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      Mods, respectfully,

      Regarding my comment at 12.14 earlier today:
      [ NB: Links to suspended comments don’t work, and the comment wouldn’t be visible to anyone else anyway. ]

      The words “Red Sea”, which is clearly a link to Gaza, are in the video title, and Gaza and the Red Sea are at the centre of current “geopolitical” conflict.

      Michael Hudson’s analysis of the Gaza situation in that video is, in my experience, quite original and I would argue, as I did, essential viewing.

      I didn’t just post a link. I commented on it in both the opening and closing sentences.

      Admittedly, apart from the coverage of Gaza, there is no direct reference to the ICJ.

      Kind regards.

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        Equally respectfully, this Blog Support forum is not for quibbles with particular moderation decisions. The rules are stated clearly in the moderation rules for commenters, one of which was cited in the notice appended to your comment:

        [ Mod: Off topic. You merely provide a link to a video, with no reference to the ICJ or Gaza.

        From the moderation rules for commenters:


        Contributions which are primarily just a link to somewhere else will be deleted. You can post links, but give us the benefit of your thoughts upon them. ]

        For reference, this is what you said in your comment:

        “The brilliant and essential Michael Hudson gives a dazzling analysis of the immediate global, geopolitical situation:


        [ link ]

        Even at almost 1.5 hours it’s worth trying to make the time to take it all in imho.”

        Thanks for telling us that you think Michael Hudson’s analysis is dazzling, but what’s it got to do with Craig’s account of events in the ICJ court room? You don’t even give an indication of what (if anything) Hudson said that’s relevant. The video recommendation falls short of the minimum requirements for a blog comment, for the reasons cited.

        You helpfully inform anyone who might happen to be reading the comments that Hudson’s video is almost 90 mins long and is worth seeing. I followed the link and jumped to different points to check if there was anything referring to the genocide case at the ICJ. There wasn’t. Judgement made. Explanatory mod notice posted. End of. (Or at least it should have been… )

        Let me spell it out more clearly for you. Your comment didn’t develop or challenge any of the points Craig made about the ICJ court proceedings in the Hague. You didn’t even mention the ICJ; moreover, you didn’t mention Gaza. If you think that an allusion to the “Red Sea” (which doesn’t border Gaza) in the title of the linked video is sufficient to make your own contribution a commentary on Craig’s article or the ICJ genocide hearing, then you need to recalibrate your sense of what qualifies as a valid comment here.

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          I should point that there is a more appropriate location for posting that kind of link on this site: the special thread in the discussion forum !! BREAKING NEWS !! (Gaza)

          As stated in the first post on that thread:

          This thread is for any “breaking news” bulletins concerning the crisis in Gaza that could be of interest to readers of the Craig Murray blog.

          Please post any urgent news stories or updates here, rather than in the comments section under Craig’s articles. If you want to cite the story in an ongoing conversation there, you should link to the corresponding post in this forum thread.

          Unlike the topical threads in the main blog, you don’t need to meet the Contribute criterion to post in that forum thread; the title of a link and its URL would do, at a minimum. (Of course a description, evaluation and/or quotation would help to inform readers what they’re being asked to look at.)

          Another benefit of posting in that thread is that it forms a valuable resource for people who want to know more about the dire situation in Gaza – in contrast to comments in the main blog, which might get more eyes for a day or two but quickly recede from view, with very few people bothering to look back at old pages of comments under Craig’s articles (particularly for comments that are only tenuously related to the title). In the discussion forum, interested readers can use this ‘Gaza news’ thread as an educational resource, collating genuine journalism that provides insights into what’s actually happening, thereby bypassing the editorial dominance of the mainstream media.

          I hope you’ll agree that it makes more sense to post links in the forum. I’ll repost your comment there so it finds the right audience.

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            MOD: “I’ll repost your comment there so it finds the right audience.”

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