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      Congratulations – according to Mr. Podolyak you are now a combatant.
      Isn´t that neat – without doing anything, like join the Russian Army.

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        ICC add another 2 top rank russian officials to be arrested:

        ICC issues arrest warrants for Russian officials over alleged Ukraine war crimes
        Army chief and ex-minister of defence accused over missile attacks on civilian targets including power plants

        One wonder why Ukraine is never targeted by the ICC, one read about attacks on ukrainian Russia proper border every week which seems to have no legitimate target. Not to mention war crimes pre Russian invasion, starting from 2014 with ukrainian attacks on Donbass, Luhansk etc.

        Just compare with Israel/Palestine, where it was apparently so very important by ICC to create some absurd parity between the crimes of Israel with that of palestinians even though there is none unless some 1000 killed israelis on the October 7 is somehow more than 40,000 killed in Gaza for 9 months straight, not in my book.

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        michael norton

          Americans are getting “conflicted” as the cluster munitions they sent to Ukraine have been used by Ukraine by inserting them as the munition for atacms. These exploding over a beach near Sevastopol, killing children, on the beach during a religious holiday, on Sunday.
          So, the Americans have supplied the atacms to Ukraine.
          The Americans have supplied the cluster munitions to Ukraine.
          The Americans have supplied the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk,
          which was thought to be the coordinating drone, that relays target information and control.
          This is a new level of coordination against Russians in Crimea,
          largely controlled by America.
          one minute to midnight.

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            TASS reporting

            “In Ukraine, from July 16, evading mobilization faces deprivation of housing and a driver’s license.

            According to the Telegraph publication, all those liable for military service who do not update their military registration data by July 16 will have to be taken to the military registration and enlistment offices by the police.”


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              michael norton

              Good point. Imagine if it was Russia that so openly participated in killing americans with russian arms/ammo. somewhere in the world.

              Remember the brouhaha some years ago about the alleged (and later on debunked) claim that Russia paid afghan warlords and talibans bounties to kill americans.

              U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops


              …still, today something far more dangerous and in actual fact occur openly in Ukraine, by the americans and no one in power in the west seems to pay attention how dangerous this is.

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                Gordon Hahn: “WAR OR PEACE: Towards a Ukrainian Peace or a Direct NATO-Russian War”


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                  The great Nicolai Petro with “Nima” 60 min. interview


                  On power politics prevailing over international law:

                  “(…)And the consequences of this are – I am sorry to say this – exactly what Vladimir Putin predicted in 2007 in his famous speech at the Munich Security Council (sic. “Conference”), he says if international law can be twisted any which way to the advantage of individual states then it becomes meaningless and the entire global legal infrastructure and financial infrastucture collapses. So the willingness of Western countries, certain Western countries and the United States to simply seize the assets of any other country spells the demise of the current international order from which the United States benefits the most.(…)”

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                    US can’t trace $62 million of military aid sent to Ukraine – watchdog
                    The Pentagon does not know whether defense items were “lost or destroyed,” an investigation has foun


                    As if that was not bad enough:

                    Pentagon overspent $400 million in Ukraine aid – audit
                    The US Navy “did not have adequate internal controls to prevent overexecution” of allocated funds, the department’s watchdog has said


                    I do not understand why so many americans (and europeans) are OK with sending billions worth of money to Ukraine, money that are often never seen again.

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                    michael norton

                      Jack, it seems that Sevastopol in Crimea has been hit again, this time with British Storm Shadow.
                      main target has been reported at the thermal power station.

                      Ukraine seems to be trying to kill ordinary people in Crimea, this maybe because the people in Crimea voted to no longer be Ukrainian but to become Russian.

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                        They are sending billions worth of money to Ukraine, because they want to make Ze happy. He is nice guy, makes jokes, plays piano and loves his wife. That’s why every American and every European are happy to sponsor Bugatti Tourbillon for Ze’s wife – you know, women love luxury gifts, it makes them happy, and happy wife makes her husband happy.

                        “Zelensky’s wife was shown the new hypercar two weeks before the official presentation, and she ordered the car, becoming the first owner of such a Bugatti. In total, 250 cars of this brand are currently planned to be produced.”

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                          Not according to Bugatti, who issued an official denial from their Paris dealership.

                          The Car Lovers Group firmly denies both the existence of this transaction and, therefore, the existence of this invoice.

