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      Could someone please add a nitter link at the top of the page? Next to the twitter icon at the top… using a nitter “public instance” as posted by Clark at 01:44 this morning:

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        The problem is that isn’t working at the moment, at least for the safari browser.

        However, if you go to and save it, then you can read it there. Latest:

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          I’m aware of that, however it would be easier to have a link at the top that uses the mechanism Clark describes.

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            Unfortunately, Neil, nitter’s developer has stated on github that “nitter is dead”.
            Nitter uses guest accounts on twitter/X to scrape the content and those guest accounts expire after 30 days. Some instances will continue to work for a while longer, but X has apparently shut down access to creating/renewing guest accounts. So those currently-working instances will soon cease to function.

            It’s not really surprising that Musk is shutting down such access to the platform given how nitter cuts out their ad revenue.

            You can read the thread on github.

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              Sorry, messed up the link. [ Mod: Now corrected. ]
              Developer/maintained is Zedeus.

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                Thanks for the link, ET. I agree, it’s not so surprising,

                Looks to me like Twitter/X is slowly going to die. I haven’t looked at it for years, except for the odd link that someone might post in a forum. Or via nitter, of course.

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                will moon

                  Don’t know how long this will last but this page listing working nitter instances is working for me now. I generally pick the top instance, so far it has never not worked

                  Nitter Instance Uptime and Health


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                    From a post a few months ago by Zedeus, who is the “lead” maintainer/dev of nitter explaining “guest accounts”…

                    “Just to be clear on what a “guest account” is, it’s this strange anonymous account old versions of the Android and iOS apps used to make when you opened them for the first time. It doesn’t use an email address, a password, or even a customizable username, and they cannot be viewed anywhere or logged into. For all intents and purposes it’s essentially a set of temporary credentials API that work for about a month.”

                    X/twitter has restricted these “guest accounts.” So, within approx thirty days all instances will cease working. It seems most, if not all, of these currently working instances are rate limited which is slowing loading. If it tells you this on trying to load wait a while and refresh the page or try another instance.

                    You can also use an archive site as H suggested above but you won’t be able to scroll through more tweets.

                    It’s such a shame even if kinda inevitable. I doubt I will set up an X account so I’ll not be checking Craig’s or other people’s twitter feeds when these instances all go down. I may have to re-evaluate that as I’d like to give support to Craig’s and other twitter feeds.

                    Is Craig going to initiate a telegram channel? Or some other twitter/X alternative?

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                      That’s interesting. I thought it might be to do with its increasing popularity! I use and link it all the time now. Here’s a page with looks like alternative users putting up nitter access points. Just find one that’s active and put in the X @name.

                      Btw X under Elon’s ownership has reinstalled 3 verified illegal apartheid entity executives just recently.
                      Musk is Dust.

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                        Sadly, I can’t find a working instance from this evening. I am assuming all the guest accounts have expired. So long nitter, it was a great service.

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                          so no way to get back in and read tweets at all?

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                            It’s maybe possible to use the nitter app/platform to access twitter so you don’t have to use the twitter app/software but you’ll have to set up a twitter account and use those login details. So, not anonymously. There is some reference to that in the github thread I posted previously. You’ll have to fiddle with the code etc. I don’t really know I haven’t tried.

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                              Thx. But then that´s that. I am not an IT person unfortunately. I don´t even have a smartphone any more.
                              But it´a pity since I can´t follow the war-mongering elites no more on TWITTER. It was interesting to see how dumb they really are…

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                              will moon

                                I read recently that the programmers who wrote the original code for Twitter, copied the the endorphin reward system of crack cocaine as clinically described in a heavily addicted crack user, to ensure maximum engagement by those who use the software.

