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      It is like, every negative topic of the day in the west is somehow tied to Russia according to the the western nutty conspiracists:
      Football hooligans? Russia of course!
      Trump election win? Of course Russia is behind i!
      Electronic outage? Do I need to say more?
      High energy prices? Russia of course! Low Energy prices? Evil Russians!!

      Why Low Oil Prices Could Make Russia’s Putin Even More Combative
      Hamas attacking Israel? Well duh, it was a birthday gift to Putin!

      Putin’s birthday on Oct. 7 may well have factored into Hamas’s planning. Its vicious attack on Israel, matching Putin’s own crimes against humanity, constitutes a major diversion of Western attention and resources from Russia’s war on Ukraine that Putin surely welcomes. Congressional Republicans and Democrats, take heed.
      Evil Russians in subarmines in swedish waters? Russia of course

      For 15 Years Sweden Thought Enemy Submarines Were Invading Its Territory. It Turned Out To Be Herring Farts

      And what is worse, they claim that Russia is spreading disinformation. Talk about grand projection!
      It is like the western media have morphed into that sarcastic, comedy outlet The Onion. Every day as a westerner, you have to read an article about Russia that is more absurd than the story before.

      The Onion is an American digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes satirical articles on international, national, and local news.

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        Everythng in Russia is evil 🙂
        Not to forget evil Russian salmon which may threaten local wildlife in Sweden!

        I thought, what if them the journalists actually wage their hidden resistance by writing more and more absurd stories? Perhaps they hope people finally will ask questions and stop this silly confrontation.

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          As for the Graham quote; I wonder if he didn’t get his info from the Washington Post:

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            Hah, yeah I forgot about that one, in Sweden, the world russian (translatation: ryss) was a common slur atleast up until 70s-80s. Like saying: “Are you russian!?” was about the same as saying “Are you stupid!?”.
            Absolute bonkers mentality up here… even though Sweden have not been in war with Russia for over 200+ years, many people here itching for a fight with a nuclear armed Russia. Some historians trace it to Poltava-syndrome, in Poltava Sweden lost their last grand war to Russia and many swedes now try to get back at Russia.

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              ah typo: the WORD russian.

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                not as fun as evil salmon, but real:
                No sooner had the fireworks of our warships in Cuba died down than an agreement with North Korea arrived. The treaty on strategic interstate cooperation including security issues. Russia also vetoed the UN experts monitoring North Korea’s compliance with sanctions.

                Well, what can I say, it seems Putin is going to all the countries that the US has strangled with its restrictions.

                Now the delegation is flying to Vietnam. Why Vietnam? Is it that Vietnamese may dislike USA and be willing to join anti-NATO coalition?

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                  “Helen Andrews: Is Russia Kidnapping Ukrainian Children? An alleged war crime turns out to be more complicated”

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                    Warnings via Valdai Club:

                    “Will NATO Attack Russia?”
                    Igor Istomin (RU MoFA)


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                      The reckless military build up and provocative military exercises around russia’s border by Nato have many historical parallels from the Cold war:

                      Able Archer 83 was a military exercise conducted by NATO that took place in November 1983. It simulated a period of heightened nuclear tensions between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, leading to concerns that it could have been mistaken for a real attack by the Soviet Union. The exercise is considered by some to be one of the closest moments the world came to nuclear war during the Cold War. It was the annual Able Archer exercise conducted in November 1983


                      and a month before that another incident occured:

                      <On 26 September 1983, during the Cold War, the Soviet nuclear early warning system Oko reported the launch of one intercontinental ballistic missile with four more missiles behind it, from the United States. These missile attack warnings were suspected to be false alarms by Stanislav Petrov, an engineer of the Soviet Air Defence Forces on duty at the command center of the early-warning system. He decided to wait for corroborating evidence—of which none arrived—rather than immediately relaying the warning up the chain of command. This decision is seen as having prevented a retaliatory nuclear strike against the United States and its NATO allies, which would likely have resulted in a full-scale nuclear war. Investigation of the satellite warning system later determined that the system had indeed malfunctioned.


                      Adding fuel to the fire, to say the least, Nato members openly voice how they wish to break up Russia, some month ago it was Finland that voiced this wish, now Poland say the same:

                      NATO state’s president calls for break-up of Russia
                      Poland’s Andrzej Duda has suggested that different ethnic groups should revolt against the government


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                        Have you ever heard the word motivation troops? Motivation troops are those standing behind ‘normal’ troops to shoot them in case of retreat.