                          Not only are the mandatory legal notices missing from the invoice, but the price of the vehicle is also incorrect, the price of the options and their descriptions are inaccurate and inconsistent, the graphic charter is outdated, and the Car Lovers Group would never have allowed the publication of such a document. This erroneous information will, we hope, attract everyone’s attention.

                          The Car Lovers Group has already brought the facts set out above before the courts by filing a criminal complaint for forgery, use of forgery, identity theft and defamation, in particular.”

                          See here for a detailed (ahem) ‘breakdown’ 😉

                          The BBC has a podcast about how the story got circulated. Naturally they point the finger at the russians (who else?) – although the story came from a french website and the main person responsible is american (an ex-cop!)

                          A Bugatti car, a first lady and the fake stories aimed at Americans” (BBC News, 3 July 2024)

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                            Thanks, Justin. When seeing that news I suspected something like that. I mean, sometimes you see an article and think to yourself “Hey, it’s too big! I bet I’ll see ‘fake news’ label soon”.
                            Just the same as with Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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                              “Ze is (a) nice guy, makes jokes, plays piano and loves his wife.” 👍

                              What the population in the West still doesn´t get is how blatantly they are lied to by media reporting about everything connected with RU. It is an ongoing, call it cabal, call it pathology.

                              Immanuel Kant´s 300th birthday e.g. in Kaliningrad offered such another great opportunity.

                              Apparently German reports simply claimed that German translations at the conference about him were banned.

                              Of course they were not.
                              But unlike with Gaza, people still believe this when they are told.

                              – (Of course one can call it progress if at least in latter case a few thins are changing. Albeit no reason to freak out about the scale. Just this week 70 academics from universities issued a pro-Israel petition aka against anti-semitism at universities, sigh…signed by 600 as response to an earlier one from one month ago) –

                              Back to RU:
                              This short text was published by a Kant scholar who gave a speech in German in Kaliningrad – without getting shot!
                              And it was translated!!

                              “How our current media poets and thinkers are working on Russia”

                              History? What history?

                              Fortunately, the thinkers and poets of the media play a central role here, a potentially decisive function. Our media creators are fully aware of this function and act accordingly.

                              (For which they are thankfully paid in various ways.)

                              When it comes to the problem of the beginning of the war, for example, they try to avoid asking about the history. That could easily lead to unsettling doubts among the population and could even provide arguments for the enemy!

                              This, however, would ultimately jeopardize the good end goal of the media work, namely: to win the population over to participation in the urgent task of struggle.

                              When the area around the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is shelled, they ask whether it is not the Russian army itself that is doing it. And, in order to avoid unnecessary doubt, they do not ask where any radioactive contamination would likely be blown, given the prevailing wind direction.

                              When the dam of the Kakhovka reservoir, which supplies the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant with cooling water and the Crimean population with drinking water, is blown up, they ask whether it was perhaps the Russian military that blew up its own dam.

                              When the Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines, two of Germany’s main energy pipelines from which Russia earned billions every year, are blown up, they ask whether it was perhaps the Russian side itself that deprived itself of this source of income and preferred a massive explosion to simply turning off the tap – just to make the world more aware that it will stop at nothing.(…)”

                              p.s. some minor news on Norstream 2:

                              In 2020 Scholz – then finance minister – offered Trump $1B in LNG purchases if he were to give a pass to NS2 and let it operate. Trump rejected that. As was revealed from internal documents in June. I.e. the Germans tried to save NS2 (in naive ways I might add.)
                              At a German investigation committee recently witnesses stated that in 2020 they encountered US officials, possibly CIA too, who did inquiries over NS2 and if there was any way to stop NS2.

                              Gerhard Schröder and Governor Manuela Schwesig (from the German state where NS2 is located) will give statements too.

                              BERLINER ZEITUNG
                              “Nord Stream 2: Witnesses report on American intelligence activity in Germany
                              Committee of inquiry into the Climate Protection Foundation: This is how the USA opposed the construction of the gas pipeline in Germany. Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is to testify.”

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                                “Donbass War Correspondent & Journalist, Dmitry Astrakhan, on 10 Years of Ukraine’s Brutal Terrorism & Slaughter of Donbass Civilians”
                                40 min.

                                In Donetsk’s Kievsky district on May 27, I interviewed Dmitry Astrakhan, a war correspondent and journalist who has covered Ukraine’s brutal war on the civilians of the Donbass since its inception one decade ago.

