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    Billy Bostickson

    This comment was deleted twice, was it because of the number of links? I’ve reduced them to two now by deleting 4 further links to Facebook, Linkedin and Russian social networks deleted to avoid automatic post deletion by admin. Can someone explain why it was deleted?

    It seems that Julia Skripal’s boyfriend is Denis Dementyev, who works at Nike in Moscow but is alleged (by Victoria Skripal) to be also working for Russian Intelligence

    It also looks like I am the first person to publish this new information ?

    Photographs of him taken with Julia Skripal can be seen here:

    one revealing Facebook comment by Denis Dementyev I found: ” but judging by the articles guardian and bbc several Yulia’s “friends” did not hesitate to haypanut the situation. How then it will be unclear to look into the eyes – like I gave interviews to the Guardians while my girlfriend was fighting for life in intensive care, so I’m done!”

    If anyone can research his parents, it will save me some time, as It’s a long list of “Dementyev” high up in the “structure” and I’m assuming initially that if his mother is “high up in the structure” then his father probably is too.

    My aim is to corroborate or disprove Viktoria Skripal’s allegations 10 days ago on mashtv in Russia that his mother was the person who planted a bottle of poisoned perfume or some other item in her suitcase (this was also claimed by intelligence officers to the Telegraph although they suggested the poison was intended for Mr. Skripal instead of his daughter) and reported in many newspapers a week ago,

    Hope it’s not this Dementyev:
    Deputy chief of Russia’s strategic air force killed in gangland shooting

    Nov 1, 2004 – The General, Konstantin Dementyev, was killed by unknown assailants on the main road between Minsk and Moscow as he returned from holiday in Belarus. Both Dementyev and his driver were killed on the spot, while a second passenger was rushed to a Smolensk hospital. According to unspecified …

    Could be: Sergey Gennadevich Dementyev appointed the Director general of JSC Aviastar
    Former Deputy Industry and Energy Minister Andrei Dementyev
    Lt. Gen. Valery Dementyev

    Certainly couldn’t be this one (from a bizarre role play website called ?

    talk about bizarre coincidences when doing research:

    “A document collected during yesterday’s raid on FSB Safehouse entails a transfer of a single canister of weaponized organophosphorus type VENOM AGENT X (VX).

    The weapon is delivered by Russian General Dementyev, of the YAVPATORIA base in the military district center. Due to the strategic nature of the weapon, such employment is signed by President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.
    A encrypted conversation between GRU forces and the joint-command of DNR / LNR paramilitaries indicate they intent to use this weapon in a false-flag operation on civillian populatin in the area of BARIGA, UKRAINE.”

    posted by “J. Wilson” Joined: Jul 20, 2016

    Any help appreciated in finding out who his parents are!

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