Ryder Cup Wonder 27

Wow that was absolutely fantastic! Really, really wonderful. Poulter is astonishing, that putt from Kaymer was steel-nerved, and great from Paul Lawrie. So many heroes, including a great fight from Peter Hanson who may not have got a point but kept it going.

But the real turning point was yesterday evening, when I ran out of Wadworth’s 6X and switched to the Caol Ila. Then that ran out at 10pm this evening and an 18 year old cask strength Allt A’Bhainne brought it home. Wonderful. The start of the Caol Ila had also won the US Open for Andy Murray, so I shall retire the empty bottle to a place of honour in my study.

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27 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Wonder

  • Nextus

    Crikey! That was one of those events that you witness rather than watch! What an amazing comeback! That was more dramatic than Happy Gilmore. Well done to the Europe team, with special mention for Poulter, Lawrie and McIlroy.

  • anders7777

    Well done the Europeans!

    Though I cringed whenever I saw that satanic blue starred flag.

    There should be many more stars now.

  • biodiplomacy

    For a Spurs fan that meant two wonderful days over the weekend. when intense drama ended the right way.

  • Mary

    A rather disparaging review of Altt-A-Bhainne here

    The Caol Ila is a Diageo product. {http://www.maltmadness.com/whisky/caol-ila.html}

    Diageo – It’s an odd one out in this overview of (mostly) independent bottlers, but because these pages are visited by novices as well, I thought I should mention Scotland’s largest whisky producer.

    Diageo was born in 1997 out of a merger between Guinness PLC and Grand Metropolitan PLC… Diageo owns almost 30 malt whisky distilleries, as well as two grain whisky distilleries. Some of their more famous single malt distilleries are Lagavulin, Cragganmore, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Caol Ila, Cardow, Dufftowen, Glendullan, Glen Ord, Glenkinchie, Knoackando, Oban & Mortlach.

    Some of their well known ‘blend’ brands are Johnnie Walker, J&B, Bell’s, Black & White, Vat 69, Haig and White Horse. In 2009, Diageo received a lot of criticism for firing hundreds of their employees in Scotland despite record profits of 2,5 billion GBP.

    The names of the single malts sound romantic but the reality of their modern day provenance is not.

  • Jay

    My grandad used to bottle spirits in Lancashire.
    I think he made some miniatures, these bottles were penguins and cockatiels.

    I am very glad for the Europeans I obsessed about golf.

    Now my children and our world take sente

  • Jay

    Sorry, of only all the golfers got stageg a protest for all the terrible injustices in the world.

    So for me now to excited over golfers?

    There all losers.

  • Vronsky

    Belongs on a previous topic (BBC bias), but who reads previous topics.

    “The report [by freelance journalist Oliver Huitson]uncovered evidence that suggested:

    . the BBC failed to report on the lack of democratic mandate for the changes to the English NHS
    . the broadcaster consistently presented the bill using the UK government’s own highly contested description
    . links between healthcare firms, the Conservatives and the House of Lords were never reported
    . the significant role of the private sector in the new health market was never explored
    . the role of private firms in creating the bill was never examined or reported
    . sources with significant links to private healthcare were presented without a disclosure of their interests
    . lobbyists were used in place of genuine impartial experts
    . stories were reported that were biased
    . the BBC censored other important stories”


  • nevermind

    Such bliss, what good news, good enough for David Cameron to forget gloom and doom and join Craig in his adoration for Golf’s celebrities.

    Andrew Marr is another one who seemingly swims on the same level than Craig, a fellow Globaliser who would like nothing better than a one world Government, failing that a reorganised Europe will do for him.

    A few more posts like this, who knows what might happen, we be arguing Golfers to marry each others spouses, easy done, all within western moral rectitude’s, sanctioned by our almighty coalition of the blind, then we can use this to merge Britain and the United States, a sort of US swimming fortress in front of the European coast, just what the doctor ordered.

