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    I wrote:

    Note that Steven Sund, head of the Capitol Police, has announced his resignation. Mr Sund needs to watch how he goes. I hope he stays in good enough health to be able to give evidence.

    And today we read:

    Capitol cop [Howard Liebengood], 51, ‘kills himself’ three days after fellow officer [Brian Sicknick] was killed by rioters who bashed his skull with fire extinguisher during Congress siege.

    Cause of death was not disclosed but sources said Liebengood took his own life.

    Mr Liebengood may not be the last person to die unnaturally having seen too much in Washington on 6 January 2021.

    The order to launch the “boogaloo” or “storm” has not been given…SO FAR. If it is given, there will be armed violence in Washington (read the Turner Diaries), in state capitals, and probably also in non-capital cities in some states too, such as Seattle. Those who don’t want the order to be given within the next 10 days are presumably behind the “news” that Trump thought that the Capitol attackers were “low class”. Who do people think watched Trump on the wrestling or in “The Apprentice” and then decided he was such a great cartoon character who is so “real” that they’d vote for him? Posh types who go to the ballet? Intellectuals? Men who spend 100 dollars on a necktie and 500 on a pair of shoes? Trump is insane but he’s not so stupid as not to realise that his main market for about 20 years has been precisely among the least educated part of the “white trash”. To be denounced by your leader as basically pieces of sh*t that he’d scrape off his shoes is…DEMORALISING. That’s the point. But how things will shake down now…who knows?

    The British army includes many many soldiers who want to bring the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan “home” and pile into places like Bradford. The US army? I dunno. I suspect the FBI and whichever other bits of the US security state are paid to infiltrate neo-Nazi cicles actually want to keep the lid on things for the moment and may be able to do so.

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    A friend sent me this link to this morning:

    We Went Undercover at the DC Riots – Vlog #2.5 – Stop the Steal Rally turns into Terror Attack – YouTube, 40 minutes, interviews.

    Very new YouTube account. The maker of this video also has a Twitter account:

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    I have now watched the vid I linked to at 13:20. Can’t say I learned much from it.

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    I’ve read through all the above comments, and yes Trump lost the election not by rigging but becaue postal voting allows the voter more time to actually think. But why were the B 52s , accompanied by Israeli planes , flying to Riyadh? Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally of USUKIS, and has funded the proxy jihadists for the Empire2 colonialists. Is the coincidence of the Capitol Hill madness and the loaded B 52s madness just deep state button-pushing to wind us simpletons up? As in: Cimarron Both Tortuous and Torturous about Kennedy’s shooting. January 11, 2021 , 04.26.

    “The tyranny of power is here. Current events tell us that those who killed Kennedy can only perpetuate their power by promoting social upheaval both at home and abroad. And that will lead not to revolution but repression. I suggest to you, my friend, that the interests of those who killed Kennedy now transcend national boundaries and national priorities. No doubt we are dealing now with an international conspiracy. We must face the fact — not waste any more time microanalyzing the evidence. ..” quoted grom a post by Craig?

    A nuked Iran would probably destroy Kurdistan with radiation, but a nuked Riyadh would start a world war in a second. Neither of those mind-boggling scenarios would benefit Israel so in all likelihood they were never going to happen. Are we saying that Trump is desperate enough to remain as Potus to consider nuking Iran or Riyadh, or that he is bonkers enough to think that would ingratiate himself to those who “now transcend national boundaries and national priorities.”

    Or are these antics in Capitol Hill and with B 52s just well-rehearsed , routine, kind of training exercises that the military can replicate easily, in order to scare us?
    Not so much a Trump throwing his toys out the pram as the military industrial comples, picking up all the toys and filling the pram up with all the toys and a big grin all over its baby face?

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    giyane – “But why were the B 52s , accompanied by Israeli planes , flying to Riyadh?”

    The symbolism is: transponders ON when flying over allies, transponders OFF (ie. they become unidentifiable and much harder to target weapons on) when flying over enemies. The B52s flew over Israel with transponders on, then over Riyadh with transponders still on, then into the Persian Gulf where they turned transponders off. Message: “We’re doing this for Israel and for the al Sauds, against Iran”.

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    Thanks for explaining the movements. Yes, definitely not in Trump’s scope either to think that up or get such an order executed. This is just the military industrial complex’s idea of a celebration joke at having spiked Trump.

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    The most widespread reading of the situation among independent military analysts is that the target would have been Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz. Destroying that would only take conventional bombs, not an H bomb. The indications that Trump sent (small) nukes on those B52s are noted in my thread; Trump had sacked and replaced everyone who would have opposed him including the boss of the nuclear security agency, who has to release nukes for deployment, and that Ted Lieu, a veteran USAF lawyer, said he’d been “Working on the Trump nuclear issue”.

