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    New U.S. military microchip implant detects COVID-19 in 5 minutes or less.

    Remember, folks, “Covid-19” is a syndrome, which is to say it is a collection of flu-type symptoms, such as having a new and continuous dry cough and a fever. You don’t need a microchip implant to detect it, even if Lord Science says so. And “Covid-19” can’t be “in the bloodstream”. That’s c*ck talk, even if your local GP or “expert” says it because he’s paid to.

    Designed to be implanted under the skin, the microchip can detect COVID-19 in the bloodstream within minutes.

    The point here is not to “analyse” this article. Colonel Matt Hepburn has retired from DARPA and he may well just be making himself a few quid allowing his name to be put to this. It’s similar to articles about chip implants used in bars in Barcelona, Rotterdam, Glasgow. For anyone who’s interested, the use of chip implants in Sweden is much more widespread already – a few thousand people.

    But one day, and that’s likely to be soon, there will be a WHOOOOOSH, and this becomes the big story and a whole country does it.

    The microchip itself is carried in a green tissue-like gel. When implanted, the microchip will be able to display chemical reactions in the body, which signals the ‘user’ that COVID-19 symptoms will appear the next day.

    Hahaha! It comes with prophecy too!

    “We can have that information in three-to-five minutes,” said retired Colonel Matt Hepburn, who worked for years at DARPA.

    According to Hepburn, the microchip could very well be used in U.S. sailors, especially after an incident that involved a COVID-19 outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which saw 1,271 crew members test positive.

    And with the implant, blood is continuously tested.

    Then he says

    “It’s like a ‘check engine’ light,” Hepburn said, further explaining that anyone using it would immediately get a kind of signal that would prompt them to self-administer a COVID-19 test.

    Make your mind up, mate!

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    “When implanted, the microchip will be able to display chemical reactions in the body, which signals the ‘user’ that COVID-19 symptoms will appear the next day.”

    No details on what chemical reactions are being detected nor how specificity to coronavirus is achieved. I guess microchips in some form are a burgeoning thing.

    In the same article is a special filter for use on dialysis machines that can remove virus. That and further development to remove other thngs would be useful.

    I don’t want to have my microchip broadcast to google what is going on inside my body for them to monetise BUT a microchip that continuously monitors blood sugars and controls insulin dosage accordingly would be useful.

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    This is a computing freedom issue. You MUST have full rights over the software and hardware of the implant; you must have the Four Freedoms, and the right to verify the hardware:

    “We campaign for these freedoms because everyone deserves them. With these freedoms, the users (both individually and collectively) control the program and what it does for them. When users don’t control the program, we call it a “nonfree” or “proprietary” program. The nonfree program controls the users, and the developer controls the program; this makes the program an instrument of unjust power.”

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