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    Where is Clark when you need him? He was so good on the 911 thread when it was open at pointing out how inconsistencies in the story should not mean that we should build up a lot of false scenarios that become a distraction and help undermine the original cause or theory.

    I have posted this at the end of the Yulia Skripal post. There is a number of posters now implying that the medical profession is involved in faking some aspects of the Skripal story. This is a growing ‘conspiracy theory’ that I am afraid has been somewhat implied by Craig’ own WUT. There are many things read into the interview of Doctors in the Newsnight broadcast by Mark Urban.
    This newsnight I think was a bit guarded in some ways, understandably so and my reading of it is that it is more interesting for the rather limited coverage and what is not said and the disclaimers. In itself it does not really help the Government narrative but was meant as a PR exercise, similar to the staged statement by YS.
    The interview of the health care personnel were carried out in corridors and rather strange dim lighting, and I am not sure whether that was supposed to convey the rather hush hush conspiratorial air about it all. The doctors and nurses of course are constrained on the one side by clinical confidentiality and on the other side by national security (?). The word novichoch was used once only and by the medical director who then fumbled with the word organophosphates and that bit was rather telling. The doctors dealing with direct care always mentioned a nerve agent and not specific names.
    Just thought I would mention.

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    I’ve been, and remain, busy with the Eden and the Doune the Rabbit Hole festivals. I haven’t even read my e-mails for nearly a month.

    I’ve followed the Skripal incident loosely but not in detail. From what I’ve read, little about the incident itself can be known from publicly available information.

    Various things can be said with certainty about how the matter has been related to the public. Mainstream media coverage has ranged from contradictory to downright impossible. Statements from involved medical personnel are ambiguous. I’m in a hurry; hopefully more later…

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    Another certainty is that the UK government wanted to keep Sergei Skripal’s MI6 Handlers well out of the public consciousness:

    Conveniently in regard of this, the mainstream media almost unanimously referred to Skripal as “a Russian spy”. This was highly misleading; Skripal is indeed Russian, but he is a British spy. For Russia he had been a military intelligence officer, many years and a prison sentence ago, but it was MI6 that he sold secrets to.

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