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    All the websites questioning innocently or otherwise the non-storming of the capital are being illegally taken down by Big-Tec/Deep State. Even official videos used to ‘prove’ it happened, as after a first viewing, they are easily debunked.

    One video had a cameraman claiming to be from info-wars (not saying he wasn’t) walking and filming all the way from some distance outside the building, and then a long way inside the building, arriving just in time to film Ashli Babbitt being shot. Can anyone link to that entire video?

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    giyane, look up Ted Lieu.

    The trouble is that the US system is top-heavy. Trump, as President, is indeed Commander in Chief of the military, and was legally positioned to give those orders and have them executed. He didn’t sack and replace all those top people in a failed attempt to prevent that mission; you can be sure he’d have Tweeted out such insubordination if he had.

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    [email protected] N January 10, 2021 at 20:42#64635

    Interesting item in Daily Mail Page 21 by normally negative about Trump report by Tom Leonard. He says the Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick 42 who was was killed was a Trump supporter!

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    Nutcase US congresswoman Lauren Boebert (Republican) who is a big fan of “QAnon” and who has boasted about wanting to take a gun into the Capitol building today refused to have her bag searched by Capitol police. Crazy? Yes, that almost goes without saying. And very up-to-the-minute and with the zeitgeist too.

    There’s this structure nowadays where everyone talks about events going like this: step 1, step 2, step 3; and then, when events proceed in exactly that fashion, at least in terms of the big picture, they say how amazing and remarkable and “extraordinary” it all is, in the bad sense. Strangely this actually dovetails with them saying that the course of events was entirely predictable, even though given they predicted a lot of it then they shouldn’t be expressing amazement, and whilst also saying they predicted particular features of it that in fact they didn’t, but which aren’t especially important anyway. In a way they don’t really know what they’re saying. They kinda say they predicted it, and often they did, but they don’t actually mean it. It’s really f***ed up. And THAT is something that almost everybody feels right now.

    The central country for this is definitely the US.

    This has happened now with…

    * the US presidential election on 3 November, when it was widely foreseen that Trump would go mental over postal votes, at first leading in some of the swing state counts and then watching his lead evaporate and go negative when the postal votes were counted

    * the 6 January certification by Congress of the Electoral College votes, when it was widely foreseen that Trump would kook out perhaps like never before, which he did.

    Watching loonies act out is never amusing for anyone who has any maturity and decency, but this stuff is especially ANTI-amusing because there is a third item on this list, and it’s as follows:

    * some time before or on 20 January – some have suggested the 17th, or the 19th, or the 20th itself – there will be a “storm” or “boogaloo” or “Turner’s Diaries” event, at the minimum including a gun massacre in Washington DC, possibly but not necessarily at the Capitol building; at a maximum including…well goodness knows what…perhaps a collection of such massacres in different cities, but in any case, whether something ensues that some will call “civil war” or not, a f*** of a lot of blood on the ground. There are thousands of guys in the US who think Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh were great fighters for a great cause – and since a proportion of them have hardly any lives whatsoever outside of stroking their guns and fantasising about being “tactical” and they haven’t twigged that going on about Hitler isn’t a sensible way to approach the aim of finding a girlfriend, some of them really are “willing” to “risk their lives” not because they “think” they’re going to reach Valhalla and “ensure the future of the white race”, but because, well, because “f*ck it”, basically. It’s “nihilist” in almost the worst possible sense of that word, and “thinking” doesn’t have much to do with it. I am seriously sympathising with those among the police and FBI who want to keep the lid on things and not find that that day’s news will lead on more massacres of the innocent or even of the not especially innocent. (Many of the young adult victims of Anders Breivik weren’t especially “nice” either, being fledgling Blairite-style politicians and manipulators, but they obviously didn’t deserve to die in a bloodbath.) These neo-Nazi larda*ses in the US can’t fight a civil war for toffees, but cause events that leave “only” a few hundred or a few thousand or a few tens of thousands of dead bodies within a day or a few days, it’s scary in the extreme to think that THAT is something these sick white power scumbags MAY be able to manage.

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    The money power rules, just like all empires, with divide and rule tactics and the new woke politics is the latest way they do it, by stoking differences beyond reason and then criminalising dissent, rather than encouraging a policy of live and let live with a representative voting system.

    This approach is divisive, on purpose, to keep the rulers in control, and so a unity candidate is feared.