                                He details Ukraine’s war crimes, attacking Donbass civilians since 2014, along with the complicity of the OSCE in enabling these atrocities. He covered the liberation of Mariupol, and countless other Donbass regions, and saw Ukrainian forces using civilians as human shields, a well-established fact by now, keeping civilians on one or two floors, and putting Ukrainian forces above them who then fired on Russian forces.

                                “You could see white flags on one level, and machine gun firing from another.”

                                He took testimonies regarding Ukrainian snipers shooting at civilians, Ukrainian forces exploding buildings knowing there were civilians inside, in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut).

                                Dmitry spoke of too many Ukrainian war crimes to detail here. Instead, listen to the first-hand experiences of this courageous Donbass journalist.

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                                  Politico with open letter against NATO accepting UKR

                                  “NATO should not move Ukraine closer toward membership in the alliance.

                                  Ahead of next week’s summit, read the open letter I’ve signed along with 60 colleagues, representing a broad spectrum of foreign policy experts, published in @politico”



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                                    Ridiculous how EU now try to distance themselves from and condemn Orban for just talking to Russia. We are in a world where talking is considered a threat. I mean where to even begin? West is beyond help, they will not be OK with nothing but WW3. Insane people. During the Cold War you had people, parties, media that protested against the war fever, today the whole west have some collective war fever!
                                    Even though I do not like the Russian invasion there is of course no way Ukraine could win. They need diplomacy more than Russia. What happend with that ukrainian offensive?? Nothing came out of it so exactly what is going to make Ukraine retake every inch of Ukraine? And even if they do, do they really believe the majority ethnic Russians living there would welcome them?! I mean there is no logic at play here at all, there is no plan at all!

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                                      New poll on Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Estonia being the biggest hawks:

                                      Two years into the war, the polling shows that most people in Estonia, Poland, and Sweden want to help Ukraine fight to regain the territories occupied by Russia. The hawks in this Justice camp may view the struggle as something akin to the threat posed in second world war, and thus define their national consensus as an anti-appeasement stance.

                                      On the other hand, people in countries making up the Peace camp – Bulgaria, Greece, and Italy – are among the most sceptical that Ukraine can prevail, even if Kyiv were to receive increased military deliveries. Absolute majorities in these countries also believe that Europe should push Ukraine towards negotiating a peace deal. Their views may reflect worries more akin to those generated by the first world war – that the EU and NATO could sleepwalk into another devastating all-out conflict.


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                                        From Natylie Baldwin´s blog:

                                        “Mikhail Zygar: How Russian Elites Made Peace With the War”

                                        Baldwin: “I’ve made some notes/comments within the text in a few places. Keep in mind that this analysis was published by Foreign Affairs – the pre-eminent establishment foreign policy journal. Is it any wonder that our foreign policy is so incompetent?”

                                        By Mikhail Zygar, Foreign Affairs, 6/28/24

                                        readers comment:
                                        “Enjoyed reading Mikhail Zygar’s 2016 book ‘All the Kremlin’s Men,’ but his current essay is not at all convincing.”

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                                          yeah, the Germans like their Hungarians keeping away immigrants. But when it comes to go out of WWIII´s way they find that less cool. How does such insanity work with Green conscience I wonder…

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                                            AG, is this “news” reported in the german media?

                                            ‘Killings of surrendering Russians’ divide Western mercenaries – NYT
                                            A German combat medic who served in Ukraine described several execution-style killings of prisoners of war


                                            I think it is strange that Russia somehow do not know this, seems like too many are asleep in Russia…

                                            Russia’s Investigative Committee has said it will probe war crimes allegedly committed by a mercenary unit fighting for Ukraine, as Moscow accuses the West of ignoring Kiev’s human rights violations in the conflict.

                                            In other news:
                                            I have not much support for Orban domestic policies, however on Russia, Nato he and his more intellectual-bent foreign minister, is 100% right:

                                            War has become NATO’s agenda – Orban

                                            On the same day as his trip to Moscow, an op-ed penned by Orban was published in Newsweek which addressed the latest tendencies involving NATO, of which Hungary has been a member since 1999.
                                            In it, he stressed Budapest’s active participation in multiple NATO operations and initiatives over the years, as well as its compliance with the bloc’s 2% defense spending target. Orban noted that the NATO his country joined 25 years ago was a “peace project” and a “military alliance for defense.”

