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      Several commenters have been trying to post commentaries on the Labour Party’s shift of policy under Sir Keir Starmer (aka “Great Knight Hope (GKH)”, “Sir Keir Stürmer”, “(Sir) Keir Staliner”, “Skier”, “Keeves”, etc.).

      If Craig posts an article about the leadership of the Labour Party, your comments will be very welcome there.

      Until then, this is the place to have your say, shower your praise, spit your bile, or vent your spleen.

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        What a disgrace

        Keir Starmer accuses Stop the War coalition of siding with Nato’s enemies: Exclusive: Labour leader affirms support for transatlantic alliance and attacks organisation in which Jeremy Corbyn is leading figure – by Heather Stewart (The Guardian, 10 Feb 2022)

        And this is what makes the situation so dangerous, there are NO parties – in the west as a whole – that are against the drumbeats of war.

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        Michael K

          I find the ‘coverage’ in the mainstream media, both disturbing and depressing. They paint an incredibly primitive and simplistic picture of the situation in Ukraine, but I suppose this is normal for war propaganda.

          Our press is supposed to be ‘free’ and functions in a democratic society. Is any of this really true anymore? Take the liberal/left leaning Guardian , their reports read like press releases from MI5 and the MOD, which are probably what they actually are. There’s no scepticism, no criticism, but mountains of propaganda designed to groom the educated middle class for war with Russia.

          Can we really be said to be living in democratic society anymore when the press is so closely in line with government policy, with barely a whisper of dissent or questioning allowed?

          And politics is even worse! Whatever happened to the role of the opposition in Parliament, whatever happend to the Liberals and the Labour Party? If anything Labour is positioning itself to the right of the Conservatives.

          Increasingly we seem to be living in and seeing the emergence of a de facto one-party state where the difference between Labour, Liberals and Conservatives is mostly one of style and rhetoric, not political ideology. On foreign policy and economic and social policy they are triplets from the same mother’s womb.

          And then they all, like dumb chorus, brag about our values and how democratic and free we are compared to other people living under the yoke. The hypocrisy is staggering.

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            YouGov showing Keith’s Labour have dropped 4 points since he wrapped himself in the NATO flag last week. Maybe the public doesn’t have the same hunger for confronting the Bear as the dorks do.

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              One of the sadly irrefutable conclusions of this whole debacle, one which many here will have been aware of for sometime, is that the political and media classes of the UK are thoroughly rotten to the core. A pox on all their houses.

              I’m a member of the Labour Party and have argued, and continue to argue, for staying in and not leaving in the face of (Sir) Keir Staliner’s malignant influence and purge of some/many of the best people in the party.

              I’m now starting to think that perhaps there does need to be the formation of some form of a new political centre of gravity around which people of reason, intelligence and decency can gather to begin a thoroughgoing democratic renewal and critique of the current intolerable state of affairs.

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                I look forward to the GKD SurKurr & his favoured cabinet lamey ducks, the Jesuit Philips’s and lapsed Labour angsty’s such as Chukka, Leslie and the other funny tingers to make the formal break from the TradLabour movement they have infiltrated to break up. just like their godfathers did postwar and tried with their SDP, that kept Maggie in power in 1983 cementing us onto the path that has led to the war mongering , civilian murdering, fascism & BrexShit of where we are today – a return back to the 30’s of Hitler loving Aristo Spodes and Mitfords and the Queen Mother and her Nazi saluting babes and her besties such as Savile and her tainted brood.

                Let their Exodus begin and may all their Peoples be set free from the AS TradLab pharaohs and gypsons of the old party which can be left to suffer its demise into history in peace leaving some ancient monuments .. like JC and several hundred thousand new followers of the old tradLab religion to their ignominy…

                They will Shirley succeed in their great trek back to the centrist (fascist) future they are promising. Hallelujah

