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    Today’s physical trouble at the Capitol seems minor and not really very violent, so far, except that one person has reportedly been shot (apparently in the chest, but no death has been reported) – but even that incident doesn’t seem to be spurring people up in the vicinity as it would in other contexts. The discovery of a pipe bomb at the Republican party’s HQ and a suspicious package at the Democrats’ HQ (leading to its evacuation) are much more significant. Here is the report in the NYT, in case it gets thrown into the memory hole in the near future.

    An explosive device was found at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington and the nearby headquarters of the Democratic National Committee was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package on Wednesday, according to three people briefed on the discoveries.

    The device that was found at the R.N.C. was a pipe bomb that was successfully destroyed by a bomb squad, according to an official for the R.N.C.“

    I’m told those two buildings are a few blocks away from the Capitol.

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    The Trumpers have not got the capability to mount a coup or start a civil war, even if many of them have doubtless read the Turner Diaries, but they – or whoever has a serious amount of agency in their circles – could easily carry out a few Timothy McVeigh or Anders Breivik-style massacres.

    Coming soon: the novel: Fourteen Days in January.

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    Trump supporters outside the Capitol are listening to a speaker praise Adolf Hitler.

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    Sadly the woman who was shot in the Capitol building has now died.

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    Twitter has just suspended Trump’s Twitter account.

    Trump’s violent extremists are now very likely to kick off. Civil war likely.

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    Here’s the announcement from Twitter:

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    What did the three deleted tweets say?

    Today’s bomb at the RNC (successfully destroyed by a bomb squad) isn’t being mentioned much in the MSM. The paucity of coverage may be good in the sense of not encouraging copycats, or it may be bad if the far right can use it in their own networks as proof that they’re the good guys and as a trigger precisely for copycats.

    Terrorist attacks and perhaps also hostage-taking incidents could occur outside of DC, in state capitals and elsewhere.

    There is discussion about whether or not Trump should be 25thed or impeached. He’s a loony all right, but he’s not so loony as to deserve to get off on an insanity defence. Which resolves the question: if the 25th is invoked at all, only use it to help provide a few hours for impeachment. Over to Rashida Tlaib.

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    Explosion reported in Washington DC:

    Violent clashes in Oregon and Los Angeles:

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    I don’t have the deleted Tweets, but apparently Trump called the people who stormed the Capitol “lovely people”, and we have this from Zuckerberg regarding Facebook:

    “As Guy mentiond, our teams are actively monitoring the situation. We removed the recent video of President Trump’s remarks expressing support for the people causing the violence. We are treating this situation as an emergency, and we are implementing additional measures to keep people safe”

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    Huh; off to bed, see how much it has deteriorated tomorrow.

    A couple of Stratofortresses were deployed from the US a few hours back. They were met near Gibraltar by three refuelling tankers from Mildenhall, England.

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    Twitter hashtags GRIM21 and GRIM22.

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    GRIM21 is over the Persian Gulf with its transponder off.

    “If I can’t be president, I’ll blow up the world”.

    Many thanks to all the conspiracy theorists who supported and endorsed conspiracy theorist Trump.

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    Ted Lieu – “Working on the Trump nuclear issue …”

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    Apparently, Trump just conceded under threat of 25th Amendment.

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    We’re not safe until those B52’s transponders come back on and tracking shows them leaving the Persian Gulf area heading for a US base.

    Crazy pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood Tweeted that Pence should be shot. Twitter then suspended Wood’s account.

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    It’s just gone 1 in the morning in San Francisco, 4 in the morning Washington. QAnon’s going crazy. What happens as Trump’s rednecks wake up?

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    The B52s flew over Tel Aviv, where they were joined by an F16. They then flew over Riyadh, before turning their transponders off in the Persian Gulf. They still haven’t reappeared.

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    GRIM21’s transponder reappeared, refuelling off the coast of Israel. GRIM22 still unaccounted for. A senator on CNN has said that they still need to invoke the 25th Amendment because “I can’t tell you what he’s planning to do because it’s classified but he has to be stopped”.

    Iran has submitted and International Arrest Warrant for Trump to Interpol.

    GRIM21 now passing Cyprus; there are no RAF flying from the RAF base there.