                                            However, “today, instead of peace, the agenda is the pursuit of war; instead of defense, it is offense,” Orban lamented.

                                            The premier said “ever more voices within NATO are making the case for the necessity—or even inevitability—of military confrontation with the world’s other geopolitical power centers.” He warned that this attitude “functions like a self-fulfilling prophecy.”


                                            So absurd, during the cold war, it was the left that protested against war, today is the far-right.

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                                              “AG, is this “news” reported in the german media?”

                                              Good God have some decency!
                                              We just lost against Spain!!!!!
                                              Ask me in 48 hours.

                                              No, seriously I haven´t seen it here. I guess the usual non-MSM will report it tomorrow. But especially the online edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
                                              If you wanna have a look at the online “front matters” for the Ukraine sections of various legacy papers:


                                              Trust me, it´s FUN!

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                                                Hah atleast Germany made it to the competition at all, the swedish team did not.

                                                It is is the same in Sweden, critical information about Ukraine is never reported, just today one of the newscast started, note started, the whole segment with that over 5000 russians had been killed in the latest clashes, information/claims, that comes directly from ukrainian military which of course have noooo reasons to exagerrate, lie about russian losses:
                                                Military: Russia has lost up to 5,000 soldiers fighting for one district of Chasiv Yar
                                                When Russia every now and then claim that Ukraine have lost this or that many soldiers it is of course never reported but directly labeled propaganda, which perhaps it is to a certain extent, but the fact is also evident that it is Russia that have made the most territorial gains in the war, not Ukraine, thus there are more reaons to believe that Ukraine is loosing soldiers than to believe claims that Russia is loosing oh so many soldiers.

                                                No wonder nations like Sweden, Germany have the most brainwashed populations believing the win is near for Ukraine…

                                                I am sure there is secret network of military/intelligence media-collaobration in the western world, pushing lies, disformation, propaganda through media regarding topics like Ukraine, Russia, Israel etc…


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                                                  The NYT has a piece today entitled “NATO Has to Change. Here’s How.” In it there is a link to an article from the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) on “THE IMPACT OF THE WAR IN UKRAINE ON THE EUROPEAN DEFENCE MARKET.” That link is to a .pdf.

                                                  “Acquisitions from outside the EU account for 78% of EU countries’ 2022-2023 commitments, with the US alone representing 63% of this share. Among EU countries, Germany is the main provider, with about 50% of the (EU provided arms) sales.”
                                                  So 63% of the money European and EU countries are spending on arms is going to US. That explains a lot.

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                                                    Open Letter: The Nato alliance should not invite Ukraine to become a member

                                                    Link to Article

                                                    At last year’s Nato summit, the United States focused on improving Ukraine’s self-defense capabilities rather than addressing the country’s potential membership in Nato. At Nato’s upcoming summit in July, some are pushing for Nato to bring Ukraine significantly closer toward membership, such as by defining an accession process for Kyiv or inviting the country to join that process. Any such step would be unwise.

                                                    Nato’s Article 5 is widely considered to bind members of the alliance – in practice the United States above all – to go to war to repel an attack against any member. If Ukraine were to join Nato after the current war, the US and its allies would be understood to be making a commitment to fight Russian forces over Ukraine, should Russia invade again. Reflecting a broad political consensus, Joe Biden has ruled out the direct use of US military force since the start of Russia’s deplorable full-scale invasion two years ago. As the administration recognizes, the security and prosperity of the United States are not implicated in the current war to the degree that would warrant direct US military intervention. Indeed, both the US president and former president Donald Trump have warned that the conflict could escalate into “World War III”. For the same reason that the United States should not go to war against Russia over Ukraine today, it should not make a commitment to go to war against Russia over Ukraine in the future.

                                                    Some claim that the act of bringing Ukraine into Nato would deter Russia from ever invading Ukraine again. That is wishful thinking. Since Russia began invading Ukraine in 2014, Nato Allies have demonstrated through their actions that they do not believe the stakes of the conflict, while significant, justify the price of war. If Ukraine were to join Nato, Russia would have reason to doubt the credibility of Nato’s security guarantee – and would gain an opportunity to test and potentially rupture the alliance. The result could be a direct Nato-Russia war or the unraveling of Nato itself.

