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        OK, so, if I post a ‘hello’, it’s visible, let’s find out what’s the problem

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          Good Saturday evening to all of you kind people keeping this site running 🙂 Hope you’re all are well and feel realxed this week-end.
          I tried t post an answer in

          the text, I guess, is full of ‘key words’ that might have alerted some mechanism. I got the message, which I’ve screenshoted
          WordFence error on Craig Murray forum when trying to post news about Scott Ritter

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            The text was:
            “Our news report that Scott Ritter’s account is deleted on YouTube.
            (link to the source here)

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              “YT video hosting removed the channel

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                Scott Ritter

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                  Dear Mods, please forgive me for using this Forum as a sandbox, trying to locate the problem. Most probably it is the RIA that is now cannot be linked, I think. Sorry again for posting many answers in a short period of time.

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                    Ria link

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                        US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter

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                              Well, perhaps syntax?
                              Our news report that Scott Ritter’s account is deleted on YouTube.

                              “YouTube video hosting removed the channel of retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, who commented on the situation in Ukraine and criticized Washington’s actions trying to access Ritter’s channel, I get the message:
                              “The video is not available because the YouTube account associated with it has been deleted.”

                              Ritter, among other things, actively commented on the special military operation in Ukraine, in particular, criticized the US for the multibillion-dollar aid supplies to Kiev, and also predicted the failures of the Ukrainian army. The ex-military officer also criticized Vladimir Zelensky. In June, he said that Zelensky is disrespected and hated in NATO, as he “leads his people to the slaughter.”

                              Ritter, commenting on the removal of the channel, said that the reason for this was supposedly “inciting hatred.” At the same time, YouTube didn’t provide any example of such hatred, and didn’t warn the expert about the upcoming blocking, he noted.

                              The ex-military officer also claims that “none of the episodes of The Scott Ritter Show contained hate speech, unless unique content from those whose voices are hushed up is considered hate.”

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                                Sorry again, must be some syntax error in my comment. Sorry. Can you please delete the thresd?

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                                  I got that message and my heart sank. Like some emotion-less robot just put me on ‘mute-mode’. It felt like a slap in the face. Please do promise that if you decide to ban me from this website you’ll give some message. Any form will do, even if you would prefer rude or even obcsene language, I give my consent 🙂 Anything will do if it comes from a human, but please, I cannot survive a ‘divorce by SMS’

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                                    Dear Tatyana,

                                    I’m sorry you had difficulty posting on the forum. Your contribution seems to have been blocked by the firewall provided by WordFence, a security plug-in for WordPress, for an unknown reason.

                                    Thanks for testing it so thoroughly. The information will be useful to the site admin, so the thread should remain visible while the matter is investigated. The WordFence logs might hold some clues.

                                    Thank you.

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                                      Oh thanks! I was afraid that some Grand Digital Lizards want to send me to the Memory Hole 🙂 as if I never existed!
                                      My imagination began to tell me that I was wasting my time trying to offer my customers the lowest possible shipping rates, trying to save grams to fit into the best shipping rate. At the moment it (my imagination) says to me ‘Tatiana, follow the example of the wise Egyptians, and with each order put ‘thank you for the order’ not a paper business card, but a damn terracotta plate with damn hieroglyphs engraved in it forever!

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