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    GRIM21 flew directly over Ben Gurion airport with its transponder on, just to make sure we got the message.

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    Iraq too has submitted an International Arrest Warrant.

    Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short has been banned from entering the White House.

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    It’s twenty to eight in the morning in Washington. Morning is starting to sweep across the USA.

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    The woman who got shot and later died was Ashli Babbit; her Twitter account (CommonAshSense) is littered with QAnon Tweets. Her last Tweet was a Retweet of mad pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, which called for the execution of VP Pence. She also Retweeted richardgibb8, Jan 4:

    CommonAshSense Retweeted

    JUAN Q SAVIN @richardgibb8 4 Jan

    The President reinstates Death by Firing Squad , Guess What the US penalty for Treason Is ? DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD ! 2+2=4 last I checked

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    The nuclear-armed B52s seem to be returning to the United States.

    Cindytalk – In This World (instrumental)- Youtube, 6 minutes 55 seconds.

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    But during last night’s distraction, Israel attacked Syria and destroyed early-warning systems and AD radar. Such targets make sense as preparation for further attacks, of course.

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    Looks like the US Department of Defense has closed off Trump’s access to US military command:

    “I, and the people I lead in the Department of Defense, continue to perform our duties in accordance with our oath of office, and will execute the time-honored peaceful transition of power to President-elect Biden on January 20.” – A/SD Chris Miller”

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    Unconfirmed reports that Trump is being held against his will on mental health grounds.

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    After so many “-gates”, here is an event that really is similar to Watergate insofar as there is a question as to which public officials and public representatives knew beforehand that a building (the Capitol) was to be broken into, or know afterwards how it came to be broken into. (And only a small number of people entered it too…what was it, less than 100? OK, admittedly they outnumbered the “plumbers”.)

    The parallel doesn’t stop there because Watergate was about “re-electing the president” too, and the “positive thinking” guy Norman Vincent Peale was close to both the Nixons and the Trumps. This does give off a very Nixonian pong.

    Trump’s statement that it was he who ordered the National Guard to come and protect the hated legislative building where the evil declaration that he had lost the election was about to delivered seems to be a complete and utter LIE. It was Mike Pence who called them in, possibly at the request of military and security officials who didn’t care to talk to the crazed man-baby Trump who is supposedly (don’t laugh) the “commander in chief”. What exactly Trump was doing during that time is a question that hopefully an inquiry will look into. Let’s hope no tapes go missing as they did with Nixon. Note that Steven Sund, head of the Capitol Police, has announced his resignation. Mr Sund needs to watch how he goes. I hope he stays in good enough health to be able to give evidence.

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    CNN on the five people who died in the event at the Capitol yesterday:

    1. Ashli Babbitt, airforce veteran, shot dead by police (in the neck according to a named witness, in the chest according to yesterday’s uncited report)
    2. Kevin Greeson – heart attack
    3. Brian Sicknick, police officer – no cause of death stated, but use of a chemical weapon against him has been speculated
    4. Benjamin Phillips – no cause of death stated
    5. Rosanne Boyland – no cause of death stated

    I would have thought that if numbers 4-5 had been shot by the police a statement would have been released by now to that effect. So how did they die? Was somebody using chemicals?

    Five is an awful lot of people to have died in such a small incident. (Contrary to press commentary, it wasn’t an “insurrection”.) I have attended much larger events in which there has been MUCH more violence than has been shown so far as occurring yesterday in the Capitol, events where HUNDREDS have been injured both among demonstrators and the police and yet where nobody or only one person has died.

    So there is a bit of a question mark, to say the least, as to how so many people were killed.

    The report that a group among the combatants were seeking to find and kill Mike Pence may be true. It fits in with the way such types think, fired up as we know by an admiring reference to Adolf Hitler that they heard from the platform at a pre-event gathering, by the kind of fantasy that is promoted in some neo-Nazi literature, and probably also by online videogames. It could be that among the rabble who got what they wanted by sitting in rooms they’ve seen on TV with their feet on famous people’s desks, taking photos of themselves on the smartphones they were idiotically carrying, there was a smaller unit that “planned” to kill Pence, and they all got offed. Just a thought. If there was such a unit, you can betcha bottom dollar they were infiltrated.

