Met chief could face charge over Menezes 1

From The Observer

The Crown Prosecution Service is considering legal charges against Britain’s most senior police officer over the fatal shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, mistakenly taken to be a terrorist. The Observer can reveal that the Metropolitan Police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, and two senior commanders in control of the operation that culminated in de Menezes’s death are the focus of the final legal analysis of the shooting by Crown prosecutors.

If the CPS goes ahead with the dramatic move, the decision would pile further pressure on the already beleaguered head of Scotland Yard.

Legal sources close to the CPS case have revealed that, following a four-month review of a report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, prosecutors are considering whether the command team are ultimately responsible, a decision that could give rise to a charge of gross negligence manslaughter against Blair and two other senior figures.

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One thought on “Met chief could face charge over Menezes

  • Chuck Unsworth

    I'm not convinced this one will actually fly, but it's interesting to notice how tight-lipped Scotland Yard is being over the latest 'tragic mistake' in east London.

    I'll bet there are a few worried (desperate?) senior cops and spooks right now. If they can't get any 'evidence' together shortly it's going to be ever so embarrassing.

    And note the constantly changing unattributable stories about the circumstances of both the shooting and the type of 'bomb'. Yes indeed, news management at its finest.

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