    Trump is the feared left-wing unity candidate, saying everyone unite as Americans, which is a healing patriotic message hence why he’s loved like a messiah. Once this was anathema to the old ‘racists’, but was the message of the old left until they were taken over by woke and became the new racists.

    For example in response to the National Front, the Labour Party used to say black and white unite, by focusing on the similarities rather than differences as all good Britons, but now (and this is how assimilation works) black and white have united, and the old ‘racists’ have accepted the change, but now the new woke left goes on about race/differences in a way that makes the old NF tame by comparison.

    Put another way, this hatred of Trump (derangement syndrome) makes no sense as he is the premier anti-racist albeit patriotic politician in America, hence why he got a landslide victory with an improved republican vote in all groups.

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    N_ – “some time before or on 20 January – some have suggested the 17th, or the 19th, or the 20th itself – there will be a “storm” or “boogaloo” or “Turner’s Diaries” event…”

    Yesterday Trump flew in Air Force One to Alamo, Texas. There he signed the wall he’s having built, with “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” playing over his PA system. There was a small crowd, mostly construction workers by the look of it.

    There’s also the US Emergency Alert System (EAS) that’s a possible worry. Theoretically, the president can invoke this for national communication.

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    Christopher, one of Capitol rioters, suicided. People say it was him who had taken Pelosi’s laptop

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    @Dave – When you say Trump was once “New York establishment” you must be using a VERY broad definition of “establishment”. I would say he was only ever part of it in his dreams, a kinda male glamourpuss big landlord “You’re Fired” icon of vulgarity (thanks to “Spy” magazine etc.) who, yeah, owned the Empire State Building for a while and sorted out the ice rink in Central Park but from say Michael Bloomberg’s point of view that is small-fry stuff. There can’t be many residents of Manhattan who watch the wrestling. But I totally agree Trump is a NYC phenomenon, and it’s not surprising he has ended up sneering at New York (saying something like “everyone’s leaving”) given that the city is clearly MUCH bigger than he is or ever was. He hated the NYT, say, throughout his presidency but he could never do anything about it. A proper dictator would have shut it down, or at least made its editor and owners kowtow to him in public. Similarly he didn’t stop refugees finding their way to NYC, and got humiliated in that department a few days after he took office. Right now it’s interesting that Jared Kushner seems to have been keeping a very low profile. Where was Jared when Kimberly and Donald Jr were going nuts in the tent about the need to “FIGHT”, to storm towards the Capitol building, next to Donald Jr’s “Mr President” dad hopping about in the red boxing gloves? Where are you, Jared? Can you feel prison approaching? Maybe they’ll stick him in the same cell his father Charlie was in.

    The reason why Trump’s video looked like a hostage video is because basically it was one. (If any readers are sceptical about that, please bear in mind that Trump does not mention himself in it. Does that sound like the kind of video he’d make unless someone had him by his short and curlies?) Pence and McConnell both told him “You do THIS, RIGHT NOW – here’s your script – or we’ll whack the sh*t out of you, you stupid berk, and you say ‘YES SIR, THANK YOU SIR’ – is that clear?”, and he said “YES SIR, THANK YOU SIR”, and that is why he is still in office.

    A big question in the run-up to noon next Wednesday is pardons. His family members will want some. Then there’s Giuliani, who it takes an effort not to feel sorry for. He holds a press conference outside some small business unit because the owners of the Four Seasons hotel decide he is something similar to a dose of the clap; then he has the hair dye incident; then he farts during a legal hearing; then he rants on about “trial by combat”. At one point he was imagining he was Netanyahu and using simple graphics on a board to demonstrate his guy’s “multiple paths to victory” a long time after Biden won the election. What’s he going to do now? Sue Trump for non-payment of his legal bills? The poor guy needs a week’s rest somewhere with nurses bringing him some nice strong cups of tea.

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    Daily Mirror: “Donald Trump sent hidden message to supporters in speech, body language expert claims

    EXCLUSIVE: Body language expert Bruce Durham believes that Donald Trump was playing mind games in his latest video message – trying to keep his supporters on side while still being able to say he said what he was needed to say – claiming it shows ‘the manipulator in all his glory’.

    I don’t agree with this analysis. I think Trump is basically a “prisoner” and isn’t in a position to play games. But for what it’s worth, here is Mr Durham’s take:

    From a body language perspective, we can look at the grasp of the hands. Trump repeatedly creates a ‘cradle’ of the fingers, a self sooth when the fingers are interlinked. We see no ‘steepling’ of the fingers – where just the tips of the fingers and thumbs touch each other creating a triangle shape.

    Anyone in his position, or any politician, will have received communication or media training. They are trained to ‘show’ steeping. They understand that steepling is a ‘power position’ as it shows calmness and authority.

