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8 thoughts on “Cheer Up Sir Fred!

  • John D. Monkey

    It’ll take more than a few broken widows and a vandalsed car to make me feel sorry for Fred Goodwin (I can’t call him “Sir”).

    He’s a greedy bully.

    Not even worth making fun of.

  • researcher

    Craig, either emails to you are being blocked,

    or you ignore them, like one pointing to spam on your blog

    and one showing that the JCHR hearing with you is not on its published schedule.

    Emails from and to people opposing NWO secret services

    have often been randomly blackholed since years

    in Australia, Europe, USA and Latin America.

    So just ignoring them while replying to distracting propagandists like Eddie

    can have downsides in the long run.

  • craig


    could be the rather dull explanation that I receive on average over 600 emails a day and don’t have a secreatary…

  • researcher

    600 emails each personally addressed to you only ? Or mass mailings and spam included ?

    You could ask for volunteers here for certain tasks.

    Also an auto-reply script acknowledging receipt could help.

    Against Spam there are proxies requiring the sender to confirm having sent an email the first time around before an email can reach your Inbox.

  • Anonymous


    about 600 that get through the spam filters. About two hundred I would want to try to get round to replying to, but depending what else is happening in my life a greater or lesser number slip by unanswered.

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