Nidal Hasan and the Rationale for War 17

The horrible case of Nidal Hasan proves yet again the blindingly obvious. The argument that by invading and occupying other countries we somehow increase security at home is an evil justification for waging aggressive war.

In fact if we invade other countries, we cause people to hate us, and create an additional terrorist threat at home. The truth of that is obvious – but truth is not important to those who profit from war.

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17 thoughts on “Nidal Hasan and the Rationale for War

  • kate

    Yes and even when you go abroad on holiday you feel a target for animosity because of your loathed (justifiably) British identity.

  • Ruth

    I agree with Kate. I am so ashamed that I have British nationality; that the country I come from has slaughtered, maimed and tortured so many innocent people.

    Unfortunately you can’t give your nationality up unless you have one to replace it.

    Maybe I should carry a document alongside my passport declaring that although the passport is British the holder would like to opt out.

  • Christine

    The link I have give above takes you to the start of part 2 of the talk. Best to start at Part 1. 1

  • muppet

    Those of you who are ashamed, embarrassed or fearful of your Britishness being identified when you travel abroad should take a leaf out of Tony Blair’s book.

    His children travel under Irish passports!

    No mug that man, eh.

  • Abe Rene

    Nidal Hasan joined the U.S. army voluntarily, and he would have taken an oath of loyalty. The army gave him a scholarship to medical school, so that he would have been bound by a code of medical ethics, as well as a human duty of gratitude for such a great opportunity. Even if America has repeated the error of Vietnam, Nidal Hasan deserves everything that is coming to him.

  • MJ

    There may be more to the Hasan case than we are being told. Initial reports said there were at least three gunmen. If Hasan recovers from his injuries sufficiently to give his own side of the story things may look rather different. Best not jump to comclusions just yet.

  • ingo

    If I am not mistaken, Ft. Hood started off as a US penal regiment, were all the rogues and some strong willed soldiers, plus those who have forfeited their oaths a few times for one or other misdemeanor, are trained up and prepared for the pleasure of going to the frontline.

    I suspect that there are others and that he had some previous, maybe some run ups for reasons and matters of his faith, all possibilities that will trickle out eventually.

    A part of Ft. Hoods contingent was stationed near Bemerhaven, in Germany don’t know whether they still are, but I remeber distinctly that they once had a collective search for drugs with outside police and military police from other US barracks and found some 4 kg.of mary jane,cocaine, heroin, and pills of varying kinds, so some of these lonesome soldiers are quiet hard to keep sitting still.

    Who knows what goes on in Afghanistan, but karzais heroin cabinet does not seem to have any problems with supply of chemicals and ‘vallue adding’.

    No doubt they will find help with l;ogistics somewhere in this big NATO force jamboree.

    Some profit from the war, during the war and after it, Afghanistan has a history of plunderers and imposed kings and figureheads doing as they like, so there are people who want to plan a sustainable formula into this war on terrorism, they are now carrying on this control over Afghanistan and the resources in central Asia.

    Lets hope this homegrown US terrorism does not catch on and spread, if they do not find the other two, if they exist, it might be hard to prevent another similar event, in the same place.

  • wendymann

    it was reported that (allegedly) jack straw was aware and had been informed of the coup attempt at least 2 weeks prior to it taking effect.

  • Jives

    These people are terrified of The Truth..or The Bleedin’ Obvious.

    They just stand shoulder to shoulder,group thought and utterly servile to The Big Lie.


  • Suahyl Saadi

    Abe, I completely agree that this stupid bastard, Nidal, deserves everything that’s coming to him. However, I would not characterise the USA’s genocidal war in South-East Asia during the 1960s and 1970s as an “error”. “An error” is when I type my name wrongly or when I add up my shopping bill incorrectly. An error is not what one does when one murders millions of people. That is a very deliberate and calculated act and anyone who orders or carries it out deserves eveything that is coming to them. In short, then, the US Army and Nidal deserve each other.

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