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    michael norton

    Now more than three millions victims.

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    michael norton

    The U.K. has now overtaken Germany, both in deaths and numbers.
    Today the U.K. is adding death from covid-19 in care homes and other settings in with our hospital death figures.
    However Germany, perhaps a touch over confident, is possibly coming into a second wave of infections.

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    Germany imposed lockdown when they had about 58,000 infections, whereas the UK locked down at about 260,000. Those figures are from ICL’s model, and they’re estimates for all actual infections rather than just those tested or otherwise diagnosed. But ICL’s model seems to be very good at predicting death rates in multiple countries.

    ICL CoVID-19 Model UK

    Sweden, and to a lesser extent Belgium are the ones to watch. They haven’t yet got the reproduction number Rt below 1, so their epidemics are still increasing.

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    It now seems that the procrastinations if providing OPI, respirators and test kits where probably partially related to allowing time for the cronies to catch up with the process of providing these on preference of well tried and tested companies. Sleazy incompetence or is it incompetent sleaze?

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    The same procrastination that was the hallmark of dealing with the first phase of the Sars Cov2 pandemic is happening again. Having had to enact a rather shoddy form of lockdown, having used the pandemic as a tool to transfer money to its cronies rather than look after its population, the hapless Johnson regime continues from one blunder to another.
    Let me try this again. The basic way of dealing with a pandemic is to limit travel of possible infected people by introducing measures at major entry points, such as vigilant questioning visitors about symptoms, monitoring temperatures of those proposing to travel and stopping anyone with suspicion of infection, and QUARANTINE not voluntary self isolation. Meanwhile test and trace should not be wound down and sub relegated to Talk Talk rather than Do Do. But maybe Johnson thought that substituting Dido for Do Do will do the job.

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    Interesting how little has happened in terms of firm proactive policy with regards to dealing with the pandemic since my last post. We are also now still talking about a no deal Brexit like a stuck record.

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