                                AG the death of nitter might have saved you and me from being enslaved by social media – getting our kicks cheap and nasty style. It was doing it to me. I looked at C Murray, G Galloway, lowkey, Douglas Valentine (The author of the “The Phoenix Program) and a few others. It made feel a bit dirty lol

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                                  I unfortunately never enjoyed your level of undisturbed nitter-experience. For me it was hampered early on for whatever technical reason. For some time it would only work via TOR which made it feel less like a dirty news addict´s gem, more freshman´s first night out in a used Opel low on petrol.
                                  But right now I don´t even have access to a used Opel. Now I am stuck on St. Helena with a donkey outside my barn. Not knowing what is going on in the Babylonian Palace of war-mongers, WMD-addicts and Putin-exorcists.
                                  E.g. it would be interesting to read about technicalities of a TAURUS attack on Russian silos and why that would make little sense but nonetheless should be attempted just to piss off Mr. Putin.
                                  On the other hand, may be you are right. I sometimes am saying proudly to myself, what do I care for your self-serving bullshitting ego-trips confined to a space of alleged exclusivity where in fact they are completely meaningless. No policy, no protest, nothing will truly be influenced by Twitter. It´s simple profile neurosis. And I never supported that culture with a dime.
                                  (Twitter deserves only one praise, enabling Taibbi´s work and allowing revelation re: Russiagate…But that was only due to Elon´s single moment of twisted need for honesty in a century)

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                                    Twitter started as a site you could send SMS texts to from a simple mobile phone; they’d be published online on your Twitter page – this is the original reason for posts being limited to 140 characters, the same as a single SMS text; you could “micro blog” from a mobile phone rather than needing a laptop or desktop computer. Replies were texted to your mobile phone.

                                    Such short posts lacked subtlety, nuance and detail, causing arguments to break out and rapidly escalate into flame wars. This deficiency became Twitter’s unique attraction, people indeed get a cocaine-like kick from stupid arguments, so the 140 character limit was imposed artificially after ‘smartphones’ removed the technical limitation.

                                    The best thing that could happen to Twitter is what Musk calls “rapid unscheduled disassembly”.

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                                    will moon

                                      Back in 2008 I was particularly fascinated by McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin and thus spent some time looking into her story. I found myself reading deeply into several Alaskan blogs, becoming something of an expert on the recent political history of Alaska and it’s (then) current political landscape. Of course I also read many mainstream pieces, from left and right, about this woman. One thing that emerged from my reading was she was deeply drawn to Twitter – almost obsessed. She sensed the power of the algorithm behind the modest interface – she sensed the power of the Ring, lol, though she was without the power herself to master it, inchoate visions of mastery plagued her – to become the Dark Queen “who all would worship and despair”. We would have to wait eight years for Trump’s accession to office – a fascist god in motion – to see the fever dreams caused by the promises that Twitter whispered to her, become actualised in the person of “God-Emperor Trump” (as the new Right styled him)

                                      In 2011 during an election, candidate Gaby Gifford was shot multiple times and grievously injured and I could make a strong case that certain individuals using social media web orchestrated this event by depicting Gifford’s face with a target over it, supported by Palin’s infamous electoral dictum “don’t back off, reload”. After the Gifford shooting I came across gleeful statements by several well known right wing apparatchiks, claiming that thru social media anyone could be now targeted by gun-toting crazies. Around this time I read a piece which stated that B.Netanyahu was employing 24 people to manage his twitter feed

                                      According to even the snippets I have picked up reading Mr Murray’s writings here, the manipulation taking place on the platform – suppression, shadow-banning, partiality and of course the presence of a large number of “former” intelligence officers in the admin, is a constant and dominant part of the experience for disfavoured users

                                      Twitter was, and X is a weapon of mass destruction. A tool for the powerful to oppress the mass, it’s true power will shortly come into focus in the aftermath of the genocide in Gaza. I suspect we shall see new propaganda tricks employed that can reconstitute the very fabric of reality, never mind history – with a strong punitive element focussed on “social control” for those who refuse to see or can’t see the Empire’s beautiful new clothes and attempt to comment on it.

