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    Is there any way to filter the comments by date?
    Right now there are 130 comments on the Kier Starmer entry – lots of good points – but the new ones are dotted throughout the different pages. I can’t see a filter, but I might be looking in the wrong place.

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    I can’t think of a way of rearranging the order of comments you see on the screen. WordPress ‘comment threading’ can be turned off by the site admin, but then all users would see it that way, preventing commenters from replying to specific comments.

    However, you can use a feed reader application, which collects comments from the many ‘site feeds’ and displays them in the chronological order that they were posted. E-mail client applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird also often provide this functionality. WordPress creates a comment feed for each article Craig posts, made available by appending “/feed” to the URL of its page, eg. for the Kier Starmer article you would give the feed reader application the following URL:

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    The site also provides feeds for Craig’s posts:

    …and for all comments posted to the site, regardless which page they’re posted to:

    These examples include a final forward slash. I tried out these feeds on QuiteRSS, the feed reader installed on my system, which doesn’t seem to care whether it’s included or not, but I think the common convention is to include it, which I didn’t in my preceding comment.

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    PS: strictly, you should have posted this query to the “Blog Support Forum” which is for technical issues such as this, but no matter.

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    Thank you enormously.

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    Glad to be of help 🙂

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