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8 thoughts on “Brown Calls on Karzai to End Corruption

  • dreoilin

    Hee hee … I’m off to bed with a smile on my face.

    Thank the gods (and Craig) for humour.

  • muppet

    Former Colonel Kemp says he likes Gordon Brown but that he’s not a very good war leader; we need someone like Margaret Thatcher.

    Or her son, perhaps?

  • Abe Rene

    Brown calling on Mugabe to retire would indeed be futile, but is the UK presence in Afghanistan really unnecessary from the point of Karzai? If not, and particularly because the UK in the Middle East in recent decades has usually tried to stay in step with the Americans, he will have to take the warning seriously.

  • Craig

    Abe Rene

    Karzai knows that this is just a smokescreen from Brown. Eight years of huge corruption and drug trading, and a blatantly fraudulent election – he knows Brown is stuck with him.

  • Abe Rene

    My point was that Brown could been informed that the Americans are thinking about pulling out of their Second Vietnam, and wants to follow suit. Therefore his warning is an implied threat about the American position, which Karzai dare not ignore.

    The question is therefore whether Obama is stuck with Karzai. Possibly not – recall Major Hoh’s recent comments ( Obama could decide to concentrate on Pakistan and abandon Karzai to his fate (and preferably drop biological agents on the Afghan opium fields to render them infertile, and do likewise in South East Asia and Colombia for good measure).

  • James D

    Well, at least the Taleban and the Methodist Conference agree about the demon drink… Maybe a better solution for world peace would be calling on them to join the Society of Friends…

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