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                                        Such short posts lacked subtlety, nuance and detail, causing arguments to break out and rapidly escalate into flame wars. This deficiency became Twitter’s unique attraction, people indeed get a cocaine-like kick from stupid arguments, so the 140 character limit was imposed artificially after ‘smartphones’ removed the technical limitation.

                                        Very good summary – I thought about this myself the other day, I do have a twitter account to post/share links on foreign policy topics a couple a times a week and it is like every post on Twitter is turning into a “fight” as you say – I try to keep my engagement there to a minimum, I do not understand how people could sit there day in and day out without going absolutely mentally mad, it is senseless and it would be for the best for the world if Twitter/X disappeared for good because what Twitter result in is just a deeper entrenched political views/poles.

                                        And the whole idea also that pro-peace and pro-palestinians etc accounts are blocked just like that while IDF are free to share and boast about their warcrimes on the platform is another proof how agenda driven these sites are. No wonder the israeli regime wanted to be friends with Musk all of a sudden…

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                                          The old hackers learned by experience on the early bulletin boards that pure text communication causes flame wars, the shorter the posts the faster the escalation, and thus was moderation born.

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                                            What is politically so disturbing is the fact that media workers, most of whom know much more about the technical details of social media and what is going on behind th scenes and how info is processed, than me, are so naive in actually assuming that fb, Twitter, the big media houses etc. would not/did not collude with the state and state security.

                                            In fact the more we are immersed into the social network the stronger the belief that secret intelligence services are actually telling the public the truth and that doing just that would in fact be the very task of MI-5, CIA, BND, etc.
                                            How dumb can these people be?

                                            So if IDF says HAMAS is evil, it´s true.
                                            So if Bundeswehr says TAURUS Leak was Russian, it´s true.
                                            So if CIA says that the secret bases at the RU border are a great thing and good for democracy in UKR that too is true.

                                            Where have the times gone when the masses were quoting movies like “V for Vendetta” or “Matrix” or “Enemy No. 1”-
                                            All of these films speculating in various degress about how much conspiracy is behind daily news about the government, the leadership, reality.

                                            In the 1990s for a reporter it was a natural thing to distrust secret intelligence services. When those people would approach you you were alarmed. At the least you would double-check knowing the nature of their business.

                                            Its like all of this common-sense doubt has vanished. I don´t understand how that could happen.

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                                              In the 1990s for a reporter it was a natural thing to distrust secret intelligence services. When those people would approach you you were alarmed. At the least you would double-check knowing the nature of their business.

                                              Very true:

                                              • Intelligence services are hailed and never questioned today
                                              • Risk of nuclear war is rebuffed as “russian propaganda”
                                              • Cheering, humilating when palestinians are murdered are expressed in open display
                                              • Nazism is bad, atleast outside of Ukraine
                                              • Words like war crimes, collective punishment, genocide, ethnic cleansing that was such horrible practices and words itself are now just shrugged at in the west.


                                              It is like everything has been turned upside down very quikcly past couple of years and there are no real political/medial resistance to it besides “regular” folks like ourselves.

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                                                “I don´t understand how that could happen.”

                                                I have a friend who was a journalist – until she couldn’t take it any more – and it’s like the rest of the employment sphere. Staff were progressively laid off. Less and less workers had to do more and more work, with entirely unhelpful “productivity improvements” – which, as usual, meant computer systems that disrupt and obstruct human systems of cooperation that had developed and been refined over decades. The few remaining staff scramble to get the issue out in time, so it’s no surprise that press releases and “official statements” get copied and pasted without much scrutiny of either the content or the originating source.

                                                Social media are even worse. Their moderator-to-contributor ratio is abysmal. So any company can buy some “reputation management” outfit to click the “report” button under unwanted comments multiple times from their stock of fake accounts, and moderators will just delete such comments to reduce their workload; who’s going to check?

                                                I always find it amazing how neoliberalism so consistently benefits neoliberalism; no conspiracy necessary. I guess down is just the easiest direction; a race to the bottom.

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