    The cradle position however is shown at times when you are uncomfortable with what is being said or what you or someone else is doing. He adopts the cradle position for most of the speech so you can safely ascertain that he is uncomfortable with the majority of the speech.

    Sure. He’s under stress.

    Another factor to note is his cadence and inflection. Donald is a very capable orator. Quick witted, sharp and has the ability to charm, but here in this speech, you will notice a drawl, a fatigued energy, but he is over emphasising it.

    This is Trump being defiant. Yes he is being made to say it, yes he knows it will help him right now, but that huge dose of narcissism within Trump does not like having to follow anyone else’s rules but Donald’s.

    Nah. He “over-emphasises” because he’s having to force the words out of his mouth. I mean yes you could call it a bit passive-aggressive but no actor is perfect. It’s not “defiance”. It’s not like Hugo Chavez’s great “por ahora” speech.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pre-recorded, okayed by Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, or by both of them, (perhaps even after a retake or two – although that’s doubtful, given that Trump is actually a skilled performer, a real “trooper” in the theatrical sense), and then one or both of Pelosi and McConnell clicked the button to send it out at exactly the moment THEY wanted.

    By slowing down his speech, by making it so obvious, this is Trump playing mind games. He is showing, if only to himself, that he is still in control of the situation.

    Well if it’s only to himself it’s hardly a “mind game”.

    Apathy is also at play here, a bit like a school child being sent to bed, but dragging your heels as you ascend the stairs, kicking every stair as you slowly go and slamming the door when you get up there.

    That’s not apathy. It’s passive aggression, perhaps with a bit of acting out, but definitely passive aggression. Being tired doesn’t have to stop a person from being passive aggressive.

    But, there is also a more powerful message here. He is overemphasizing the message as he wants to show that he is towing the line (to a small extent at least purely from a self-preservation standpoint) but he also wants to make it clear to his supporters that he is being placed under duress to relay this message.

    Screw his supporters. Why should Trump want to send those jerks a message? What use does he have for them?

    He’s a crazy b*stard, but he doesn’t think he’s going to keep the presidency after 20 January, or even lead one side in a rerun of the Civil War with the aim of reversing the result. His main concern will be…what Bruce said…self-preservation. I.e.

    * staying alive,
    * staying out of prison,
    * keeping his properties and assets, and
    * receiving whatever payments he has been promised by those he has “helped” (who may decide, given his weak position, that they don’t know about any such agreements – THAT’S BUSINESS).

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    There will be some main players now in determining what actions the essentially neo-Nazi far right carries out in the US later this month, but their identities are not being made public. They may well not include any well-known Republican politicians, or anybody who has spent much time in or near the White House or in the company of Stephen Bannon etc. during the past four years. The common view among most of them will be that Trump is a bit of a “pussy” and in any case who is no longer personally relevant even if his name will probably appear on some of the flags that are carried at some of the actions. That is so even if most of the senior echelon will have some kind of, ahem, “relationship” with state spooks. Will the lid be kept on? Who knows?

    A guess would be that Trump has been told that any pardons he wants to issue need to be okayed by McConnell or Pelosi or, when it comes down it, by Joe Biden.

    If Trump fancies playing a “game” of somehow announcing he has pardoned, ooh, let’s say a defendant such as Ghislaine Maxwell, or that he has issued an “indulgence” type of pardon to, hmm, let’s say Jared Kushner, without clearing it with his captors first, he will be frogmarched out of the Oval Office WITHOUT COFFEE and WITHIN MINUTES. That will have been made clear to him. Either McConnell will recall the Senate and ensure Trump’s conviction in a 10-minute impeachment trial, or Pence will 25th him, or both, if the 25th needs to be invoked to allow all the senators time to get to the Senate. Whilst that would be very dramatic, though, it would be a sideshow, and given Trump’s extremely restricted freedom of operation whatever is decided by controlling figures in e.g. the Aryan Brotherhood may be of more import.

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    Presidential pardons

    Trump has one hour left in office. Stephen Bannon is getting the headlines, but he was already out of prison anyway. Let’s see whether Trump pardons Ghislaine Maxwell. That would be far more spectacular.

    New York gossipers are asking whether Jared Kushner has blown his chances of rising in “Manhattan high society” because of how his father-in-law has disgraced himself over the past few years, with Jared at his side. The answer to this question is “no”. Seriously. Look at who Jared’s FATHER is. So I don’t think Jared wants a pre-emptive pardon. Eric and Donald Jr, though, are in another category, and if they don’t get a pardon then they may well be heading to prison. Fifty-two minutes to go at the time of writing…

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