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      I have spoken to a few friends about Craig’s blog, People who have never heard of him, like myself, nine months ago. How are people meant to search for previous posts? For instance, one article ( post? ) was about Craig’s thoughts on Hezbollah & Said Javid’s prosciption, making them a terrorist organisation, is one example.

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        Here’s the article:

        I found that with this site’s search function (in the side-bar on the right on a desktop or laptop system) using the following as the search term:

        Hezbollah Javid

        Alternatively, Google will perform a site specific search using the following term:

        Hezbollah Javid

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        Hugh Keith

          Very good question, I cant find a search function, normally use Chrome but tried Edge and still no search function?

          Any help appreciated.

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            Clark’s advice is entirely correct. The Search box is on the right-hand side menu, just below the “Currently Popular Posts” section and above the monthly “Archives” dropdown list. On narrower screens (e.g. phones or smartwatches), these facilities are located at the bottom of the page.

            If you still can’t see it, do a Find action for the word “Search”.

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