                        Dmitry Kukharchuk, the commander of the Second Battalion of Ukraine’s Third Assault Brigade, the current iteration of the neo-Nazi-linked unit, recounts a moment in 2022 when his unit was positioned behind a unit of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces (TRO) to prevent its retreat

                        From the American Conservative

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                          You should watch this interview below if you want some laugh and insight into the absurdity going on in Sweden regarding the view on Russia.
                          Check this video interview:

                          So basically the state broadcaster in Sweden interviewed the RT boss some years ago because according to the general view in Sweden, Russia allegedly badmouth and plot propaganda attacks against Sweden in RT and other russian news outlets. If Russian media have a negative bent on an news article on Sweden, even though the news is true – this is considered a calculated plot by Putin against Sweden(!)
                          Watch how the RT boss then flips the question back onto the swedish interviewer asking him to name 1 positive article he wrote about Russia. 9:30 and forward 🙂 Goat cheese!

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                            and yeah the interview in russian/english starts at 3:05

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                            Pears Morgaine

                              A trick they appear to have learnt from the Russians, widely employed in WW2.


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                                Thanks Jack, that’s pretty funny 🙂 Goat cheese, my ass 🙂
                                Well, to be honest, not as bad as it could be.
                                I’ll tell you a Russian joke, it’s about Japan and reflects our respect for their engineering and other thechnical skills:

                                A Japanese is leaving Russia. Someone from the seeing him off delegation asks him:
                                – Well, what did you like about our country?
                                – You have very good children.
                                – Well, what else did you like?
                                – You have very, very nice children.
                                – Well, besides the children, what else did you like?
                                – You have very, very pretty children, and everything you do with your hands is very, very bad.
                                It’s a pity that the image of Sweden in Russia is not represented at all, except that some may remember the late Ikea. Unfortunately, most ordinary people on the street would rather mix Sweden and Switzerland, since in Russian these names sound very similar: it’s Shve-tsia and Shvetsa-ria

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                                  This night Ukraine launched 114 drones, one of which reached my city. It hit the bus station building, from which intercity buses depart. The boiler room was also destroyed and an employee was killed.
                                  I sincerely wish all those who support the Nazi terrorist Kiev regime, I wish them only justice – let the same thing happen to them.
                                  And I also remind you that if I stop communicating, I count on a nice and humorous obituary on this site.

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                                  michael norton

                                    This is important.
                                    Ukraine is doing so badly around Chasiv Yar
                                    American weapons can noiw be used to target Russians on Russian soil.
                                    The authorisation was given by President Joe Biden last month, with officials at the time saying it only applied to targets near the city. The Pentagon has now said it is not limited to areas near Kharkiv.
                                    Officials from Ukraine’s 24th Mechanized Brigade said they have been sent to the town of Chasiv Yar, as Russia continues to launch “mass frontal attacks” on the key settlement.

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                                    JK redux

                                      Sad to say Tatanya, Russia shouldn’t target Ukrainian cities unless Russia is prepared for Russian cities to be targeted.

                                      Nazism and terrorism began this war in February 2022.

                                      I hope that you and your family survive the coming war in Russia.

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                                        So, Mr.Farage has provoked the vipers nest with his comment that “the EU and Nato “provoked” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by expanding eastwards. I note he didn’t include the USA in that comment, but rather the EU. He is taking a lot of flack with the usual commentary deployed:

                                        “an apologist for the Russian president”
                                        “echoing Putin’s vile justification for the brutal invasion of Ukraine”
                                        “voicing “sympathy” to someone who “deployed nerve agents on the streets of Britain”

                                        I wonder how effective these statements are now. Farage will make people think twice. He isn’t my cup of tea but he has reach with a sizeable segment of the British voters.

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                                          Ex Moscow-diplomat Ian Proud about how GB sabotaged peace in Ukraine
                                          Interview with Aaron Maté and Katie Halper
                                          TC 16:00+

                                          re: one above commentary –

                                          To compare the Red Army forcing soldiers into combat against Nazi Germany with today´s news about AFU forcing soldiers into fight against RU makes about as much sense as comparing a bicycle with a tank.

                                          The German war in the East was one of extermination. So either you fought or most likely you were killed by the Germans.
                                          They sought the destruction of the USSR and the extermination of a big part of the populations being Slavs.
                                          That was plan number 3 after killing all Commies and all Jews.

                                          While in 2022 RU offered negotiations on day #1 of their attack and have done so repeatedly since.
                                          There is zero justification or sense in comparing that with a genocidal war.

                                          p.s. I believe, already the Romans had institutionalized forced combat. When their empire had grown and they started to conscript people from “allied” territories genuine Roman legionnaires were positioned in the second echelon behind the troops of Rome´s Allies/colonies. To enforce morale.
                                          It´s as old as standing armies have existed.

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                                            This describes the mentally disturbed state of the German ministry for education and science.
                                            A better name would be “ministry for propaganda”.

                                            “Science in World War Format
                                            Protests against attempts by the Federal Ministry of Education to discipline politically undesirable lecturers continue. The universities’ ties to the policies of the Foreign Office have been escalating for the past two years.”

