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    SA, you may find some helpful links in the following article:

    – Count the cost of disability caused by COVID-19

    – Focusing only on cases and deaths hides the pandemic’s lasting health burden on people, societies and economies.

    The COVID-19 pandemic is well into its second year, but countries are only beginning to grapple with the lasting health crisis. In March, a UK consortium reported that 1 in 5 people who were hospitalized with the disease had a new disability after discharge. A large US study found similar effects for both hospitalized and non-hospitalized people. Among adults who were not hospitalized, 1 in 10 have ongoing symptoms 12 weeks after a positive test. Treatment services for the long-term consequences of COVID-19 are already having to be absorbed into health and care systems urgently. Tackling this requires a much clearer picture of the burden of the disease than currently exists.

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    Thanks for the link, exactly what I am saying and very informative.

    But another issue that is so important that has not produced the big headlines and action from G7 and rich countries is the question of why all the world’s pharmaceutical factories are not given the means to produce vaccines against SARS cov2 and waive all patent rights and dues to enrich already enriched big pharma, who in any case developed these vaccines at record time, only by receiving help and commitments from their own governments? This is the greatest scandal that shows what globalization really means, money and control for the rich at the expense of the poor.

    By the way I now here many experts say that it is impossible to now get rid of this virus and that we will have to live with it. It is too late, serious lockdown/quarantine with appropriate strict control and support runs against the principles of greed capitalism where short term profit is the aim.

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    “many experts say that it is impossible to now get rid of this virus and that we will have to live with it”

    They should be more careful in their use of the word “impossible”, remembering that parts of the world are free of SARS-CoV-2, and that China and Australia are living with it far more successfully than those countries which gave up without seriously trying.

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    And yes, let’s nationalise Big Pharma, or at least a sizeable chunk of it, say, 10% of every major pharmaceutical corporation. Neoliberalism claims to be all about the virtues of competition, yet it outlaws one particular type of competition – that between private and public sectors.

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    That train has left the station long time ago Clark. Unless the success of China and NZ and Australia was repeated simultaneously everywhere, it would be impossible to get rid of this virus especially with its ability to mutate and with about 5% or more of the world infected and no indication that it is waning or being controlled.

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    “That train has left the station long time ago”

    This analogy seems inappropriate; the situation is, and will continue to be ongoing. Do you think that Australia, China, New Zealand etc. will abandon their suppression policies that have so successfully protected their populations and economies, and adopt instead the majority model of unaccountable community transmission held barely in check by three month lockdowns?

    Vaccines modify this situation rather than transform it. Vaccines will help countries like China and Australia achieve actual green zone status; are they likely then to open their borders to infected countries such as Plague Island UK? More likely they will open only to other green zones, and a two-tier world will develop.

    The vaccines-plus-sporadic-three-month-lockdowns approach may never achieve effective suppression due to continual virus mutation. Green zone countries have the luxury of watching this from their safety, and deciding whether they wish to participate. Or not.

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    China and Australia cannot forever maintain their green zone status in the world by indefinitely closing their borders, and even if they did, the rest of the covid infested world will never get rid of the virus. That I am afraid is the reality we are going to have to face.

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    Only New Zealand has green zone status by maintaining quarantined borders. China and Australia have suppression policies that maintain very low levels of unaccounted community transmission. But that is far more successful than the current majority model in terms of both public health and economy; they have zero incentive to adopt the incubate-lockdown-incubate-lockdown approach.

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    New Zealand is well set to massively increase the value of its tourist and visitor sectors. What would some people pay for, say, a three month visit to a country with no restrictions, even if the first two weeks had to be spent in quarantine? Green zone status could become highly lucrative; then watch other countries attempt to follow suit.

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    No restrictions and no danger. A holiday from infection anxiety. New Zealand’s tourist sector would do well to invest in delightful quarantine facilities to facilitate this.

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    I am afraid it is wishful thinking to think that there will ever be a radical change in policy in the neo liberal west to adopt socially responsible policy because of the supposed pursuit of personal freedom, in the land of state surveillance and increasingly oppressive laws with increased state power all on the wrong direction to that envisaged by socialism.

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