CV’s of the new Labour Front Bench, you’d be surprised to learn, that unlike many of their career Labour political peers in Parliament, they actually have real world experience, namely more experience than bloody Cameron and Osborne, more experience than Miliband, and more experience than most of Corbyn’s detractors, further none have attended and been corrupted by Oxbridge, which is another bonus.

        Just saying, but like LK of the BBC, it does help to check the facts before typing on your keyboard.

  • pat

    The anyone but Corbyn side have been sharing this.
    Looks like a normal at first glance, a vote of confidence by labour people against Corbyn to contact their MP.
    Look closer though. Anyone can sign this, Labour or not.
    I wonder how many paid people sat in a little office have been signing this? Only need a different address each time.
    This is our democracy.

  • G H Graham

    This is much better stuff from you Craig; shorter, more focused & deservedly cruel. We live in a period of British history where the power & influence of our politically motivated media continues unchecked but for the sharp & wary whose only current recourse is access to the internet.

    The key governing institutions in London are now blatantly as corrupted as those who they wish to keep in check; the BBC Trust, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Metropolitian Police etc.

    And this makes it comfortable & easy to express an open & obvious agenda in London to undermine any political alternative to the mean, right wing, neo-conservative momentum that Tony Blair skillfully guided the UK towards, which has since been slavishly adopted by too many cronies in Westminster to mention.

    Please keep it up.

    PS. If you don’t post a PayPal button soon, I’m reporting you to the top two journalists at the Herald in Glasgow, Baroness Mone & JK Growling.

  • Roger Grenville

    Laura Kuenssberg gets £220,000 a year salary from the license fee payers ?
    The Prime Minister gets £142,000 and Scotland’s First Minister claims £135,605 Figures are for March 2015)
    The BBC are taking the **** 1

  • Pete Roberts

    Laura Kuenssberg is a Tory activist, as was her predecessor Nick Robinson. So much for the BBC’s “impartiality”. The upper echelons of the BBC are stuffed with Tories. I’m glad I don’t have a TV Licence and thus not contributing towards their ill-gotten salaries.

  • mog

    I want to encourage Laura Kuenssberg and her collaborators.

    The harder they try, the more spectacular their defeat.

    They are our best assets.

  • James Semple

    Amen, brother. The bias of the BBC is distressing, but seems to be typical of the Commentariat, mired in the Metropolis as they are. Gaby Hinsliff admitted in the Guardian recently that they (the political journalists) know what a political leader looks like, and Jeremy looks wrong – so the votes of his supporters somehow do not count.

    Damn their condecension. I voted Remain, but I can see why many voted the other way.

  • nevermind

    Laura kuensberg is the best Conservative party spokesperson our public broadcaster ever employed.
    Those who still believe that the BBC has no handle of her and is standing outside her comments and antics, be aware that the BBC and bad journalists like here are party political extremities, they are tied to the party of the day and hence will do pirouettes when you pay them enough.

  • John Merrall

    I want Laura Kuenssberg to inform me of the facts and to use her knowledge to explain what is happening in the political world.
    I don’t want bias one way or another. I can get that from certain well known newspapers. The BBC should not give all this time to problems within the Labour Party. The Conservatives are in turmoil. We have a PM who resigned after calling a referendum that was not needed. You also give too much airtime to UKIP.
    Please BBC stick to reporting the news and providing the facts.

  • Glastonbury Reflections

    Sumnerredstone and the taqqiya tribesmen band have not gone down well here despite being one step ahead with their cunning regionally accented music ie laura kuensberg,gavin esler or enjoining the LGTB crowd into sharing their wellies. But it begs the question, just where can such deviousness be coming from? It can only be from the green satan (not habba!) allowed to roam freely among the Somerset cattle by the well-meaning CMs of this world !!

    • Ba'al Zevul

      [ Mod: Caught in spam-filter, timestamp updated ]

      That must mean something. Someone tell me what, please. English Knight, offski.

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