    The Aryan Brotherhood (very powerful in the US prison system, cf. the Thieves-at-Law in Russia) probably see the Viking-horned trapper-costumed guy as a right “Walt”.

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    People say such strange things in the MSM.
    Trump cannot sack Mike Pence as vice-president (the vice-presidency is an elected position);
    he does not control the Republican party (he’s probably not one of the richest 100 guys in New York City, and may not even have been in the top 10 during his heyday);
    he has no political future (and he is at serious risk of going to prison – he’s no Andreotti or even a Mandelson).

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    The Wall Street Journal is calling in an editorial for Trump to resign.

    Whatever that’s about, it’s not future office. Trump won’t be holding any public office after 20 January.

    There is more info now on how the fatalities at the Capitol occurred. According to reports, and in addition to the “death by cop” and the heart attack:

    * Roseanne Boyland was trampled;
    * Ben Phillips may have had a stroke;
    * Brian Sicknick (policeman) was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher.

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    It is said to have been a letter signed by 350 Twitter employees that got Trump banned today by that particular advertising company.

    Old hands will know what a highly organised letter-writing campaign means.

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    Now that Google have banned Parler [*] I won’t be at all surprised if Trump starts hollering about “the Jews”. It could happen any minute now.

    Has Jared Kushner resigned as his advisor yet? Will Trump even be alive at noon on 20 January? He is currently the most talked about big-time loser in the world…

    There’s something that gets forgotten in the discussion of impeachment. Yes a two-thirds majority is needed in the Senate to convict, which means 17 Republican senators will have to vote with the Democrats. But that’s not the big thing. The Senate can decide procedural questions at the impeachment trial (it is the court, remember) by a simple majority, such as for example whether to subpoena Trump. And Trump simply will NOT BE ABLE TO COPE with being in the dock. He will not cope with being told for example to stop ranting about Oprah Winfrey, about sharks, or about women who are “bleeding from wherever”, and answer the f***ing question. He will not have the dignity of, say, Saddam Hussein or Hermann Goering when they were on trial.

    He will sh*t his pants, as all bullies do when they realise that someone is successfully standing up to them.

    *buys more popcorn*


    (*) Seriously, what kind of “rebels” rely on GOOGLE for their internal communications – infiltrated or what?

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    N_, you frequently analyse politicians’ and media statements in terms of the propaganda they project; take a look at this analysis by Seth Abramson:

    When you get to the 30th Tweet, you have to click “Show replies” to see the rest, around 100 more.

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    There was a huge and almost entirely peaceful protest against election fraud with the deep state, like Clark, declaring black is white, and Trump lost.

    On such a big event beware a false flag, and that’s what happened, with the protesters allowed in the building (with footage showing police allowing the protesters to enter the building unobstructed), to be spun by the fake news as “storming the capital” with almost no damage, except for a broken window and the alleged cold blooded murder of a Trump supporter, needed to cast the event as violent.

    But as this was captured on film by independent media (and is highly suspect) they said others had died too, but without details or film footage, despite the abundance of cameras. And so a few incidents, hired help, was used to spin the event to herald the start of the deep state purge against the populist revolt against the ruling oligarchy. Incidents like people climbing walls with ropes when they could have walked up the stairs!

    And the claim Trump incited the storming of the building is more fake news and simply perverse, as why would he want to give the deep state an excuse to stop vital proceedings debating election fraud? Fortunately because Trump’s speech ended late, congress proceedings had already begun so there was some good footage of the evidence, after Pence refused to allow the contested states to constitutionally determine their correct election results.

    The purge was always going to happen once Trump ‘lost’, but seriously how do you occupy the capital when congress is sitting unless its allowed to happen, hence the low fences (moved by police to let people through and who they later waved through) and the stand down order from the mayor the day before. They wanted the protesters in the capital building to spin against Trump and to stop proceedings.

    The problem is now the deep state has fully exposed itself and stolen an election, what future for democracy in US and everywhere else too? Clark do you think there will be UK elections in May (after being all cancelled for a year) and if not will you be defending the decision?

