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      On the “What Just Happened in Russia Thread” on the main board, I responded to a mods post. It has all disappeared, including the original mods post. Can those posts be moved here.
      As it includes my apology to Tatyana I would think it right to do so…_

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        All that hard work gone, eh?

        To be precise, your comment began

        “Mods have posted the following,”.

        You then reproduced the entire moderation message (229 words, 7 paragraphs), even though it’s still visible in its original location. You should have either replied to it or linked to it.

        The remainder of your comment was a single paragraph (42 words):

        “I thank them for doing so. I have to apologise for missing this information when it was previously posted, I was unaware that the veracity of Tatyana had been checked out. I hope Tatyana can accept my admission, regret and apology also…_”

        Rewriting and reposting your apology to Tatyana would have taken less effort than posting a complaint in the forum

        You’re clearly wasting moderators’ time, DiggerUK. You would be well advised to take the advice Clark offered above.

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          The original mods post on “What Just Happened In Russia” thread has been reinstalled.
          Could my response attached to it be reinstated here. Thank you…_

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            The “original mods post” was never deleted.

            Every word you typed in response to it was reproduced in my previous reply.

            You’re still time-wasting, DiggerUK, and didn’t follow the advice, so you’re now on pre-moderation for a week.

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              Thank you for posting my apology attached to my original post on the “What Just Happened In Russia” thread. I would have attached it to your original post but the “Reply” option was unavailable. The important thing here is that my apology had been made.

              I was unaware of this blog checking out Tatyana after questions were raised a while back. I am a regular visitor and I am angered with myself for missing your verifications…_

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                Moderation. It’s a shit job, but someone has to do it. It’s the psychological equivalent of clearing waste, much of it toxic.

                It’s worse at Arsebook though…

                Cloud Employee:

                “Since the company had five shifts, workstations were shared between employees. Workers say they would come to work finding pubic hair, boogers, and other bodily wastes. One former employee Melynda Johnson said that she found that the company’s sole bathroom was particularly disturbing.”


                “Moderators can develop vicarious trauma, with symptoms that include insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

                Facebook content moderators in Kenya call the work ‘torture.’ – AP

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                  ah, that’s where you all are…
                  DiggerUK, so you’re saying “questions were raised a while back”?

                  Well, I asked about your description of a Russian Troll, saying that maybe I am the one, meaning this:
                  Fact #1 I’m Russian and Fact #2 some people get really angry when talking to me. These two facts together add up to a Russian Troll.
                  But it turns out that in your understanding, a Russian Troll is a false identity. That is, you basically questioned that I exist as a person. In addition, a false identity created by enemies to harm you.

                  Have you ever been de-humanized, DiggerUK? Do you have such experience? Were you treated as if you aren’t human? As if you are a thing, a function, an instrument, an inanimate hostile phenomenon, deserving of contempt, insults? Like your feelings don’t matter?
                  It’s like you’re walking into a public place and the guests next to you start to wrinkle their noses, make witty jokes about you and urge the hosts to clean up the source of the bad smell. I assure you that so many people don’t have any moral regulator of their own inside. And when their society gives them a “legal” object, they are not shy either in words or in deeds.

                  Perhaps one day I will write a memoir about this discrimination. About what it’s like to be a Russian in an English-speaking forum at the time when Theresa May unleashed the dogs of hate. About the amount of stress. About fear to wrongly construct a phrase in a language that is not even native to you. About walking on eggshells trying to explain your opinions.
                  And definitely about those people who have enough empathy to recognize me as a live human being. Who were patient, understanding the enormity of the language and cultural barriers facing me. And who firmly believed that freedom of speech exists for everyone and cannot be appropriated by “legally approved” categories of people.

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                    Now you say that you regret not knowing about the verification results?
                    So you waited for them, the results? For someone authoritative to say that I’m real?
                    I will not reproach you for not being able to recognize a human being in front of you. Many cannot. And it’s regrettable that so many walls have been built between us, and so few people have the will to overcome those barriers, or even the confidence to reach out.
                    I’m just infinitely sorry that some people are so afraid of making the mistake of being human that they prefer to be inhuman by default.