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                  I am very concerned that the Labour Party seems not to be critical about the warlike announcements and provocations coming from the Prime minister, the Foreign secretary and the Defense secretary regarding the situation in Ukraine. It appears that there are no checks from the opposition on the veracity of the wild claims made and the unilateral use of our army in an area that is not a direct threat to this country and without challenge.
                  Why is it that the leadership of our party does not challenge the PM who is an acknowledged Liar in such grave matters but limit criticism to Christmas Parties? There is a host of other criticisms including waste of public money on ineffective PPE and giving contracts to cronies and many others. It is worrying that the only time the Labour party’s ratings changed, with all the mismanages we have, only related to Partygate.
                  The danger is that we have been here before when all parties in parliament choose a common enemy and all the papers attack that enemy but without a balanced discussion. The Labour party should stop falling into this trap and diversionary tactics and look at what is best for the citizens of this country, not the arms industry and their Tory cronies.
                  And all this underlines an important fact, that the Labour party does not seem to have a clear foreign policy but seems to follow that of the Tories in every field. I see this as a very serious drift of the party from being the party of the many to that of being the party that follows the few. Clear independent foreign policy for Labour, including reducing the risks of war, is a necessity for this party.

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                  John Cleary

                    I can find it if you wish, but a few days ago I posted something on the continuing effort to conceal the last will and testament of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Attorney General argues, in a secret hearing, with no opposition, that the “public interest” is best served by keeping the will secret so as to not upset “this unique family”. The judge agrees.

                    I say old chap! whispers the media. that’s not cricket.
                    So they are holding a Stewards’ Inquiry.

                    I speculated that the problem, or at least one of them, might be something juicy left to the widow of the late leader of the Labour Party, John Smith. Previously I had written of my solid conclusion that John Smith had been “heart-attacked” by his wife. The Duke may have chosen to send her something special….

                    Anyway, in today’s news:


                    BBC’s Sarah Smith relieved to escape Scottish ‘bile and hatred’
                    Former Scotland editor says she repeatedly experienced gendered abuse while doing her job

                    Sarah Smith, the BBC’s former Scotland editor, has said she feels relieved to have left the country after enduring years of misogynistic “bile and hatred” while covering Scottish politics.

                    Smith, the recently appointed North America editor for BBC News, said she repeatedly experienced gendered abuse while doing her job, which led her to significantly reduce her use of Twitter and to fear she had become a visible target.

                    Born and educated in Edinburgh, she said she believed much of the abuse came from nationalists because her father was John Smith, the UK Labour party leader who died in 1994. He was a notable critic of Scottish independence.
                    In remarks published by the Reuters Institute, Smith said: “He was a very well known politician, he was a unionist, people like to therefore assume that my politics must be the same as my father’s, despite me being, one, a different person, and him having been dead for 27 years.”


                    Sounds to me like another unhappy, embittered woman. Anyway, her mistress is moving her out of harm’s way.

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                    mark cutts

                      Under Skier the current New Shiny Labour Party ( non Corbynist) the intention is to win back/over? all the voters who backed the Tories and particularly the so called ‘ Red Wall ‘ voters at the last election.

                      The thing is though is – if Starmer’s Patriotic Party wants to mimic the authentic fake patriotism of the Tories ( hearts in the UK – money stashed elsewhere) then it is doomed to failure.

                      The misery about to piled upon ordinary people this year at least with the continuation and deeper austerity will demand that the Labour Party comes up with policies that may resolve their problems if Labour want to win on their own with a majority.

                      In my opinion the 33% of voters who voted for a ‘ Marxist – Socialist ‘ and so on according to the media and the idiots in the PLP will not vote for a middle of the road Labour Party and will seek alternatives.

                      So what Starmer and his centrists gain they will lose a large part of that core vote.

                      Can’t remember who said it but patriotism always trumps class interests and that is how the real fake patriots have fooled everyone for centuries and Starmer’s utterances are typical of someone who leads the Labour Party ( nb: the party that claims to represent labour) and doesn’t know any of its history.

                      The Labour Party in any case would never be allowed by the so called Powers That Be to rule on its own even under a centrist – only in coalition with others.

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                        John Smith’s untimely death opened the way for Tony Blair to become Labour leader. Anyone who suspects foul play should look at Robert Harris’s Roman a clef “The Ghost”. In his early career as a journalist, Harris was closely associated with Blair, and thus in a position to know stuff.

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                          There is widespread misunderstanding of what motivates politicians.

                          The most important thing – by far – to a politician is staying in power. If Biden can increase his chances of re-election by having a war in Europe – possibly including a tactical nuke exchange that leaves Ukraine, Poland, and part of Germany uninhabitable, with deaths of millions of Europeans and thousands of Americans – then he will provoke a war in Europe.

