Usmanov Redux 14

You may have noticed that the post regarding Alisher Usmanov has disappeared. This is at the instigation of Schillings, lawyers retained by Usmanov.

Pending legal advice which – as web host – I am unable to obtain prior to tomorrow, given Schilling’s deadline and in light of Godfrey v Demon Internet, the post may or may not reappear. In the meantime, it is always now somewhere on the web. If you know where to look, you’ll probably find it.


Clive – webhost

edit 07-Sep in response to further communications from Schillings

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14 thoughts on “Usmanov Redux

  • George Dutton

    Clive – webhost

    Clive just thought I would tell you this as I don't know how it affects you. Better safe then sorry. And I know Craig would not want you to get into trouble.If you check the other blog, the header on it is the same as the header you have removed…September 3, 2007


    Go into comments and you will see it.

  • balders

    Hi George, Friend,

    Thanks both of you for pointing out that blogspot post which effectively republishes the post in question. Usmanov's legal rottweilers will have to chase that one as well, as that blog has nothing to do with either myself or my company. And they'll need more than a modicum of good fortune to tidy this one away. It is out there now…

    Thanks again,


  • Manic

    I don't know about you lot, but this kind of thing makes we want to learn more about Uzbek-born Russian billionaires; they seem to lead such interesting lives.

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Yep, well by their (legal) actions so shall you know them!

    Maybe that is 'by the actions of their legal poodles so shall you know them'…

    Confirmation of the good (advisedly!) Usmanov's touchiness and character, I feel.

  • johnf

    Why are these people being allowed into our country in the first place? Some fundamental breakdown must have (presumably deliberately) occurred in those areas of government which are meant to vet these matters and protect us from such people.

  • Moses

    To: Mr Murray

    from: Moses

    subject: Alisher Usmonov

    Hi, my name is Muzaffar, i'm Uzbek and I have a comment on your views about ALisher Usmanov.

    Being a BSW(social work) student and most of all, a resident of Uzbekitan, I strongly disagree with most of your points since they're all biased and even fabricated, you don't seem to have any credible arguments or facts agains Mr Usmanov. NOW, Just think about it – the whole world is just like that, i mean everything is all about business, take the US 4xample; the war in Iraq is all about geopolitical influence and oil in the first place. And DO YOU KNOW that some of the HUGE US corporation leaders have always had ties with MAFIA, they still do, and will always influence US policies overseas, right. Chelsea for example, is now of the finest world clubs due to Russian investments. Every other UK resident wants to greet Mr. Abramamovich in person. As for our country however, we have had tremendous changes by now brought about by foreign investments and particularly due to Alisher Usmonov's policies. The situation is way better since the time you, SIR, were kicked out of this country because of your immoral behaviour with Uzbekistani prostitutes. how can you claim he is a criminal if you can't even prove his guilt, what you said above are just nothing but rumors.

    You, Mr. Murray, are the one to be refered to as criminal and charged with SEXUAL DEPRAVITY or even a harrasment since you were hanging out with underage non adult females at Tashkent nightclubs, namely SKY CLUB, while you were working as a British ambassador in Uzbekistan. You organized round table with bunch of idiots whose minds you could easily manipulate with your democracy propoganda and lost your job as a result. why don't you think broadly about Central Asia from now on. P.S. life never stays the same and people like Alisher Usmanov are the ones to make a REAL DIFFERENCE, but never people like you SIR !!!!

    Happy New year once again

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