    I’d love to have Tiger’s babies, what humiliation his last putt, reams will be written about it, far more column inches on this event than of any more urgent, European or American plight, homelessness, financial rack and ruin.

    Another piffle thread on the third most popular political blog, maybe now is the time to find a good short name like the ‘Daily Sporran’ or ‘Golfing SNPee n’ Spies’.

    Hows the book coming along?

  • Mary

    We have BigPharma, why not have BIG GOLF.

    The Ryder Cup is promoted by PGA US and PGA Europe

    Messts Steranka and Wronowski and the others will be rubbing their hands at the profits accruing.

    The PGA Europe organisation is based at Wentworth and is a limited company. Most of the directors have directorships in other companies, golf course design and construction, media, ryder cup ltd, ryder cup europe llp etc. etc.

    {http://companycheck.co.uk/company/01867610} click on directors.

    Cash at Bank: £8,347,673
    Net Worth: £13,438,194

    Ted Turner’s Turner Worldwide/CNN runs all the media coverage and pga.com

    Throughout and after it’s all over, you can partake of some of the products made by BIG BREWERS AND DISTILLERS.

    Then there’s BIG BOOKIES, BIG SPORTS GOODS AND CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS and we must not forget BIG SKY SPORTS. Could go on.

  • DtP

    Awesome job. The crowds susrprised the hell out of me – I remember the crowd ripping poor Monty to shreds because he couldn’t keep his nerve but all the Europeans were egging them on ‘did you like that, did ya, did ya?’ And for Sergio and Justin to pull their points out of the bag even though they were playing like absolute dogs was great. Full respect to Mickleson – a true gent. And even Davis Love the Turd (layed up at the 92 Masters I think when he had a chance to 3 wood it to the green!) did a wonderful speech. Bravo!

    For some kind of post mortem for our American cousins, i’ve been thinking that maybe it’s something to do with their reliance on individuality, whereas perhaps the British are the most individual of Europeans and yet the line between applauding achievement and vulgarity remains a matter of degrees. Anywho – who cares? Bravo!

  • nevermind

    ‘It was the Hun that won it’ the daily Sporran reports, never in the history of beaches have we tried so hard to understand the Teutonic coolness displayed at yesterdays Ruder cup finish. That square headed German, about the same size as Max Moseley, overcome his strong US opponent with a fluke at the 17th. We very much hope that this small win will not sent Ms merkel spiralling into a ludicrous pirouette, joining her island hero Cameron and his spewing adoration for the EU winners, it is sport after all.

    Witnessing Tigers missed put, Ponce Poulter, steely eyed British snap dresser and Paul Lawrie, Scottish ace downhill Golfer, both won their games, held hands in mutual appreciation of UK sectarianism against Independence, and asked themselves whether the special relation ship could outlast this US chorus extinction?

    despite the British use of a not so good Hun, it was the daily Sporran who really won it for Britain, allegedly.

  • Kim Gold

    Hi Craig,

    I cant help feeling a sence of smug satisfaction at the moment! Hope the feeling lasts the week at the very least.
    There are probably some of the USA, USA chanting morons that would term our glorious Ryder Cup Team “Enemy Combatants” and have them all arrested. Sorry!

  • CE

    What a night! :mrgreen:

    Possibly the greatest comeback in the history of sport, and how proud I was to see an Aberdonian at the heart of it, roll on Gleneagles 2014!

    A la Andy Murray, there’s nothing quite like spending the wee hours watching our heroes stuff the Yanks in their own backyard.

    Ian Poulter was magnificent throughout and is without doubt now my favourite living Englishmen. Well Done to Olly and the whole of the European Team.

  • CE

    Great choice of dram as well Craig, we also saw out the night with a Caol Ila 12 that went down a dream as the tensions mounted.

  • Mary

    I thought the NPA initiative on getting out the vote for police commissioners appalling Nevermind but the comments on the piece in the paper were good.

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