                          Recent news from Ukraine and Poland suggests that the politicians in power in those countries may not be completely rational, so the only realistic hope for peace is Germany and possibly France; and there does seem to be some pushback from those countries. The British electorate has been well prepared by the MSM, and will applaud Boris as he arranges for British troops to be killed in a pointless conflict, but it wouldn’t matter if the voters were well-informed, because Starmer’s Labour Party is as much devoted to arselicking the US President as the Tories are.

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                            I really miss Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.

                            I miss him even more as Prime Minister. What a contrast his steady and conciliatory approach would be to that of the lockstep warmongering of Starmer, Johnson, Truss et al.

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                              Politics is fcuked and has been for years. Not just in the UK; across the whole “Western” world. The problem is systemic; it can’t be fixed just by having good leaders, and I say that as someone who joined the Labour party to support Corbyn. Good leaders are still better than bad ones, but will always be both hobbled and unstable due to the rot being pervasive.

                              Start organising locally, if you haven’t been already. No one is coming to save us, it’s down to us now.


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                                SA, a Labour Party with a clear foreign policy didn’t enter directly into the Vietnam war for various reasons and its leader was threatened with a coup.
                                A Labour Party with a leader who didn’t want to capitulate on the social contract gains of post WW2 was pilloried by the mass media – including the so called ‘lefty bbc’ and only lost because the quislings in the Trad Lab party formed a breakaway to break the solid Labour vote that allowed Thatcher a second term. They created the shit SDP/Lib alliance which turned into diarrhoea of Clegg and Cameron being stuffed down the helpless students’ throats and pockets for a lifetime’s indenturing from their teens.

                                A Labour Party with a clear and fair for all foreign policy gave the Establishment the biggest fright since the postwar social covenant, just half a dozen years ago by actually getting past the hubristic gerrymandering NEC CIA owned and run Blairists.
                                It was defeated only by the help of the rancid media again; the new quislings of the party doing the same as the previous lot and the idiocy of some tradLab voters who had been manipulated by the left right bridges and weaponised woke fodder.

                                Even then it took mass postal vote fraud on top of a unprecedented winter snap election (didn’t work in the spring one just 2 years earlier – both breaking their own new fixed term Parliament Act! A hypocrisy wholly ignored by the masses as by the media that really didn’t stay independent and fair) an election during which terrorist incidents (funny how these terror attacks show up just when a government might turn up that would bring actual change; and the dodgiest Royal scoop being put out without much need right in the middle of that short election campaign – yup the ‘lefty’ Beeb Barbie and Randy Andy bullshit interview being broadcast right then – why? Because the TradLab manifesto promises were getting through to the voters and if too many turned out to vote it would make the postal vote fraud impossible to conceal. Still can’t get the raw data!

                                The mockingbirds had got the royal paedophile to grab the people’s attention as us Brits live to love our royalty and can’t get enough of any stories about them!
                                Of course Andy was promised he wouldn’t have to stand trial and all his money probs would go away if he did what he was told right then, when that distraction was needed as part of the kitchen-sink-included gauntlet thrown by the dying Imperial praetorians at the person who is the legitimate PM of the U.K., ousted in a manipulated election coup – to avoid the tanks going into Whitehall and Downing Street to oust him and the government that would have restored an independent foreign policy to the U.K.

                                Hopefully that answers your question – let the flying blue monkey army descend.

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                                  Not just ‘mimicking’ the Tories now when it comes to Ukraine, but goading them into going further in arming Ukraine and punishing Russia, including agitating for a ban on RT from broadcasting in the UK. (KS, PMQs today) Looks like he could get his way too. War-mongerer. If the Labour Party want to criticise the government over its response to the Ukraine crisis, they could start with their ham-fisted efforts at ‘diplomacy’.

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                                  Rhys Jaggar

                                    I personally can’t see a better opportunity ever emerging to get rid of both the Labour Party AND the Conservative Party.

                                    In France, polls say that 52% of the French support Putin, not Biden over Ukraine. That’s despite wall-to-wall propaganda.

                                    I wonder what honest polls would say in the UK? I have already declared to my MP that I will never vote either Labour or Conservative again, so if there are millions like me, the next election should see an embarrassment of poverty for both parties, each polling 33% or less.

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