                    I accept your apologies, hoping with all my heart that they are sincere.
                    But even if insincere, I’m still glad that you found it right to apologize.

                    Still I remain Russian and people continue to get angry when talking to me. I must admit, not without reason, because my way to understand a foreign interlocutor is to give them completely truthful information, and watch how they interpret it.
                    E.g, I can say that I spend most of the day in the basement and the laptop with the Internet is my only window to the world during short periods of rest from physical labor. If they imagine a picture of a prisoner chained in a basement somewhere in terrible Putin’s Russia, then we are unlikely to become friends.

                    So I’m quite a Russian Troll, but not in the way that Theresa May suggests.

                    p.s. it’s useless to ask the moderators whether my verification procedure included the use of scopolamine and tasers, DiggerUK. They will deny it.

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                      It’s not just you that gets this treatment, Tatyana.

                      Even before all this Ukraine business happened, several years back (after the unscheduled landing of MH17), people were very anti-Russian, and quick to leap to judgement.

                      On one Dutch website I frequent, some people were asking for V. Putin’s daughter to be thrown out of Holland. I ventured that whatever one might think of her relatives, it was hardly fair to punish her personally, when she had clearly not done or said anything.

                      Result? Why, I must be a “Russian troll” myself! I was “a Putin stooge”! I should be thrown out of Holland myself! All this on a site on which I had commented for many years.

                      A Russian friend of mine has found that, suddenly, nobody will correct her English exercises on a language learning app we both use. No English speaking person apart from me talks to her anymore. Friends they had in Ukraine, on receiving contact from her expressing her concerns for them, told her that they hope she gets cancer and her and her infant daughter will die in agony. And that was one of the more pleasant conversations.

                      (She is no war hawk, and made it clear from the beginning that she was frightened about what was happening.)

                      I admire your bravery in persisting on this blog, and hope you continue to do so.

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                        Tatyana, I have always thought you to be genuine, and found your humanity to be strong. I remember when war was imminent on the Russia-Ukraine border that you expressed fear. You wanted war to be avoided if possible. You wrote of the bond between Russians and Ukrainians, and of mixed families on both sides of the border.

                        In the pandemic your humanity shone through; unlike so many everywhere, you urged caution and the need to prevent the spread. This may have counted against you with those who deny the pandemic or its severity; I think DiggerUK holds such opinions.

                        War is terrible, both in its direct effects, and in the way it turns ordinary people on the “opposing sides” against each other. Let us hope for and work towards a swift resolution and a peaceful future. Heaven knows, terrible grief is growing for all humanity from ecological destruction, climate disruption and resource depletion (more matters that DiggerUK denies), and it can only be made worse if we fight each other.

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                          It’s not about “who believed in what”. It’s about people who are ready to torment the one pointed out by the government.
                          We here in Russia have just recovered from the USSR style, and we watch with amazement as you slide into that hole from which we just got out.

                          My parents, for example, grew up in the belief that they live in the best and freest country in the world, and beyond the western border of the country there are lands where unimaginable things happen – paid medicine, paid education, the race for income, the homeless on the streets, racial segregation, monstrous stratification on property grounds and the like.
                          The USSR disappeared and we discovered that the stories “about the abroad” were true, only it no longer seems monstrous, because we ourselves now live in exactly the same way.

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                            So you can shout “freedom to Navalny” while we shout “freedom to Assange” and my parents shouted “freedom to Angela Davis” and I have no idea what your parents were shouting.
                            These shouting exchange over the fence is in line with the confrontation. But as soon as the prospect of real contacts appears, a tough government’s reaction is activated. I remember well how they discouraged people from visiting Russia during the World Cup.
                            I am subscribed to an Englishman living in Russia. He is a cool guy and shares how his views have changed here. Labyrinths built in the head. Social norms. Entertainment that seems life threatening. The generally accepted degree of frankness in communication. Be accepted into the company. Embarrassing things. etc
                            He recently shared this observation – in his head there were two categories: things are either English, or incorrect.

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