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    We may well be about four months from a Brexit “cliffedge”.

    The permanent secretary at the British government’s Legal Department, Treasury solicitor Jonathan Jones, resigned from his post today after the government boasted it was planning to break international law by reneging on some of what was agreed in the Britain-EU withdrawal agreement.

    The reference to “a border down the Irish Sea” is tabloid speak that frames the issue as if we were talking only about a map. The issue is much more serious than that makes it sound. The concrete reality was that EU customs officials would be posted at Northern Ireland ports in order to inspect goods arriving from Great Britain. There was absolutely NO WAY that the Protestant loyalist gangsters were ever going to allow that to happen. Can we seriously imagine an “EU Customs Post” in Larne, run by say a Spanish or Italian customs official with a picture of the Virgin Mary taped to his office window? The first time the guy attempted to lay down the law – to insist on inspecting a consignment, let alone barring its entry – he would be at risk of his life. There is nothing that turns gun-toting loyalists on more than the feeling that Catholics are coming to take over some of their patch. They don’t even let their children go to school with Catholics.

    It’s about time those who do not live in Northern Ireland try to understand what most “loyalism” is about in that part of the world. It is not about “Britain” versus “Ireland”. It is about hating the Roman Catholic church. As these types see it, “Rome” has already taken over 26 counties of Ireland; it is in the process of taking over much of GB (they wet themselves with glee when they recall that Boris Johnson was baptised into the Catholic church – never mind that he is not actually Catholic); and they are prepared to fight to the death of their last mass-attending Pope-respecting Catholic neighbour to stop “Rome” from taking over Northern Ireland too, or from laying down rules to it in any form. Their attitude is very similar to that of white supremacists in the southern states of the US. In Powellite terms they have a notion that the Catholic Church, if not resisted, will soon hold “the whip hand” over the Protestants.

    The reason why the DUP was in favour of Brexit was because it saw the EU as a vehicle for the Roman Catholic church. They are no going to back down from that idea any time soon. They are nutters and they must be absolutely loving the SARSCov2 business as they turn the pages of the Book of Revelations.

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