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    First post on this topic (L1) lost, presumed filtered. Test (L2)

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Test (B2)

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Conclusion: your spamfilter is rejecting my (normal) email address. Why, please?

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    Spam filter is the WordPress supported Akismet and we have no control over it. Occasionally it seems to pick on a real person for a time but if we keep unspamming it eventually gets the message.

    Sorry for inconvenience and hopefully it clears soon.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Many thanks, Darth. Perhaps it has mistaken me for Jeremy Corbyn (there is a resemblance) 🙂

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    Ba’al, this site’s local Akismet plugin accesses the remote Akismet database, which compiles spam/not spam decisions from very many sites. It is possible that your comments at other sites have been marked as spam, leading to false-positives here.

    Maybe you should return to using your previous credentials and be patient, letting the mods un-spam your comments until the database un-flags you.

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    Ba’al’s Surreptitious Sock

    Thanks Clark, but I think your suggestion is unlikely as I don’t do a lot of commenting elsewhere. My theory for what it’s worth is that my email address is incorporated in a netbot’s database somewhere. An insecure online purchase, perhaps. Or the c**t who sold my address to Walmart… Still, I’ll give it a try.

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    Ba’al’s Back Online

    Hey, that worked! TY

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    Ba’al, good to see the old dragon again!

    After my previous comment it occurred to me that a comment of yours may have been sent to spam accidentally at this site, thus red-flagging your e-mail address. “Touch to Click” is a menace to any moderator; it’s so easy to brush a touch-screen with one’s finger when the doorbell rings or whatever, and not even notice. The implications for banking, governmental and defence systems are deeply worrying. Could such a triviality even be the answer to Fermi’s Paradox?

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    Ba’al Zevul

    To which Ba’al Laboratories have long known the solution, namely that intelligent life has not yet evolved here either, and it takes longer than you think.

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    Another thing that can happen… Akismet moves comments (spam and occasional false-positives) to the Spam folder where they accumulate for review before final deletion and feedback to the remote database. The Spam folder is displayed twenty comments to a page. If there is more than one page, a new false-positive can arrive on Page 1 while a moderator is reviewing Page 2 or greater. If the moderator doesn’t notice the running total increase and clicks the “Empty Spam” button on reaching the end of the list, the false-positive gets deleted along with the real spam, and its originating e-mail address gets tagged. Better to review the Spam folder in reverse order, mods please note.

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    “So remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure
    How amazingly unlikely was your birth,
    And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space,
    ‘cos there’s bugger all down here on Earth”

    “So. Can we have his liver then?”

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Testing – think a post on Blair Miles has been intercepted, following two problem-free posts on main topic.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    ok…maybe the mention of * Israel * did it. There wasn’t anything else contentious. See if this gets trapped…

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    Your post [Ba\’al Zevul “Functional test: Israel” 26/07/03 11:18 am] in response to post “An Apology” did in fact go through without problems. I was tidying the threads and deleted it in error, my apologies. If you post again you should see it appear without difficulty.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    TY, Shrift. I’ve forgotten what it was now…so it probably wasn’t of earth-shattering importance. Your efforts are appreciated.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    TEST (Ba’al Zevul)

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    Ba’al Zevul

    I’ve been designated a processed pork product again (An Apology, just now) – test transmission as requested.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    Blair’s just gone from Albania to Lipari: post on Apology didn’t register. Test post.

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    Two (duplicates) lost on Apology, one from Ba’al, one from his Sock. Third,from Sock, containing same text, from Dysfunctional UK. This email address is phoney.

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    Ba’al Zevul

    All above posts were from same IP, including, strangely, ‘Footgear’s’, which got through – however a second post from Footgear was blocked.

    Test post from different IP

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