                                                    Dangling Nato membership for Ukraine does a disservice to Ukrainians who are bravely fighting for their independence. The closer Nato comes to promising that Ukraine will join the alliance once the war ends, the greater the incentive for Russia to keep fighting the war and killing Ukrainians so as to forestall Ukraine’s integration into Nato. Ukraine faces difficult choices of enormous consequence for its future. Ukrainians deserve to weigh their strategic options through clear eyes, not through rose-tinted glasses held out by outsiders who do not have the support of their countries.

                                                    The challenges Russia poses can be managed without bringing Ukraine into Nato. Moving Ukraine toward membership in the alliance could make the problem worse, turning Ukraine into the site of a prolonged showdown between the world’s two leading nuclear powers and playing into Vladimir Putin’s narrative that he is fighting the west in Ukraine rather than the people of Ukraine. The purpose of Nato is not to signal esteem for other countries; it is to defend Nato territory and strengthen the security of Nato members. Admitting Ukraine would reduce the security of the United States and Nato allies, at considerable risk to all.

                                                    Institutional affiliations are listed only for identification purposes; individuals have signed strictly in their personal capacity.

                                                    James Acton, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                                                    Aisha Ahmad, University of Toronto

                                                    Robert J Art, Brandeis University

                                                    Emma Ashford, Stimson Center

                                                    Andrew Bacevich, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

                                                    Doug Bandow, Cato Institute

                                                    George Beebe, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

                                                    Daniel Bessner, University of Washington

                                                    Brian Blankenship, University of Miami

                                                    Rachel Bovard, Conservative Partnership Institute

                                                    Dan Caldwell, Defense Priorities

                                                    Jasen J Castillo, Bush school of government, Texas A&M University

                                                    Ed Corrigan, Conservative Partnership Institute

                                                    Daniel Davis, Defense Priorities

                                                    Daniel R DePetris, Chicago Tribune and Defense Priorities

                                                    Michael C Desch, University of Notre Dame

                                                    Monica Duffy Toft, Fletcher school of law and diplomacy, Tufts University

                                                    Jeffrey Engel, Southern Methodist University

                                                    Benjamin Friedman, Defense Priorities

                                                    John Allen Gay, John Quincy Adams Society

                                                    Eugene Gholz, University of Notre Dame

                                                    Peter Goettler, Cato Institute

                                                    Kelly A Grieco, Stimson Center

                                                    Mark Hannah, Institute for Global Affairs

                                                    Peter Harris, Colorado State University

                                                    David Hendrickson, Colorado College

                                                    John C. Hulsman, John C Hulsman Enterprises

                                                    Van Jackson, Security in Context and Victoria University of Wellington

                                                    Jennifer Kavanagh, Defense Priorities

                                                    Edward King, Defense Priorities

                                                    Charles Kupchan, Council on Foreign Relations and Georgetown University

                                                    Anatol Lieven, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

                                                    Jennifer Lind, Dartmouth College

                                                    Justin Logan, Cato Institute

                                                    Lora Lumpe, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

                                                    Sumantra Maitra, American Ideas Institute and Center for Renewing America

                                                    Daniel McCarthy, Modern Age

                                                    John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago

                                                    Arta Moeini, Institute for Peace and Diplomacy

                                                    Samuel Moyn, Yale University

                                                    Lindsey A O’Rourke, Boston College

                                                    George Perkovich, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                                                    Paul R Pillar, Georgetown University

                                                    Patrick Porter, Cato Institute and University of Birmingham

                                                    Barry Posen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                                                    Christopher Preble, Stimson Center

                                                    Daryl G Press, Dartmouth College

                                                    William Ruger, American Institute for Economic Research

                                                    John Schuessler, Bush school of government, Texas A&M University

                                                    ​​Joshua Shifrinson, school of public policy, University of Maryland

                                                    Peter Slezkine, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

                                                    Reid Smith, Stand Together

                                                    Marc Trachtenberg, University of California, Los Angeles

                                                    Kelley B Vlahos, Responsible Statecraft

                                                    Will Walldorf, Defense Priorities and Wake Forest University

                                                    Stephen M Walt, Kennedy school of government, Harvard University

                                                    Jim Webb, former senator and Notre Dame International Security Center

                                                    Stephen Wertheim, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                                                    Christian Whiton, Center for the National Interest

                                                    Gavin Wilde, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                                                    William Wohlforth, Dartmouth College

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                                                    John Gilberts

                                                      According to John Helmer, who usually knows a thing or two about such things, NATO plans for world war are well underway.

                                                      NATO’s Plan For Permanent War…


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