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    Piers Morgan (“Even His Friends Think He’s a C***”) is now “slamming” Trump, according to the Daily Mirror, which got its material from the Daily Sieg Heil, in which Morgan (as if anyone cares what HE says) called for Trump’s removal from office. Morgan says that Trump’s video was “a*se-covering”. He’s right, but he’s covering his own too. If Trump were still popular, Morgan would still be on his payroll. He’d be greasing up to him, as he did for a long time.

    Any word from Nigel Farage or Arron Banks? Can you smell the prison bars yet, Banks?

    Meanwhile in Scotland, one thing Nicola Sturgeon WON’T say is “Trump’s a loony for claiming he won the election”, when a substantial proportion of deranged SNP supporters still believe that the SNP won the 2014 referendum and that it was only wicked cheating by evil English vote-riggers that deprived them of their desired nationalistic victory-orgy.

    Personally I reckon the military asked Pence to tell Trump on Wednesday “Go and read this speech, or I’ll 25th you. Ten seconds to decide, and I’m counting” – and Pence did.

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    Donald Trump Junior (sniff) and his wife Kimberly Guilfoyle (sniff) were whooping it up in the tent with Donald Trump Senior, who for a time was wearing red boxing gloves, prior to the “march on the Capitol”…but curiously I didn’t spot Jared Kushner. What’s he been doing recently? He’s a senior advisor to his father-in-law Donald Trump. Will Gulf interests still hand over the money as agreed, or they gonna welsh?

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    I think that if elections are scheduled for May, then the government will probably hold them in May. I think it would be better to reschedule them for July when covid-19 infection levels are likely to be much lower, like they were last July.

    Dave, you seem to believe everything Trump says, and I’ve no idea why, because every claim of his I can check is provably untrue, and he’s often self contradictory.

    “…footage showing police allowing the protesters to enter the building unobstructed”

    Probably cops who’ve swallowed the QAnon fantasy.

    “why would he want to give the deep state an excuse to stop vital proceedings debating election fraud?”

    Because there wasn’t enough election fraud to change those states’ results; Trump’s claim was just yet another of his lies, as determined by scores of election officials, and even court verdicts returned by supportive judges that Trump himself had put in place.

    But I don’t really care anyway, since US “democracy” is as broken as the UK’s; both have been incrementally degraded over the course of decades. The Clinton dynasty, Trump, Biden, the Bush dynasty; obviously, none of these are of the common people. I know less about Obama, but under his presidency whistleblowers were persecuted worse than previously and US foreign policy changed in no significant way.

    “…the deep state purge against the populist revolt against the ruling oligarchy”

    Eh?! Trump serves the oligarchy; he’s obviously one of them! He handed out tax cuts to the rich, he abolished healthcare for the poor, abolished worker protections, abolished protections against pollution, handed grants and rights to powerful corporations, and exposed the whole damn population to a deadly virus!

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    “Personally I reckon the military asked Pence to tell Trump on Wednesday “Go and read this speech, or I’ll 25th you. Ten seconds to decide, and I’m counting” – and Pence did.”

    Yep; looks like it to me. No way Trump wrote that speech himself. He read it out against his will; you can see him sneering and hear the repressed fury in his voice.

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    Trump was New York establishment and when he pledged to drain the swamp and become the Peoples President he was deemed a class traitor and suffered the same establishment hatred as Princess Diana, which being New York was worse, despite him remaining pro-Israel, albeit in favour of peace rather than war, which upsets the business model.

    To criticise Trump for being pro-rich misses the point, as no one could become President without being a billionaire or beholden to billionaires, but he was clean as the Mueller investigation proved, and so as an outsider into the corrupt world of politics was feared as an honest man, who like Jesus was promising to chase the money lenders from the Temple.

    But crucially he connected with the forgotten Americans who wanted to make America great again by extolling the solidarity of patriotism as opposed deep state identity/racism politics, and restore the manufacturing and productive economy, which he was doing, despite the plandemic being used by the elites to wreck the economy and rig the election.

    But what can one man do surrounded by vipers. Well he did remarkably well with incredible support, getting more votes than any sitting US President in history, only surprisingly beaten by basement Biden who could only, if lucky, get a handful of people to his meetings under the smokescreen of a deadly virus.

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