                                            Nothing of what this lady says is true of course. Neither Russia nor China pose any danger to anyone and she couldn´t present a shred of evidence. (If Germany had one experience it was the one of profitting off those countries).

                                            What happened in February 2022 in Berlin was a covert coup d´état instigated by the government. Instead of trying to ease the situation they are abusing it to install a permanent state of war WITHOUT AN ENEMY.

                                            Which means that they are forced to constantly lie and present fake evidence of threat and danger to uphold their authoritarian mindset.

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                                              It is interesting, during the Cold war westerners feared nuclear war, today the average westerner seems to fear that peace breaking out. Any effort towards peace, diplomacy have become penalized.

                                              Even during the Cold war a hawk like Ronald Reagan could talk with the russians, today that would have been totally impossible, that proves how dangerously extreme the western mindset have become, taking a nuclear war before sitting down and solve the issues the world face.

                                              Nixon-Khrushchev Kitchen Debate

                                              Vice President Richard Nixon and Premier Nikita Khrushchev waged an impromptu debate on the benefits of communism vs. capitalism, which became known as the “kitchen debate.” They were standing before a new color television camera at an international trade exhibition in Moscow on July 24, 1959. close


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                                              michael norton

                                                Crimea attack with Atacams

                                                “The Russian foreign ministry summoned the U.S.A. Ambassador Lynne Tracy on Monday, before issuing a statement accusing the U.S.A. of involvement in an “atrocity” and vowing it would “not go unpunished”.

                                                Moscow has repeatedly threatened to target countries supplying weapons to Ukraine, claiming that they are legitimate military targets.

                                                “We see very well who is behind this,” Mr Peskov told reporters on Monday.”

                                                America thinks if it gives weapons to Ukraine and Ukraine use those weapons to kill Russians, that Russians will think that is O.K.
                                                Perhaps they do not think it is O.K.
                                                Perhaps Russia now thinks America is at war with Russia, without announcing that a state of war exists between them?

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                                                  I do not know what Russia is doing, are everyone sleeping?
                                                  I mean the equation is pretty simple:

                                                  West provide arms + to Ukraine = Russians will be killed

                                                  Do not Russia have any spies on the ground tracking the missiles shipments? Have they got no sattelite tracing where the western provided arms are going?
                                                  I must say Russia have proved to be somewhat of a paper-tiger military-wise. Heck even a civilian spy could track these arms but again, no one in the russian command seems to be awake.

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                                                    re: UKR
                                                    perhaps another useful quote:

                                                    From a debate at the Council on Foreign Relations, April 12th 2024:
                                                    “Should Congress Stop Funding the War in Ukraine?”
                                                    (may be you wanna check the entire piece. It´s video+transcript)

                                                    The 2 sides were
                                                    in favour of funding: Paula Dobriansky, Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs / Heather Conley, President of the German Marshall Fund of the United States
                                                    against: Daniel L. Davis, Retired Lieutenant Colonel / John Mearsheimer

                                                    from the transcript:
                                                    TC 04:16

                                                    Ambassador Paula Dobriansky:
                                                    Ukraine is fighting for its very survival as a sovereign free nation, but it is also fighting for the very shared values, democratic values that we hold together. But significantly, let me go to one of the core arguments (…) that is that the aid that we provide is less than 4% of our defense budget. We don’t do the fighting, we just give the aid. The fact is that that’s not a high price for containing Russia. We get a double objective there. Of the $68 billion of military and other assistance that we have given to Ukraine, did you know that 90% supports the American workers? That’s phenomenal.
                                                    (…) Here, saving re- our resources for the long run (…) And finally, aid to Ukraine incentivizes and motivates the Ukrainians to sustain their fight. The author John Maxwell, he said, there are two kinds of people in life, those who make things happen and those who wonder what happened. We don’t want the latter.
                                                    Heather Conley:
                                                    Of course, congress should not stop funding Ukraine, but tragically, over the last seven months, they have suspended it and Ukraine is now desperate for ammunition. Let’s talk about cost. What does this cost the American people? Since February of 2022, Council on Foreign Relations has gathered the data. The United States has put $75 billion towards Ukraine, humanitarian, financial, and military aid. 46 billion of that is military assistance. 3 billion of that went straight into great American companies to help build those weapons. So the benefit here to the United States, the supplemental stays here. What are our allies doing? The Europeans have provided over 144 billion euros for Ukraine, humanitarian, financial, and military, dwarfing the 75 billion that we’ve put forward. So our allies are increasing at their share of this burden. Let’s talk about the cost if Ukraine fails.

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                                                      Oh great, the fanatical estonian elected to EU foreign rep and the genocidal enabling von Der Leyen is “elected” for another term:

                                                      EU leaders back another von der Leyen term – media
                                                      Estonia’s Kaja Kallas will reportedly take over foreign relations from Josep Borrell


                                                      If there is any theory the ukraine/gaza have debunked is that women is less warmongering than men.

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