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    Using the Avast browser, which I think is derived from Chromium. Im getting the error message below. This browser appears to adhere to very strict new standards. Im getting a similar message when I try to access a number of websites. Coincidentally, a lot of the websites where this is happening are left leaning ones. But lets not get too paranoid.

    This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.
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    The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.


    This site sits behind Cloudflare CDN/DDOS protection which enforces the ssl encryption mode and it won’t accept very old clients trying to use broken encryption protocols – however I wouldn’t expect this to be a problem for an up to date copy of Avast browser. It could mean there is a proxy in between you and the server which is trying to downgrade the connection or it could be some other issue. You could possibly try reinstalling Avast browser.

    I’ll maybe download Avast browser myself on Windows later and see what happens for me.


    Hi, Squonk.
    Have been having a similar problem for some time: CM (and no-one else) loads, shows briefly, then disappears. This is on Mint Sarah XFCE running Firefox 47.0.(and not on Ubuntu on my networked box, which works fine) I seem to have cured it by resetting the NoScript whitelist to defaults: evidently an exemption I’d made for another site had been screwing up the system somehow. Allowing scripts globally didn’t work, and disabling NoScript didn’t either, but this did: it may still be a Cloudflare issue…dunno. Getting a NoScript notification for Cloudflare and statcounter, but I shall leave well alone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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