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      It seems to me that some disgruntled users are creating news posts in the discussion forum but their comments should really be in be in addressed as a technical issue. The reason I feel this is important is because some of these posts are either simple questions resolved by one answer and therefore ephemeral and often of not much interest to others, but others are of more general and long term interest. What happens then is that in the ‘pinned panel’ only the last three topics appear and the more interesting topics are then pushed down so that a contributor will have to look for them under the general discussion heading. Others will of course be unaware of such threads. Could some of these more important topics be pinned? I would nominate Election Aftermath for pinning, but of course I would.

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        Sorry I made a mistake, the new topics are not pinned as sucked, they are just new posts, but only show new posts and not answers to established posts and they seem to lump together the discussion forums and the technical support. An alternative idea is to have topics that gather interest or are deemed topical under ‘Still discussing’.

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          Hey SA – we all make mistakes. Hurts my soul to know what I do, but I won’t tell. Hurts my soul to think some of my best thoughts get taken away to oblivion. Oh well. The main thing is to learn from your mistakes. We all make them.

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